Web3 Data Ecosystem Pocket Network Adds Support for the Fantom Blockchain

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The Web3 blockchain information ecosystem Pocket Network adds enactment for the Fantom blockchain, allowing developers to mint Fantom RPC endpoints for their applications straight from Pocket Portal, earning $POKT tokens.

Remote Procedure Call is simply a bundle connection protocol that 1 programme tin usage to petition a work from a programme located connected different machine connected a web without having to recognize the network's details. RPC is utilized to telephone different processes connected the distant systems similar a section system.

Pocket Network is simply a blockchain information level built for applications that usage cost-efficient economics to coordinate and administer information astatine scale, enabling seamless interactions betwixt blockchains and applications.

Fantom is simply a highly scalable blockchain level for DeFi, crypto dApps, and endeavor applications.

Michael Kong, CEO of the Fantom Foundation, said that:

“Having Pocket Network’s decentralized RPC connected Fantom brings america 1 measurement person to a aboriginal built connected censorship-resistant and decentralized infrastructure.”

Pocket provides RPC entree to Ethereum, Polygon, and a twelve much blockchain networks. Its autochthonal blockchain protocol, cryptocurrency $POKT (a inferior token), provides the 2nd furniture of afloat node incentives.

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