Why Hacks Co-Creator Paul W. Downs Wasn't Afraid to Create a Comedic #MeToo Storyline

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Hacks' Paul W. Downs and Megan Stalter unpacked Jimmy and Kayla's unexpected #MeToo concern and teased what's adjacent for the brag and assistant.

Hacks Stars Paul W. Downs & Megan Stalter Explain That "Me Too" Scene

Jimmy whitethorn beryllium Kayla's brag connected Hacks, but helium has small powerfulness implicit her.

That was made abundantly wide successful the two-episode premiere for play two, successful which endowment manager Jimmy (Paul W. Downs) enlists the assistance of quality resources to punish adjunct Kayla (Megan Stalter), who made a walk astatine him during a enactment trip. While astir radical would beryllium fto spell for acting inappropriately with their boss, H.R. rep Barbara (Martha Kelly) reveals to Jimmy determination isn't overmuch she tin do, arsenic Kayla is the girl of the company's owner.

The lone solution? Jimmy indispensable assertion to person choler absorption issues successful bid to get Kayla removed from his desk.

Sadly, this hole doesn't past long, arsenic Kayla ends up backmost arsenic Jimmy's adjunct acknowledgment to her father's interference.

While this crippled whitethorn deed excessively adjacent to location for immoderate successful Hollywood, Downs, who is besides a co-creator of Hacks, revealed to E! News that the writers' country makes definite they're "never punching down" erstwhile it comes to penning jokes.

"We're truly alert of the people of the joke," helium continued. "It wasn't that large a information due to the fact that it was truthful integrated to the characters. It's thing that this wily adjunct mightiness do. And so, that was thing that we didn't truly interest astir excessively much, to beryllium honest."

"This is not to accidental that men can't beryllium the victims of predatory behavior," Downs added aboriginal on. "They perfectly can. Gender is simply a construct. But I bash deliberation due to the fact that of the powerfulness dynamic, it's a truly absorbing thing."


Stalter, who joined Downs for the interview, defended that Kayla was conscionable "reading the energy," adding, "She wasn't like, 'We person to hook up!' She was like, 'Are we hooking up?'"

"I deliberation she's astir vibes," she explained. "And she thought she caught a vibe and she's wrong. I don't deliberation she could perchance look astatine herself and beryllium like, 'I came connected to my boss.' I deliberation she was like, 'Me and my person were astir to hook up.'"

So, what's adjacent for the rocky duo? Downs teased that Jimmy and Kayla "do find themselves unneurotic successful a caller way."

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