Why Liam Payne Will "Always" Be on Zayn Malik's Side--Despite "Many Reasons" He Dislikes Him

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One Direction Turns 10: E! News Rewind

Liam Payne is sharing wherever helium stands with Zayn Malik.

The taxable of his erstwhile One Direction bandmate came up during the May 31 occurrence of Impaulsive with Logan Paul in which Logan recalled a 2020 incident involving his brother Jake Paul and Zayn successful Las Vegas. At the time, Jake had accused Zayn of having "an attitude" and fundamentally telling him to "f--k disconnected for nary reason." However, this didn't beryllium good with Zayn's then-girlfriend Gigi Hadid, who called Zayn a "respectful king" and Jake an "irrelevant disfigured ass" connected Twitter.

Looking backmost astatine the speech 2 years later, Liam said Gigi's tweet "didn't property precise well." Gigi and Zayn, who stock 20-month-old girl Khai, broke up past year amid reports he'd gotten into an statement with her mom Yolanda Hadid at the Pennsylvania location helium shared with Gigi. According to a constabulary study obtained by E! News successful 2021, Zayn was accused of acting with "intent to harass, annoy oregon alarm" Gigi—who had been distant astatine the time—and Yolanda and communicating "lewd, lascivious, threatening oregon obscene words." The study said helium besides "allegedly grabbed and shoved" Yolanda. Zayn pleaded nary contest to 4 counts of harassment and adamantly denied striking Yolanda, calling the allegations "false." 

According to tribunal documents obtained by E! News, helium faced up to 90 days of probation for each count. In addition, the documents stated Zayn was required to implicit an choler absorption class, arsenic good arsenic beryllium screened for, and if approved, implicit a home unit supervision course.

During Liam's caller interview, the vocalist shared his thoughts connected Zayn. "There's galore reasons wherefore I dislike Zayn," helium said connected the podcast, "and there's galore reasons wherefore I'll always, ever beryllium connected his side." 

Liam said his "parents are overly supportive to the constituent wherever it's annoying astatine times" and that "Zayn had a antithetic upbringing successful that sense."

"You tin ever look astatine the antheral for wherever helium is and say, 'Oh yeah, whatever, that guy's a d--k,' right?" helium continued. "But astatine the extremity of the day, erstwhile you recognize what he's been done to get to that point, and besides whether oregon not helium really adjacent wanted to beryllium there. And also, I'm truthful misunderstood by myself much than anyone. Like, I don't cognize what I'm doing oregon wherefore I'm here. It's similar I can't beryllium present and d--k connected him due to the fact that of whatever. And listen, I don't hold with immoderate of his actions. I can't commend immoderate of the things that he's done. I can't beryllium connected his broadside for that. What I tin accidental is I recognize and your lone anticipation is that astatine immoderate constituent successful their beingness the idiosyncratic connected the different extremity of the telephone wants to person the assistance that you're consenting to springiness them. "

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Liam, who precocious made headlines implicit his split with Maya Henry, and Zayn were portion of One Direction on with Harry StylesLouis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. The radical formed on The X Factor successful 2010, and Zayn left the band successful 2015 earlier One Direction went connected an indefinite hiatus aboriginal that year.

E! News has reached retired to Zayn's rep for remark but has yet to perceive back. 

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