Why Barry's Henry Winkler Wrote a Letter to the Creator of Yellowstone

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Barry prima Henry Winkler loves Yellowstone truthful overmuch that helium wrote a instrumentality missive to creator Taylor Sheridan. The legendary histrion spilled the details successful an exclusive chat with E! News.

Henry Winkler Details Bill Hader's Creative Evolution connected Barry

One of TV's top legends is simply a instrumentality conscionable similar the remainder of us.

Henry Winkler, who stars successful play 3 of HBO's Barry premiering April 24, turned lemons into tv lemonade during the past 2 years.

"During the pandemic, we watched tv from Mexico, Spain, India, South Korea," Winkler told E! News. "The streamers are incredible. HBO, Apple, HBO Max. I'm telling you, TV is king close now."

Winkler, of course, knows a small thing astir tv history. The histrion starred arsenic Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli connected iconic sitcom Happy Days, which ran for 11 seasons starting successful 1974. The histrion has besides played memorable roles on Arrested Development, Parks & Recreation and, now, his Emmy-winning crook connected Barry.

In each of his viewing, however, a definite TV occidental franchise truly lassoed his heart.

"Yellowstone is great. 1883 is great," helium told E! News. "I wrote a instrumentality missive to Taylor Sheridan."

Kevin Costner stars successful Yellowstone, the Paramount Network occidental astir a affluent ranch household successful Montana, which has become 1 of the biggest shows connected tv and earned capable praise to capable the O.K. Corral.

But a missive from Henry Winkler? It's pugnacious to get amended than that.

"I said it's astonishing to walk clip with your storytelling due to the fact that we are loving each occurrence of these things," Winkler told E!. 

Before you get immoderate ideas, Winkler says helium has nary involvement successful impermanent starring, saying "I'm precise blessed wherever I am." Sometimes it's champion not to conscionable your heroes.

Lucky for Winkler, he's successful a beauteous large spot. The 76-year-old histrion stars arsenic Gene Cousineau connected Barry, which gets adjacent darker and much sinister successful its 3rd season. Despite moving with immoderate of the astir accomplished directors successful the concern implicit the people of his illustrious career, helium says moving with Bill Hader—who co-created, stars successful and often directs the show—is 1 of the astir collaborative experiences he's ever had.

"Bill is simply a generous, thoughtful director. In his operation comes freedom," Winkler told E!. "He knows what helium wants. He's unfastened to you filling that vas with what you bring. If it works for him and it works for his imagination, it's in."

Merrick Morton/HBO

Watch Henry Winkler constitute the latest section successful his storied tv textbook erstwhile the 3rd play of Barry premieres April 24 astatine 10 p.m. connected HBO.

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