You Showrunner Reveals Penn Badgley's New Season 4 Role

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Lukas Gage LOVES Working With Penn Badgley (& Why That Scares Him)

We'd similar to accidental "Hello, You" to the Netflix hit's caller director.

That's right, a peculiar idiosyncratic is sitting successful the director's seat for play 4 of You: Joe Goldberg himself, Penn Badgley. Showrunner Sera Gamble confirmed the quality by sharing a drawback of Penn wearing headphones while overseeing a country play-out connected set.

Sera wrote, "We hired a caller manager this play but helium seems to cognize the amusement really, truly well."

Penn's co-stars were speedy to commemorate the news, with You newcomer Lukas Gage commenting, "A natural!" and play 2 favourite Jenna Ortega writing, "You're kidding!!! So truthful cool."

James Scully, who played Penn's on-screen rival Forty successful the 2nd season, expressed a akin sentiment: "Wow wow wow similar helium couldn't get much dreamy."

You tin accidental that again!

This is surely a afloat ellipse infinitesimal for Penn, who opened up successful July astir the enactment helium "always" gets from the directors portion filming You. Specifically, Penn revealed connected his Podcrushed podcast that he's been instructed to marque masturbation scenes "less creepy," adding, "They accidental like, 'Close your eyes oregon spell faster oregon spell slower.' I'm like, 'What? This antheral is f--king execution people, and he's masturbating successful the street. You're saying I'm making it creepy? How is it I'm the 1 making it creepy?'"

Season 4 is presently successful accumulation and, if the on-set photos are to beryllium believed, fans tin expect Penn's Joe Goldberg to beryllium backmost connected his bulls--t. In a changeable from Aug. 1, Penn's quality was seen locking lips with his caller obsession, played by Charlotte Ritchie.

For those of you wondering what happened to Joe's fixation on Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), don't fret, arsenic she's been spotted connected acceptable too.

For everything we cognize astir play 4 of You, support reading:


The Start of Production

In November 2021, the You writers' country teased that accumulation connected play 4 had begun.

"Welcome to the play 4 writers' room, present officially unfastened for business," the station said.


A Murderer In Paris

In a astonishment twist, the play 3 finale recovered Joe successful a Parisian café chasing after Marienne (Tati Gabrielle).

While sipping an espresso, Joe fantasized astir moving into her successful the City of Love. "Marriage astir ruined some of us, but we escaped." helium ruminated. "Maybe the scars connected our hearts marque them stronger."

While it was unclear if Joe really tracked down the azygous mother, an ominous informing closed retired the season: "All I know, mon amour, is I'll hunt the satellite if I person to. I volition find you."

It turns retired mounting the 4th play overseas was the idea of You's co-creator Greg Berlanti. But volition Joe enactment successful Paris? That's the question.


If Joe Will Return for Henry

At the extremity of play three, Joe killed his woman Love (Victoria Pedretti) and near down their babe Henry. Viewers were near wondering if Joe, nevertheless cold-blooded, was truly conscionable going to abandon his lad forever.

Showrunner Sera Gamble promised answers. "That's going to beryllium an ongoing conversation, due to the fact that no, you can't unreal thing that immense astir a quality didn't happen," Gamble said successful an interrogation with E! News. "I deliberation it volition signifier him from this infinitesimal forward. And adjacent his nonstop program of erstwhile and if helium would instrumentality for his lad is thing that we will...if we get to the writers room...come unneurotic and speech astir for hours and hours and hours betwixt snacks."

Instagram / Lukas Gage

Joe Has a New Rival

The White Lotus and Euphoria alum Lukas Gage will prima successful the show's 4th play arsenic Adam, "an ex-pat American, the youngest lad of a affluent East-Coast magnate."

According to his quality description, Adam is "famous for spectacularly failing to conscionable the standards of his successful, venerable family. An entrepreneur and a gambler, Adam is simply a lukewarm and comic enactment big and accelerated friend. But underneath, Adam is hiding a trove of secrets and papering implicit problems with dense self-medication."

It's besides teased that Adam whitethorn instrumentality his affluent woman for granted. Sounds similar the nonstop concern Joe would similar to swoop successful to.

GC Images / Getty Images

Joe Goldberg and...Cardi B?!

In November, Cardi B received a letter from Joe Goldberg.

"Hello, You…My stalking and sidesplitting whitethorn marque maine a certified freak, 7 days a week, but it besides brought maine to…you," it began, borrowing a lyric from Cardi B's opus "WAP." "Cardi B, you person a mode with societal media. You're meaningful. Substantive. I conscionable similar you. You're authentic and nuanced…just arsenic you are with your music. You support maine connected my toes, the ones that are left, astatine least. You can't beryllium caged in, and it's refreshing."

The missive was the culmination of a societal media lovefest betwixt Cardi and the real-life Penn Badgley.

Cardi is specified a instrumentality of some Penn's and the show's that she pitched an idea for play four.

"So it's occurrence 1 and I'm astatine Paris Fashion week shutting it down! I crook astir and determination stands YOU. Ok decorativeness it disconnected @netflix," she tweeted.

Sadly, despite Penn Badgley telling Entertainment Tonight they were "trying to marque thing happen," it didn't travel together. Maybe successful play 5?

David Fisher/Shutterstock

Peach 2.0

Peach 2.0? There's a caller queen bee successful town, and her sanction is Kate (Charlotte Ritchie).

"Kate tends to beryllium 'the big successful the room,' and has embraced the moniker of 'icy bitch,'" Netflix's statement teased. "She's particularly protective of champion person Lady Phoebe, a saccharine and trusting idiosyncratic whose utmost wealthiness and fame thin to pull opportunists. Kate prefers 'arrangements' to love, which is wherefore she dates amusive but self-centered partier Malcolm. When Malcolm invites Joe, an American outsider of nary evident means, into their privileged world, Kate not lone instantly dislikes him, she powerfully suspects thing astir the antheral is not what helium seems."

Click News and Media / BACKGRID

An American in...London!

Rather than the streets of Paris, Penn Badgley was spotted filming arsenic Joe Goldberg successful London. And yes, he's successful costume. Can't you spot this dark-colored shot cap?

In a June interrogation with Entertainment Tonight, Badgley confirmed that play 4 would instrumentality spot successful London. The crushed they chose London implicit Paris?

"To beryllium real, it's cheaper," helium said.

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Marienne's Alive, For Now!

Tati Gabrielle volition reprise her relation as Marienne Bellamy, arsenic the histrion was spotted filming the caller play successful London.

WireImage / GC Images

New Cast Members Announced

On April 1, Netflix announced the caller formed that volition beryllium joining Penn Badgley and the gang.

Series regulars include Tilly Keeper arsenic Lady Phoebe, Amy Leigh Hickman arsenic Nadia and Ed Speleers arsenic Rhys, arsenic good arsenic recurring roles specified as Niccy LinAidan ChengStephen HaganBen WigginsEve AustinOzioma WhenuDario CoatesSean PertweeBrad AlexanderAlison Pargeter and Adam James

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Genre Shift

Penn Badgley said that it wouldn't conscionable beryllium the mounting getting a facelift successful play four, helium said that the amusement itself volition consciousness chiseled and new.

"The code is akin but it's shifting successful that determination is simply a antithetic format. We're utilizing a antithetic format," helium told Entertainment Tonght. "It's astir similar we're shifting the genre slightly. And I deliberation it works."

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Love Is successful the Air

Photographers snapped a caller photograph of Penn and Charlotte filming play four, revealing that Joe has acceptable his sights connected Kate, who is wary of his intentions... Could this beryllium an enemies to lovers story? We tin lone guess!

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