You'll Crack Up Watching Judge Mathis Get "Electrocuted" by an Ab Simulator

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Judge Mathis Yelps successful Pain While Getting 6-Pack Abs

You cognize what they say, symptom is gain.

Judge Greg Mathis and his lad Amir acquisition an electrifying caller value nonaccomplishment process successful this exclusive sneak peek from the July 31 occurrence of Mathis Family Matters.

"Dad, you got caught successful the cooky jar," Amir tells his father. "You're trying to suffer weight, I'm trying to assistance you." He past explains the ab stimulator works.

"It fakes doing sit-ups," Amir says, "so it's equivalent to 25 1000 sit-ups successful 1 session. That belly volition beryllium gone, and I'm telling you, you'll person a six-pack."

As overmuch arsenic Amir wants to assistance his dada by introducing him to the stimulator, the TV arbitrator thinks otherwise, joking successful a confessional, "I consciousness similar I tin amended myself by speechmaking the Bible and obeying what scripture says."

While Greg doesn't look each that enthusiastic astir utilizing the ab stimulator, helium joins Amir for a treatment. After their stomachs get each paddled up, the practitioner begins the treatment, and Greg's absorption is thing abbreviated of hilarious. "Ah s--t!" helium screams arsenic Amir laughs by his side.

With the instrumentality lone acceptable astatine 10 percent, Greg has a agelong (and painful) mode to go. "This s--t consciousness similar the electrical chair," helium shouts. "I ain't killed nobody."

Greg's reactions lone get amended arsenic the machine's strength level increases, truthful overmuch truthful that Amir jokes that Nora, the judge's 5-year-old granddaughter, "could've taken that amended than you."

The clip ends with 1 much comic quip from Greg as the instrumentality reaches 100 percent capacity, saying, "I'm being electrocuted."

Check retired the clip supra and tune successful to Mathis Family Matters Sundays astatine 10 p.m. ET/PT connected E!.

Watch a marque caller occurrence of Mathis Family Matters Sunday astatine 10 p.m., lone connected E!.