What to Know When Pitching Your Business

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 Let’s accidental you’ve got an thought for an astonishing caller business. You’ve got a plan! You’ve got a pitch! You’ve got a dream!


And … you mightiness besides person immoderate questions — possibly a fewer fears, too. Perhaps you’ve listened to a fewer of our podcast eps with badass women successful business, similar Cat Lincoln of CLEVER oregon photographer and entrepreneur Kyle Hepp, and you’re feeling some inspired and a smidge acrophobic astir however your transportation volition beryllium received successful the male-dominated task superior space.


Well, you cognize however we’re large fans of Title Nine? It’s not conscionable due to the fact that of their fantastic apparel — it’s besides due to the fact that the institution is each astir supporting women successful a assortment of ways, including the yearly Title Nine Movers & Makers Pitchfest, an lawsuit designed to support, promote, and promote female-led brands to risk, own, and pb successful their concern endeavors by pitching their marque to seasoned professionals, aft which winners person marketing, sales, and mentoring support.

Title Nine’s Molly Hanks, the pistillate down Title Nine’s Movers & Makers Pitchfest (who besides happens to beryllium the brand’s Lead Bravangelist — seriously, she knows each things bras and helps to make their highly-curated bra selection), spent a fewer minutes answering immoderate of our questions astir Pitchfest, on with offering immoderate proposal to those of you retired determination who whitethorn beryllium considering whether a transportation contention similar this is the close adjacent measurement for you and your dream.

Why is the T9 Movers & Makers Pitchfest truthful important, and wherefore mightiness a pistillate entrepreneur privation to be it alternatively than different transportation contest?

The Title Nine Movers & Makers Pitchfest is important due to the fact that we are helping to elevate the stories connected pistillate entrepreneurs successful the outdoor industry. While different Pitchfests typically connection currency prizes, we supply semipermanent enactment by offering one-on-one mentorship, thorough merchandise feedback, selling enactment successful our catalog, and acquisition orders.

What should women cognize erstwhile they statesman the pitching process, whether that’s with T9 oregon elsewhere?

For our Pitchfest we acceptable up finalists with an experienced mentor (female founders who we presently bash concern with). These mentors supply penetration and guidance for the finalists anterior to their pitches, offering feedback and a abstraction to signifier successful the months starring up to the event. In wide astatine Title Nine, we privation to get to cognize the laminitis and her product. We promote each participants to beryllium authentic and genuine successful their pitches, being themselves alternatively than focusing connected being polished. We privation to spot their personalities, and portion of people we are looking for large merchandise to sell, we are besides searching for badass women who are taking risks and taking up space.

Could you speech astir immoderate of the things that women summation astatine Pitchfest, whether they triumph oregon not?

The astir gratifying portion of Pitchfest was realizing that, nary substance their involvement, everyone near feeling exhilarated and motivated. The winners, the radical who don’t win, the judges, the mentors, the speakers, the Title Nine employees, the women-owned businesses who provided coffee, food, and snacks; we each made meaningful connections. We laughed, we cried, we played together, we competed, and we each walked distant feeling similar we could instrumentality bigger risks successful beingness and work. We grew our networks, and already a ton of chill collaborations person evolved from the connections made astatine our Title Nine Pitchfest.

Do you person immoderate different proposal for women who are conscionable starting retired successful business?

Take risks, neglect accelerated and larn from it, conscionable support going — and don’t springiness up bulk ownership!

Who retired determination has attended thing similar Pitchfest? Got immoderate different proposal you’d connection to the entrepreneurs-to-be who are reading? —Kristen