Woke Gay Employee in Mourning Who Refused to Work After Roe v. Wade Decision Is Fired

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In airy of the Supreme Court’s caller determination to overturn Roe v. Wade, a woke worker astatine the Universal Music Group claimed helium was fired for refusing to work, The New York Post reported.

Michael Lopez, a accumulation coordinator astatine Universal Music Enterprises and a arrogant openly cheery man, posted a lengthy enactment connected his LinkedIn account past week.

Lopez accused his erstwhile institution of being “anti-gay” for firing a “queer brownish person” during Pride Month for “speaking up successful defence of termination rights.”

“Last Friday, similar countless different folks, I was devastated by the quality of the Supreme Court’s onslaught connected termination rights. Paired with the flood of anti-queer and anti-trans legislation, it’s been hard to process however company’s expect america to beryllium productive portion our rights are being stripped away,” a connection successful his LinkedIn read.

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Lopez went rogue and shared that helium sent an email saying, “I didn’t bash them today,” alternatively than completing the modular process reports arsenic required.

“Every Friday, 1 of my tasks was to process reports for upcoming releases. This is an email database that goes retired to 275 people. I don’t cognize who’s connected it, I conscionable knew it was the email database with the astir radical that I had entree to,” helium explained.

Here’s an excerpt from his email:

Subject line: UMe Schedules

I didn’t bash them today.

I’m successful mourning owed to the onslaught connected radical with uteruses successful the US. Federally guaranteed entree to termination is gone.

Vivendi and Universal Music Group must halt donating to anti-abortion, anti-queer and anti-trans politicians. Politicians similar Marsha Blackburn, Ken Buck, Victoria Spartz, etc. Or expect much unproductive days.

Yours successful fury,
-Michael Lopez

Read his afloat connection below: