Why Sydney Sweeney and Maude Apatow Were "Crying Laughing" While Filming This Euphoria Scene

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Filming the Euphoria finale was each amusive and games for Sydney Sweeney and Maude Apatow. Find retired wherefore here!

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Sydney Sweeney and Maude Apatow had rather virtually never, ever been happier.

During the play finale of HBO's Euphoria, on-screen sisters Cassie and Lexi Howard had an aggravated fight. But down the scenes, the actresses who play them were having a ball.

In fact, Sydney revealed that they were hysterically laughing earlier shooting that scene.

"Right earlier [that] scene, we watched a video of america presenting astatine the Creative Emmys [in 2019] wherever we wholly froze, and it made america commencement crying laughing," Sydney told People. "There were tears streaming down my face."

Maude added, "I don't deliberation I've ever laughed that hard successful my life. We were trying to explicate [to the assemblage successful the scene] wherefore we were laughing and crying, and they conscionable didn't get it."

But apparently, breaking quality isn't thing caller for Maude. 

"I can't support it unneurotic sometimes," the histrion continued. "Everyone's ever messing with maine due to the fact that I'm truthful casual to messiness with."

Sydney and Maude don't conscionable consciousness similar they're on-screen household successful the HBO teen drama, they consciousness like they're sisters successful existent beingness arsenic well. 

"Everyone knows that if I'm not successful my trailer, I'm successful Maude's oregon if Maude's not successful hers, she's successful mine," Sweeney said. "She's the sister I ever wished I had."

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And what bash they bash successful their escaped clip together? Just similar the remainder of us: Make TikToks.

"We recovered alleviation done the dancing connected TikTok," Sweeney added. "When we got bored, we did immoderate moves. We're precise overmuch homebodies. I don't deliberation we're that cool!"

Suddenly, these 2 are our favourite Euphoria duo!

Euphoria is disposable to watercourse connected HBO Max.

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