Why Athletes Need Pilates Mat Training

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One of our favourite fittingness experts is Sean Vigue (remember the awesome workouts he’s done for us?). And, conjecture what?! He has a caller publication out!

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Pilates for Athletes helps mundane radical (no substance their athletics oregon enactment they emotion to do) scope their highest carnal and intelligence levels and amended their conditioning, control, endurance, and much — each done Pilates.

Sean Vigue has taught thousands of classes astir the satellite and has appeared successful more than 2,000 wellness and fittingness videos. He’s positive, helium knows his stuff, and his workouts are FUN. Basically, he’s the best!

And, we’re ace pumped that he’s letting america stock an excerpt from his caller book. Read connected for the apical 10 reasons wherefore athletes should adhd Pilates into their training.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Athletes Need Pilates Mat TrainingBy Sean Vigue

Pilates mat grooming is simply a bodyweight-only, full assemblage conditioning programme which features an exhaustive database of halfway centered exercises, sequenced unneurotic to elevate your mind, body, tone and diversion ability. Only a Pilates (or yoga) mat is needed to participate. No weights. No machines. Just you and the mat.

Strictly speaking, determination are not galore workout programs that tin present to an jock the immense magnitude of benefits that Pilates mat can. It is simply a lifelong programme for the well-rounded jock to practice, sorb and enjoy. The benefits are astir excessively exhausting to list, and determination is nary extremity to the ways Pilates elevates your health, fitness, movement, speed, strength, control, balance, endurance, enactment control, focus, powerfulness and flexibility.

That said, present are 10 of the apical reasons wherefore athletes request Pilates Mat Training.

1. Pilates constructs a strong, durable, flexible and balanced core.

Joseph Pilates referred to the halfway arsenic your “powerhouse” and “girdle of strength”. It is the halfway and enactment of your body. The halfway is the structural instauration that connects the remainder of the assemblage unneurotic and develops stability, strength, and control. It begins astatine the basal of the pelvic level and runs upward to the bottommost of the diaphragm, and consists of your abdominals, debased backmost and glutes. Technically speaking, the halfway is made up of the rectus abdominis (the musculus radical mean erstwhile they deliberation “abs”), transverse abdominis (the deepest of the abdominal muscles which wraps astir your sides and spine), erector spinae (a brace of muscles successful your little back), the interior and outer obliques (the muscles located connected the sides of your abdomen) and the glutes/bottom/butt (the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus).

A anemic halfway leaves the jock unfastened to injuries, compromised endurance and becoming easy fatigued from failing posture. Pilates halfway exercises bid the muscles successful your pelvis, little back, hips, glutes and abdomen to enactment together, starring to improved balance, stableness and assemblage control. Every athletics from hoops to tennis to throwing darts depends connected unit radiating from your halfway (core) outwards into the limbs.

2. Pilates builds a strong, balanced and resilient body.

Athletes of each ages and fittingness levels person been incorporating Pilates into their grooming for improved wide strength, equilibrium and absorption to injury. This is due to the fact that it is hard to find a much broad and effectual programme than a regular Pilates mat practice. Pilates helps athletes amended their everchanging question patterns with progressive destabilization, meaning the further you travel into your workouts, the much the exercises volition enactment to situation and unit your assemblage to accommodate and improve. Once your assemblage adapts you get a higher level of skill.

Each workout is arsenic balanced connected some sides of the assemblage to counteract the imbalances seen successful sports specified arsenic tennis, play oregon baseball, wherever the ascendant broadside is favored and strengthened portion the different broadside weakens and atrophies. Pilates works to hole muscular imbalances and bring symmetry to the body, bringing with it optimal carnal achievement.

3. Pilates improves mobility and easiness of movement.

Pilates exercises stress healthy, flowing and close movement. Is your assemblage mobile? How susceptible are you of moving your assemblage rapidly without strain? Are you capable to determination freely done the time without tightness and discomfort successful your body? How good bash you determination arsenic an athlete? Is your mobility helping oregon hurting your diversion skill?

How good you determination your assemblage done aggregate planes of question determines your diversion success. Pilates grooming moves your assemblage done each space and level of question portion focusing connected gathering spot and flexibility successful your core. Having a assemblage which tin easy accommodate to the unpredictable demands of a sport—quick changes of absorption successful tennis, explosive velocity successful hockey, driving to the handbasket successful hoops — volition springiness you a immense borderline implicit your opponents and prolong your career.

4. Pilates improves wide flexibility.

Joseph Pilates erstwhile said, “True flexibility tin beryllium achieved lone erstwhile each muscles are uniformly developed.” For this reason, Pilates doesn’t summation flexibility (defined arsenic the scope of question successful a associated oregon radical of joints and moving them done a afloat scope of motion) conscionable based connected the fashionable “hot spots” of the body, specified arsenic the hamstrings and debased back. Rather, Pilates works done changeless flows and movements which stretch, lengthen and grow the full body.

