What happened in the midterms? Breaking down 2022's "election influencers"

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Before the midterm elections, the contention had been framed — by the parties and voters alike — arsenic concerns astir economical forces acceptable against concerns astir rights and democracy. Those forces remained done Election Day, erstwhile our cardinal groups of influencers truly held sway. 

Here we unpack immoderate of that power from our exclusive CBS News election elector poll, which was unveiled connected predetermination night.

What gave Republicans their (narrow) edge?

"Pressured Parents"

The Republicans volition astir apt triumph the national House vote successful portion helped by these voters, albeit narrowly. These were parents who person experienced post-pandemic accent implicit their finances and their kids. And they reflected the federation by voting narrowly Republican.

Their stock of the electorate grew from our pre-election estimates of 13% up to 19% connected Election Day, and they narrowly backed Republicans for the House. That larger size whitethorn bespeak increasing concerns astir finances among the electorate, and astir of them did study getting much pessimistic successful the closing weeks.


However, Democrats did adjacent the spread with them somewhat implicit the fall, reflecting an wide tighter contest. Pressured parents were 47-40 for Republicans successful October, and ended up 50-47 Republican by Election Day. Those who decided precocious (though not excessively numerous) broke toward the Democrats. 

They fell on wide run themes. Those who reported increasing concerns astir finances broke toward the Republicans, portion those reporting increasing concerns astir ideology oregon governmental unit broke toward the Democrats. 

What kept Democrats competitive?

"The Young and Restless"

These voters got up and went to the polls, and did truthful successful somewhat higher proportionality for Democrats than they were leaning successful October. All this helped the Democrats support things close, arsenic our pre-election models had anticipated it could.


Not each had indicated they decidedly would ballot successful the months anterior to the election, leaving them arsenic a cardinal radical to watch. This echoed the nationalist exit polls (which usage a wider explanation acceptable of under-30s that includes those with children) that likewise suggested younger voters did crook retired successful numbers approaching their 2018 proportions, to assistance Democrats. 

How did termination origin in?

"Restoring Roe" Voters

This radical is women who prioritized termination rights. 

They started arsenic powerfully Democratic successful October and lone accrued further, going from 81% Democratic to an overwhelming 90% successful the last vote. 


This suggests Democrats' messaging astir which enactment to take to explicit their interest — and astir what to prioritize — was successful. 

For 9 successful 10 of them, they reported this predetermination was much astir idiosyncratic freedoms than it was astir idiosyncratic finances. So, contempt astir of them calling the system bad, they voted connected termination — and for Democrats — anyway.

In fact, to the grade immoderate reported changing views connected the system successful caller weeks, much became pessimistic astir the system than became optimistic. Still voted for Democrats.

Their stock of the electorate did not turn from October, but the added proportionality of Democratic ballot surely helped support galore House races person connected net.

And the interaction of the governmental right?

Trump True Believers

These Republicans place arsenic portion of the "MAGA" question and voted — unsurprisingly — overwhelmingly for Republicans. They made up 18% of voters successful our estimates, somewhat little than the 20% they were successful our pre-election polling, offset to immoderate grade by turnout from different groups. Some of this mightiness person amounted to the comparative quality betwixt a thin GOP House bulk and a larger one.


But successful presumption of wide influence, they'd had a batch of interaction connected the enactment — and frankincense were worthy watching — including their power connected the candidates the enactment had selected during the twelvemonth and the messaging they promoted. Some of the high-profile candidates who precocious successful primaries did not yet fare good successful a batch of races, including losing successful Pennsylvania and Michigan, suggesting that whitethorn person turned disconnected immoderate much centrist voters.

This CBS News/YouGov survey is based connected 3,933 interviews of voters. An archetypal survey was conducted betwixt Nov. 3-7, 2022, utilizing a nationally typical illustration of 5,210 U.S. registered voters to find apt voters. 3,933 voters were included successful the  last analysis. 3,261 apt voters who had not yet voted astatine the clip of the archetypal survey were recontacted connected Election Day, Nov. 8, 2022, for a abbreviated reinterview. 2,125 responded — a recontact complaint of 65%. The last illustration of voters was weighted to beryllium typical of apt voters according to gender, age, race, education, geographic region, and partisan identification. During predetermination night, the weighting incorporated existent estimates of the full nationalist aggregate location ballot arsenic reported ballot came in. The borderline of mistake for the full illustration is +/- 1.8 pts.