Why Ben Godfrey was hooked from Everton XI to face Liverpool at the last minute

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By Conor Laird Published: April 24, 2022 4:23 pm
Last Updated: April 24, 2022 7:29 pm

Why Ben Godfrey was hooked from Everton XI to look   Liverpool astatine  the past  minute

Everton person been dealt a last-minute stroke connected the unit front, up of the club’s upcoming showdown with Liverpool.

As is customary, an hr anterior to kick-off, the latest XI opted for by Toffees brag Frank Lampard was unveiled, featuring the pursuing harvest of players:

🔵 | Team quality is successful arsenic the brag makes 2 changes from our past game.

COYB! 👊 #LIVEVE pic.twitter.com/GVK0YLXQDR

— Everton (@Everton) April 24, 2022

Upon the visitors’ ensuing warm-ups getting underway astatine Anfield, however, it rapidly became evident that 1 subordinate of the club’s starting backline was obscurity to beryllium seen.

The subordinate successful question? Ben Godfrey.

Questions, successful turn, began to dispersed regarding the whereabouts of the erstwhile Norwich star.

And now, an mentation for arsenic overmuch has been forthcoming online. As per a big of reliable sources, Godfrey picked up an wounded during the aboriginal stages of Everton’s warm-up for the derby.

Michael Keane, successful turn, has been fixed the telephone to measurement successful connected the portion of Frank Lampard:

Michael Keane replaces Ben Godfrey successful Everton enactment up. Godfrey injured successful lukewarm up.

— paul joyce (@_pauljoyce) April 24, 2022

Liverpool brag Jurgen Klopp, connected the different hand, faces nary specified problems, having opted for a beardown XI amid his side’s ongoing pursuit of the Premier League title:

Team quality 📋

How we line-up for today’s Merseyside derby 🔴 #LIVEVE

— Liverpool FC (@LFC) April 24, 2022

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