What It’s Like to Create a Garage Gym

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You guys cognize however overmuch I’ve written astir the Fit Pit, right? The gym that taught maine that I was stronger than I thought? And that I could flooded this and this. The gym that helped maine to get my fittingness groove backmost aft babies? I’d adjacent spell truthful acold arsenic to telephone it the assemblage that inspired my soul.

Yeah, it’s meant a batch to maine — and my family. Gwen’s been determination astir play since she was conscionable a fewer months aged — and truthful person the twins. Although immoderate days it wasn’t casual to get everybody determination and past support everybody entertained agelong capable for maine to get a afloat workout in, I’ve besides felt truly arrogant to amusement my kids that broadside of my hubby and me. For them to spot america bash hard things, and beryllium astir different radical pushing their limits. It’s a peculiar place; a peculiar energy.

But, precocious past twelvemonth we got connection that the gym was closing.

It virtually brought maine to tears, a fig of times. So galore memories. So galore workouts. So galore bully friends. So overmuch self-discovery. So overmuch … LIFE.

I knew it would permission a large ol’ spread — not conscionable successful our fitness, but successful our day-to-day lives. Like, what successful the satellite would we do?

After a batch of thought and discussion, we decided that joining a caller gym conscionable wasn’t close for america — astatine slightest not close now. But you cognize what was? This.

Say hullo to our store gym, which we’ve named “The Barn Box.” (Our location is simply a 1919 Colonial and looks a batch similar a barn and I emotion alliteration, hence the title.)

We were fortunate capable to bargain immoderate of the Fit Pit’s instrumentality (you tin spot astir of it supra but it consists of: a rower, dumbbells, barbells with plates, a slam ball, a box, kettlebells, and immoderate mats), truthful we cleared retired the messiness that was our garage, and made it our precise ain portion of Fit Pit.

Commute time: 15 seconds.

In the coming weeks, I’ll stock immoderate of the workouts I’ve been doing successful the Barn Box — some present connected the tract and connected @FitBottomedGirl and @FitBottomedMama (because the kiddos are inactive precise overmuch a portion of my workout routine, adjacent erstwhile I effort to enactment WODs successful during naps!) — but creating a store gym has been truly … fun. In a astonishing benignant of way.

My hubby has taken the reins connected laying the abstraction out, and we’ll proceed to enactment connected it (removing shelving and different clutter) arsenic clip allows and the upwind warms. We besides person plans to put successful a squat rack and pull-up bar, on with possibly a fewer different toys (I’d truly similar a shorter container and a conflict rope). Not to notation that we got a WOD timer/clock for Christmas (thanks, Mom and Dad!) that we request to acceptable up and hang, and I’m looking into immoderate amusive ways to truly marque the abstraction our ain (thinking, like, an inspiring neon oregon customized emblem with a phrase). We’re besides creating the astir epic workout playlist ever (yep, I’ll stock that, too, erstwhile it’s much complete).

When we decided to bargain the equipment, I wasn’t 100 percent definite however overmuch we’d usage it. Would we inactive workout arsenic overmuch — oregon arsenic hard? Or would it beryllium kinda, sad, little, and lonely? While it’s decidedly antithetic and not the same, it’s — pardon the pun — moving retired truly well. (Even if we bash person aggregate strollers to determination around.)

I’ve fallen successful emotion with creating workouts (based connected galore of the ones I did astatine the Fit Pit implicit the years). Since they’re conscionable for us, it’s been a amusive and intuitive process for maine to plan workouts that people my imbalances oregon anemic spots oregon debar areas I’m sore successful — and past bash the aforesaid for my husband, too.

I tin besides bounds however agelong they are, oregon power things up according to the weather. Because our store isn’t clime controlled, I’ve done a fewer bodyweight workouts successful my basement. Dude, erstwhile barbells get cold, they are COLD.)

Basically, I’ve ne'er been much accordant successful making it to the gym.

I whitethorn not ever person arsenic overmuch amusive oregon spell arsenic hard arsenic I would before, but the quality for america to support a small spot of the Fit Pit alive, successful our store — particularly portion we’re engaged raising our 3 small girls? Well, I’m hella blessed — and arrogant — astir that.

Anyone other retired determination person a store gym? What’s your favourite workout oregon portion of equipment? The rower was decidedly the priciest of what we bought, but it’s been SO worthy it!Jenn