Zcash Co-founder "John Dobbertin" is Actually Edward Snowden

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Edward Snowden has been revealed arsenic 1 of the co-founders of Zcash, aft helium gave his chap co-founder Zooko Wilcox support to disclose his involvement.

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Until now, Snowden was known by the pseudonym "John Dobbertin".

The identities of the different 5 co-founders person already been revealed. His individuality was revealed portion taking portion successful a caller documentary for Zcash, wherever helium gave his Wilcox support to disclose his engagement "as agelong arsenic it is wide that I was ne'er paid and had nary stake."

Snowden is popularly known arsenic a whistleblower astatine the National Security Agency (NSA). While moving astatine the NSA, Snowden released thousands of documents that revealed however the United States was spying connected its ain citizens. Following this, helium moved to Russia aft receiving asylum.

He has go a beardown advocator of privacy.

Snowden has criticized Bitcoin for its privateness concerns saying it is an "open disaster".

Zcash has go known for its transaction strategy which occurs successful 2 pools called "Sprout" and "Sapling." Both necessitate their ain cardinal for access.

According to Zcash's authoritative website: "Zcash is simply a privacy-protecting, integer currency built connected beardown science. With Zcash, radical tin transact efficiently and safely with debased fees. Shielded Zcash ensures transactions stay confidential portion allowing radical to selectively stock code and transaction accusation for auditing oregon regulatory compliance."

Zcash is aimed astatine utilizing cryptography to supply enhanced privateness for its users compared to different cryptocurrencies specified arsenic Bitcoin.

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