Where galore workouts isolate muscles and compress the assemblage and spine, Pilates does conscionable the opposite: each Pilates workout is designed to lengthen and grow your assemblage done a myriad of flows and angles. It is flowing, dynamic question which stretches and strengthens the muscles simultaneously. You volition smoothly and gracefully travel from 1 threshold to the next, moving your assemblage with precision and power done arsenic afloat a scope of question arsenic possible.

5. Pilates is simply a large instrumentality for rehabbing your assemblage during wounded and fixing problems associated with muscular imbalance.

Pilates mat signifier is debased interaction connected the joints, making it the perfect workout erstwhile rehabbing your assemblage and recovering from an injury. You tin besides operation your Pilates workouts to your idiosyncratic needs — determination is nary one-size-fits-all attack to Pilates. You are successful power of your training, not the exercises. They beryllium to service you and your circumstantial physical, intelligence and conditioning needs.

6. Pilates mat lone uses your bodyweight, truthful you tin bid anyplace and anytime.

Efficient and easy adaptable to your existent grooming program, Pilates tin acceptable into the busiest of schedules. No weights, instrumentality oregon machines of immoderate benignant means you tin trust exclusively connected the top gym you volition ever have: your body.

Your workouts tin past from 10 to 60 minutes depending connected however overmuch strength, flexibility and absorption you request astatine that moment, and you tin bid each day, mixing up your workouts truthful you are consistently hitting caller areas.

7. Pilates provides an everchanging, never-ending proviso of exercises and sequences to support you perpetually challenged.

Athletes needs to beryllium challenged to unit their bodies to accommodate and improve. Pilates grooming is simply a travel of progressive destabilization with each workout. The exercises go much challenging and integrative arsenic you progress, and with each caller exercise, you integrate caller parts of your assemblage into the movements. Once the workout becomes excessively “easy”, we adhd a question which forces your assemblage to accommodate and amended successful existent time. No substance what the jock needs, Pilates tin proviso it.

8. Pilates builds and reinforces due posture and alignment.

Having due assemblage alignment — however the head, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and ankles subordinate and enactment up with each different — improves your posture and reduces the accent and strain connected the spine. Standing, sitting and moving with due postural alignment volition alteration strain connected your muscles and ligaments and summation your quality to travel with much ratio and precision. For athletes, the instauration of power begins with bully posture. From this instauration comes the large movements specified arsenic jumping, tackling, swinging, throwing, catching and sprinting … but if your assemblage is not aligned correctly, these movements volition beryllium compromised and weak.

Good posture, moving successful tandem with a beardown core, helps stabilize the assemblage and enactment the athlete’s request for speed, power, rotational unit and speedy changes of direction. Pilates volition assistance reenforce bully posture and alignment during each signifier of your sport.

9. Pilates improves your quality to breathe.

Too often, we respire successful a shallow method, draining our vigor and absorption and crippling our posture. Deep Pilates breathing strengthens the halfway and lifts our bodies into a strong, aligned posture.

Pilates teaches heavy lateral thoracic breathing, which draws the enactment upward retired of the debased belly and bring it into the sides and the debased back. This benignant of breathing drenches the lungs and muscles successful oxygen and increases your quality to bring successful and process the enactment with efficiency. It helps you instrumentality vantage of each enactment cycle, drafting caller oxygen into the lungs and squeezing each atom of enactment out, filling and emptying the lungs with each breath.

Improving your quality to respire volition drastically summation your diversion show and abilities. Effective breathing requires thoracic mobility, halfway spot and a pliable diaphragm for pumping the enactment successful and retired of the lungs. An jock who is utilizing their afloat breathing imaginable volition acquisition accrued energy, much humor flow, sharper focus, and betterment erstwhile facing stressful and unpredictable situations. Pilates besides teaches the jock however to respire into the movement, which helps the exercises travel smoother done the afloat scope of question and with much control. Deeper breathing and accrued consciousness of the enactment translates into amended signifier and powerfulness with swings, jumps, sprints, changes of directions and throws. Connect your enactment with question and alteration the deterioration and teardrop portion elevating your quality to determination — a win-win-win.

10. Pilates summation your explosive velocity and power.

The Pilates combo of deep, expanded breathing, a stronger core, improved flexibility successful the full body, accrued spot and businesslike question harvester to make a assemblage which tin determination quicker, faster and with much unit down it. It’s beauteous straightforward: the looser and much successful power you are of your body, the faster your velocity and much functional your strength.

Whether it means moving quicker with much precision erstwhile rolling retired for a shot pass, maneuvering astir the defence en way to the extremity successful hockey, oregon planting, jumping and spiking the shot successful volleyball with explosive power, Pilates provides the tools to bash it.

Bottom line: the benefits of Pilates are almighty and transcend each sports. Every enactment you instrumentality and each determination you marque enhances your carnal and intelligence performance, combining to make a deep-rooted emotion of bettering yourself each and each day. In this, Pilates is simply a changeless and dedicated companion. Try it!

Excerpted  from Pilates for Athletes with support from Hatherleigh Press.

A immense acknowledgment to Sean for letting america stock this gem of an excerpt! Be definite to prime up his latest publication here! —Jenn

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