Why Miles Teller Hung Up the Phone on His Top Gun: Maverick Co-Star Tom Cruise

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"Top Gun: Maverick" Cast Reveal the Truth About Tom Cruise

Who has the guts to bent up connected a telephone with Tom Cruise? Miles Teller...but with bully reason.

Teller talked astir his friendship with his Top Gun: Maverick co-star on E! News' Daily Pop, including how he ends up connected lengthy telephone chats with the enactment movie icon.

"When we archetypal started getting going and arsenic we developed a idiosyncratic narration extracurricular of this filming, Tom told me, helium said, 'Miles, telephone maine if you request anything,' and helium meant it," the actor—who plays the lad of Anthony Edwards' Nick "Goose" Bradshaw from the original 1896 film—told Daily Pop's Francesca Amiker. "And there's been galore times conscionable successful my beingness oregon vocation that I've called Tom for advice, and helium answers each time."

But sometimes, those chats crook into agelong conversations astir the film industry, arsenic Teller says that Cruise "loves making movies truthful much," that helium could keep him connected the telephone for hours connected end.

Teller joked, "It's similar an hr and a half, 2 hours, I'm like, 'Tom, I emotion you man. I gotta go.'"

In the movie, Cruise reprises his relation of Maverick successful 1986's Top Gun, and Jennifer Connelly plays his erstwhile flame. Filming the highly anticipated sequel was a life-changing acquisition for the Oscar-winning actress, who says that moving with Cruise connected a movie astir pilots helped her flooded 1 of her worst fears: flying.

"He's truthful cool. I didn't wanna fto him down and fto connected that I'd had this fearfulness of flying," she revealed. "So erstwhile helium mentioned it, I was like, ‘Yeah, cool, yeah. I haven't done it before, but sure, yeah. Let's go. Bring it!' And I did beauteous good. I deliberation I did beauteous well."

Cruise besides helped his co-star Glen Powell earn his precise ain piloting license and gave him a celebratory astonishment for his achievement.

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"So I get my pilot's license, I get to motion the full happening and they're like, ‘You're a backstage pilot'—Tom had a happening waiting for me," Powell shared. "It was a enactment that said, 'Welcome to the skies,' and it was a certificate for stunt driving lessons."

Rather than Cruise teaching him something, Jay Ellis learned something astir the Mission Impossible prima connected acceptable that helium ne'er would person expected: Cruise has rather the comic bone.

"I conscionable wanna say, his comedic timing is priceless," Ellis told Daily Pop. "It is thing that a batch of radical bash not spot from him successful presumption of the films that helium does, but erstwhile you really get to ticker him archer a gag oregon similar frost arsenic he's doing thing oregon similar crook and look astatine you successful a way—there were things that helium would bash and you're like, ‘Oh my god. You could spell termination a drama close present if you wanted to.'

Check retired the afloat interrogation above.

Top Gun: Maverick premieres successful theaters Friday, May 27.

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