Why was Wolves' late goal against Liverpool at Anfield ruled out?

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Toti Gomes' precocious   effort   for Wolves against Liverpool successful  the FA Cup which was ruled retired  for an offside successful  the build-up.
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Wolves were near frustrated arsenic what they thought was a perfectly bully extremity was ruled retired precocious connected successful their 2-2 gully distant to Liverpool successful the FA Cup 3rd circular astatine Anfield connected Saturday night.

Toti Gomes turned the shot successful from adjacent scope aft 82 minutes and had his effort stood, it could good person been a victor for Julen Lopetegui's broadside arsenic it would person enactment the visitors 3-2 up with clip moving out.

Instead, it was ruled retired due to the fact that the adjunct referee had raised his emblem to awesome an offside earlier successful the determination erstwhile the shot was returned to the country taker.

And unusually, determination was nary conclusive VAR footage disposable to beryllium whether the determination was close oregon not, meaning it could not beryllium overturned and the on-field telephone had to stand.

Lopetegui spoke to the officials aft the lucifer and aboriginal told ITV: "It was lone to speech astir the 2 goals. The offside that we had. We person seen it, the offside doesn't exist, I'm sorry. It's impossible. Someone has told him it's offside, but we've seen the images, it doesn't exist. Two touches are our players, and the 2nd interaction helium doesn't want.

Wolves thought they had a victor but a VAR cheque yet confirmed it to beryllium offside❌You've got to consciousness for Toti present 😕@EmiratesFACup | #ITVFootball pic.twitter.com/uhXs3qkXH4January 7, 2023

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"The determination is wrong. I marque mistakes each day, and sometimes they bash too. Today we person the assistance of VAR, and it is simply a pity, due to the fact that I'm sorry, it's not offside."

Also speaking connected ITV, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said: "I'm not definite astir their 3rd goal. We person 1 representation wherever it whitethorn look offside, but I tin recognize wherefore they are aggravated astir it. We don't privation the VAR to conscionable person 1 angle."

Wolves were besides unhappy astatine Mohamed Salah's extremity being allowed to stand. The Egyptian was successful a wide offside presumption erstwhile the shot was played by caller signing Cody Gakpo, but was not fixed offside due to the fact that of an interception into his way by Toti. Salah duly converted and the extremity stood.

Mo Salah puts Liverpool successful front! Cody Gakpo's transverse came disconnected the caput of Toti and recovered the Egyptian with loads of clip to decorativeness 👏@EmiratesFACup | #ITVFootball pic.twitter.com/TJg1A1kLSiJanuary 7, 2023

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"My sentiment is we person to speech a batch with the referees astir this benignant of situation," Lopetegui said. "One subordinate took vantage of his position, Mohamed Salah was offside earlier Toti touched the ball, truthful helium got an advantage. Toti, of course, is lone going for it due to the fact that of the offside player.

"The referee heard america and was precise polite, but it has happened now. We person to judge it. It is simply a pity due to the fact that deserved to triumph against a fantastic squad similar Liverpool."

The 2 teams volition present person to conscionable each implicit again successful a replay astatine Molineux.

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