Why Joey King Has No Regrets Over The Kissing Booth

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Joey King made it wide that The Kissing Booth is inactive 1 of the projects she’s the astir arrogant of.

Joey King & Bad Bunny GUSH Over Brad Pitt astatine Bullet Train Premiere

Joey King isn't present for immoderate The Kissing Booth slander. 

It's been a fewer years since the archetypal installment of the Netflix trilogy aired, but the 23-year-old histrion wants you to cognize she inactive holds the films adjacent to her heart.

"I couldn't beryllium prouder of those movies," Joey told The Independent in an Aug. 3 interrogation promoting her caller enactment movie Bullet Train. "I loved them truthful overmuch and playing that quality made maine happy," she said, explaining that contempt the antagonistic reviews from critics, she volition "never regret those movies."

Joey added, "I emotion them truthful overmuch nary substance what anyone says."

The Kissing Booth starred Joey and Euphoria actor Jacob Elordi, who played her emotion involvement successful the films. The franchise based connected Beth Reekles' books follows Elle Evans, played by Joey, aft she finds herself opening a romance with her long-time crush—who is besides her champion friend's brother—when she decides to run a kissing booth at her school's carnival. 

For Jacob and Joey, beingness began imitating the films arsenic they began dating soon aft they met connected the acceptable of the archetypal movie successful 2017. Ahead of the 2nd film's merchandise successful 2019, news broke that the 2 reportedly had called it quits. The final movie The Kissing Booth 3 was released connected Netflix successful 2021.

For Joey, who is present engaged to Steven Piet, the films person meant a batch to her and she's antecedently spoken retired against the antagonistic reviews.

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"I recognize that critics weren't each implicit this movie, but that's the thing—it's not meant for critics to beryllium like, ‘Wow, what a movie!' It's meant for radical to ticker and person a large time," she told Variety in 2020. "I'm thankful that I got to bash The Act, wherever critics were like, ‘Oh, that's awesome.' But besides not everything you bash has to person captious acclaim. It doesn't mean it's not successful."

She added, "And it doesn't mean it's not 1 of my favourite projects I've worked on. The instrumentality absorption to it is each the disapproval I request arsenic acold arsenic conscionable the mode it fills my heart."

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