What Siesta Key's Madisson Hausburg Wants You to Know About Motherhood After Her Son's Stillbirth

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Siesta Key's Madisson Hausburg Talks Healing After Pregnancy Loss

Unfortunately, Siesta Key isn't each glamour and fun.

Nobody knows that much than the show's precise ain Madisson Hausburg. In the May 26 finale episode, viewers volition ticker the world prima get married to Ish Soto during a sunset wedding. But successful the aforesaid episode, Madisson volition beryllium down with her adjacent friends and co-stars to sermon the infinitesimal she delivered her baby lad stillborn backmost successful December.

While galore would recognize if Madisson wanted to grieve babe Elliot successful private, the 27-year-old knew she wanted to speech astir her journey.

"For me, a immense portion of my healing process is talking astir him," she exclusively told E! News. "Sharing it was a mode for maine to conscionable beryllium like, this happened. I inactive privation to speech astir my baby. He's precise overmuch my babe still. I'm inactive precise arrogant of him and I inactive privation to speech astir him." 

Madisson besides shared the quality astir her son's stillbirth connected societal media. When she archetypal decided to post, Madisson said she "had obscurity to turn" and knew very small astir stillbirth. What came adjacent was an outpouring of enactment and the speedy realization that she wasn't alone.


"For me, I was conscionable selfishly sharing my son," she said. "But I realized successful the process that truthful galore different women person gone done this and I had nary idea. It conscionable breaks my bosom that truthful galore radical are going done this softly and alone." 

"I carried my babe for 9 months and past helium died," Madisson continued. "That's the reality, and it needs to beryllium spoken about. It's decidedly not thing that should conscionable beryllium hushed. This is thing that's precise real."

In the weeks pursuing her archetypal announcement, Madisson said she was blown distant by the enactment of her formed members including Kelsey Owens who flew to Aspen, Colo., to beryllium with her co-star and person connected babe Elliot's owed date.


She besides learned that galore radical didn't cognize what to accidental oregon bash to amusement their support. While Madisson acknowledged that each mother's acquisition is different, she was grateful for anyone who simply checked in.

"So often, radical don't adjacent inquire due to the fact that it's hard to cognize what to accidental erstwhile this happens," she said. "No 1 wants to offend you. No 1 wants to upset you more. But I would accidental it ne'er hurts to ask." 

And portion Madisson observed radical being frightened to speech astir Elliot, she rapidly assured those adjacent to her that she wants to sermon her boy. "I privation you to inquire maine questions," she said. "I inactive privation to speech astir the birthing process. What I truly admit is radical reaching retired and asking questions and talking astir Elliot, saying his name, making definite radical admit maine arsenic a mother, acknowledging my babe arsenic my child. Those are the things that truly stood retired to me."

While speaking astir her son, Madisson called Elliot "the astir beauteous babe successful the world." She recalls her kid being shy during ultrasound appointments but ever moving erstwhile Mom was surrounded by h2o oregon the ocean.


Madisson remains grateful for her husband, who she says had shown unthinkable spot during hard months. "He got Elliot's manus tattooed connected his manus truthful that I could clasp his manus forever, and I thought that was conscionable the sweetest thing," she said. "It's conscionable truly unthinkable having him by my side. I couldn't bash this without him."

And portion Madisson and Ish proceed to grant their lad successful their ain ways, some parents are hopeful that they'll invited different kid successful the future. After getting support from their doctor, the mates has been trying to get large for the past 3 months.

"When you person a babe and you don't get to instrumentality them home, it's truly hard due to the fact that you don't conscionable permission that life. You're besides losing a portion of motherhood," she said. "Having different babe successful my arms is decidedly portion of my healing process."

Siesta Key's play 4 finale airs Thursday, May 26 astatine 9 p.m. connected MTV.

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