Wreckage from Russian Mi-28 helicopter found outside Kyiv

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A portion of Russian Mi-28 “Night Hunter” onslaught chopper wreckage was recovered disconnected the airdrome successful the municipality of Hostomel, conscionable extracurricular Kyiv.

The footage showed that the chopper was wholly disintegrated and breached into tiny pieces, but for immoderate parts.

But 1 photograph intelligibly shows a tail-wheel-type landing cogwheel and process roar of the Mi-28 helicopter.


Apparently, the Mi-28 was changeable down during a large-scale tactical landing operation, erstwhile Russian troops landed astatine Hostomel Airport, sometimes referred to arsenic Antonov Airport, connected 24 February.

This is the 2nd confirmed lawsuit of the nonaccomplishment of a Mi-28 chopper by Russian troops during the warfare successful Ukraine.

On April 1, a video appeared connected social media with the infinitesimal a Russian Mi-28 Havoc chopper took a nonstop deed by a MANPADS rocket that blew disconnected its process causing it to clang to the ground. Reportedly, the lawsuit occurred successful the Luhansk Oblast.

The Mil Mi-28 (NATO reporting sanction “Havoc”) is simply a Russian all-weather, day-night, subject tandem, two-seat anti-armor onslaught helicopter. It is an onslaught chopper that carries a azygous weapon successful an undernose barbette, positive outer loads carried connected pylons beneath stub wings.

The Mi-28 has a afloat armoured cabin, including the windshield, which withstands interaction by 7.62mm and 12.7mm bullets and 20mm ammunition fragments.