What next for Scotland after winning promotion to Nations League Group A?

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Ukraine v Scotland – UEFA Nations League – League B1 – Stadion Cracovii
(Image credit: Rafal Oleksiewicz)

Scotland finished apical of Nations League Group B1 with a goalless gully against Ukraine successful Krakow connected Tuesday night.

Here, PA News bureau looks astatine the ramifications of the resultant promotion to the elite level of the adjacent Nations League run and the interaction winning the radical volition person connected qualification for the 2024 European Championship.

Taking connected the apical teams successful Europe

In the inaugural Nations League successful 2018, Scotland played Albania and Israel successful Group C1.

The 2024 contention volition look wholly antithetic for the Scots successful Group A.

Scotland cannot beryllium drawn successful the aforesaid radical arsenic chap promoted countries Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

However, each the large footballing nations specified arsenic France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Netherlands are lying successful wait.

Unfortunately, determination tin beryllium nary gathering with Auld Enemy England who dropped down to League B.

However, successful December, UEFA vice-president Zbigniew Boniek said that each 10 teams from CONMEBOL, South America’s shot federation, whitethorn articulation the Nations League truthful possibly determination could beryllium a revamp with the likes of Brazil and Argentina involved.

Second seeds for Euro 2024 qualifiers and guaranteed play-off spot

England v Scotland – UEFA Euro 2020 – Group D – Wembley Stadium

Scotland faced England astatine Euro 2020 aft qualifying for the tourney via the play-offs (Nick Potts/PA)

Being among the 2nd seeds for the Euro 2024 qualifiers, which are drawn adjacent month, should successful mentation heighten Scotland’s chances of getting to the finals successful Germany.

Scotland volition debar chap cookware 2 teams specified arsenic France, England, Austria and Czech Republic.

However, it would beryllium folly to judge immoderate cookware 3 oregon adjacent cookware 4 teams would supply casual points.

Romania, Sweden, Norway and Iceland are among the countries successful cookware 3 and each would supply a pugnacious trial should they beryllium drawn successful the aforesaid conception arsenic Scotland. Should the Scots neglect successful their task, they volition get different accidental done the play-offs, the way they took to the delayed Euro 2020.

Playing the champion teams brings successful much money

Scotland v Republic of Ireland – UEFA Nations League – Group E – Hampden Park

Hampden Park is expected to beryllium merchantability retired erstwhile the Nations League glamour games are staged successful 2024-25 (Andrew Milligan/PA)

It was reported that Scotland got £1.5million for taking portion successful Group B1 which volition beryllium doubled for winning it.

Scotland volition beryllium guaranteed 3 glamour games astatine Hampden Park erstwhile the Nations League comes astir again successful 2024-25.

The nationalist stadium volition warrant to merchantability retired to spot the pick of the harvest successful Europe and successful summation determination should beryllium an accidental to gain much done things similar hospitality and merchandising, which volition beryllium invited gross for the Scottish FA.

Who drops retired of the squad?

All is rosy successful Scotland’s plot aft winning promotion but manager Steve Clarke volition person to bash immoderate squad pruning.

The Scots’ brag was deed by a raft of injuries, and a Scott McTominay suspension to boot, by the clip the last Group B1 fixture against Ukraine came along.

Clarke’s broadside performed heroically for the important constituent with debutant Ryan Porteous of Hibernian peculiarly impressive.

However, erstwhile the Euro qualifiers statesman adjacent March, players specified arsenic skipper Andy Robertson, Grant Hanley, Kieran Tierney, Nathan Patterson, Scott McKenna and McTominay – each of whom could beryllium considered starters – as good arsenic the likes of Liam Cooper, David Turnbull, Jon McLaughlin and Jacob Brown, will each beryllium disposable again.

It is simply a enactment dilemma that Clarke volition invited but a dilemma nonetheless.

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