Yes, The Godfather Author Really Fought With Frank Sinatra in a Restaurant

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The Offer Stars Detail True Tussle Behind Making The Godfather

Frank Sinatra did not get a footwear retired of The Godfather.

This was made abundantly wide successful the archetypal occurrence of Paramount+'s The Offer, which debuted April 28 and takes a dramatized look astatine the making of the iconic film.

We're, of course, referring to the country wherever Godfather author Mario Puzo (Patrick Gallo) introduced himself to Ol' Blue Eyes (Frank John Hughes) astatine personage hotspot Chasen's, lone to beryllium met with hostility implicit the similarities betwixt himself and Puzo's mob-adjacent quality Johnny Fontane. In a astonishing crook of events, Puzo did not backmost down, arsenic he attempted to stab the Hollywood icon with a fork.

What's adjacent wilder? This country is based connected a existent brushwood betwixt Puzo and Sinatra.

While Puzo noted—in a New York mag essay from 1972—that things ne'er got carnal betwixt himself and Sinatra, he did claim that the vocalist shouted "abuse" astatine him implicit the character. Pretty juicy, right? So, you tin recognize wherefore creator Michael Tolkin felt the request to see this country successful the series.

And the histrion who plays Puzo couldn't beryllium much grateful astir the on-camera altercation, describing the infinitesimal arsenic "a large scene" to E! News.

"I retrieve astatine 1 point, I was doing the country implicit and over, and [episode director] Dexter Fletcher came up to maine and helium conscionable said, 'Listen, don't hide who you are. You're Mario Puzo. You don't person to cower successful a corner,'" Gallo said of recreating this face-off. "And I was like, 'Yeah! F--k him for him to accidental that.' It changed the dynamic, it became this confrontation."

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Of course, this wasn't the lone infinitesimal from The Godfather's past to find its mode into the series. Dan Fogler, who plays Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola and joined Gallo for the E! News interview, highlighted that Coppola and Puzo did enactment connected the publication together.

"I've seen it successful behind-the-scenes footage for The Godfather," Fogler shared. "In the series, there's a batch of notation to that. Which is wherefore we are seen moving unneurotic a batch of time."

Fogler called those collaboration scenes betwixt Coppola and Puzo immoderate of his favourite moments successful the full series.

The Offer does heighten this collaboration, however, having the manager and writer hole up successful a Los Angeles-based home to decorativeness the script. In reality, for portion of the process, Puzo would nonstop drafts to Coppola, who was based retired of the San Francisco area, and vice versa.

As for his instrumentality connected the Oscar-winning director, Fogler said helium "really wanted to seizure [Coppola's] essence" astatine that time.

"What helium truly wanted to bash was direct, but helium was known for his writing," helium continued. "So he's got this, like, Orson Welles syndrome. He's got to beryllium himself. He's the smartest feline successful the room, but nary 1 believes it."

For much of Fogler and Gallo, drawback caller episodes of The Offer Thursdays connected Paramount+.

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