Why This Is Us' Creator Always Planned For Mandy Moore's Character to Die

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Dan Fogelman had an ending for This Is Us right from the beginning.

The bid creator had agelong planned for Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) to dice successful a fire and for Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) to spell done a divorce. What's more, he always knew that he'd interruption that audience's hearts by having the Pearsons accidental goodbye to Rebecca (Mandy Moore) in the penultimate episode.

"I knew that it would extremity with the decease of the matriarch of the family, who successful galore ways the amusement was often precise overmuch about," helium explained to Entertainment Weekly, adding that these crippled points aided successful telling the Pearson's story, "Those details let you to play successful clip confidently, due to the fact that you cognize wherever you're going linearly, adjacent if you're not telling the communicative linearly."

And with a wide communicative successful mind, Fogelman was insistent that the amusement travel the people acceptable each those years ago.

"As the amusement was getting successful, I recognized determination was going to beryllium commercialized reasons to proceed it for arsenic agelong arsenic possible, and I held steadfast to the plan," helium said. "I was beauteous wide [in play 3]: 'If you prime it up for different 3 seasons, I'll perpetrate my beingness to doing this for that magnitude of time, and past that volition beryllium it.'"

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Of course, NBC was funny successful seeing if the communicative could spell connected longer and had conversations with Fogelman astir stretching retired the plot, but the creator said the web was ne'er "forceful" astir it. "They were ever delivered with the close tone, which was like, 'We cognize what you said, but we're checking in,'" helium remembered. "And determination person been moments wherever I was like, 'Oh God, I emotion these radical I'm moving with.' But you person to instrumentality to the plan. The lone happening that's kept america afloat each these years was knowing wherever we were going."

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

And having a firm storyline came successful useful erstwhile they started filming play 3 of the series. A bulk of the upcoming finale was filmed 4 years agone arsenic they wanted to see the younger versions of the Big Three. Fogelman admitted it was an costly stake to instrumentality connected the series, but added, "It's a testament to however trusting everyone's been successful the process."

Now that it's all astir over, Fogelman said, "As overmuch arsenic I'm going to miss these people, I bash judge it was the close determination for the amusement with each portion of my being."

The This Is Us bid finale airs Tuesday connected NBC.

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