We got to tow over 10,000 lbs in an electrified GMC Sierra during Magna’s ‘Tech Week’

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During a media time for Magna International’s “Tech Week,” we got to sojourn the M1 Concourse successful Pontiac, Michigan, to trial thrust immoderate of the declaration manufacturer’s electrified tech. This included a GMC Sierra 2500 converted to a BEV utilizing Magna’s Etelligent Force 4WD powertrain. With it, we were capable acquisition the system’s 14,500 lb towing capableness and thrust immoderate different unsocial EVs too.

Magna International and its electrified technology

Even if you haven’t heard of Magna International, it’s a harmless stake you’ve driven a conveyance that contains astatine lease 1 constituent the declaration shaper has produced. During its “Tech Week” lawsuit successful Pontiac, Michigan, Magna CEO Swamy Kotagiri elaborate immoderate of the company’s accumulation numbers.

In total, Magna has produced implicit 3.7 cardinal vehicles crossed 30 antithetic models for 10 antithetic OEM customers including the likes of Ford, Rivian, GM, and soon, Fisker. In 2021 alone, Magna garnered $36 cardinal successful sales, solidifying its rubric arsenic the largest declaration shaper successful North America and the 4th largest successful the world.

As the automotive manufacture arsenic a full is shifting drastically toward electrified models, Magna has followed suit. By processing everything from electrified powertrains, to artillery enclosures, and ADAS systems, Magna is providing respective OEMs with the exertion and components to spell all-EV. Here is simply a speedy recap of immoderate of the electrified tech we’ve covered from Magna successful the past:

Electric conveyance spotlight (EVS): Magna International Magna introduces EtelligentReach connected powertrain, acceptable to debut connected caller entrant EV successful 2022 Magna International highlights EtelligentForce powertrain strategy to accelerate all-electric pickups positive caller EV halfway successful Michigan LG Magna ePowertrain breaks crushed connected caller installation to physique components for GM EVs Magna ElectrifiedKotagiri speaking to the media during Magna’s “Tech Week” eventTesting electrified models successful Michigan with Magna

After covering this electrified exertion from afar, Magna International was bully capable to invitation america retired to the M1 Concourse successful Pontiac, Michigan, to acquisition it archetypal hand. This included Magna’s eDS Low CE 3-in-1 eDrive beforehand axle system, presently contiguous connected the Volkswagen ID.4.

What’s chill astir this electrical centrifugal is that it manufactured without uncommon world materials, making it much sustainable and outgo effective.

Behind that EV successful enactment was a Tesla Model S equipped with Magna’s EtelligentDrive system. This 3-in-1 eDrive strategy uses a centrifugal astatine the beforehand axle and 2 successful the rear joined by a summation gearbox with clutch-based torque vectoring. The effect is simply a Tesla sedan with 480 kW of full powerfulness that was built years earlier the Model S Plaid came out; it presently sits arsenic an aboriginal illustration of Magna’s electrified expertise.

One of the much absorbing BEVs disposable to thrust during Magna’s lawsuit was the Arcfox αT, an electrified exemplary sold successful China as portion of a associated venture betwixt Magna and Beijing Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd (BJEV).

I got to thrust the FWD mentation astir the M1 Concourse and was excited astatine the accidental to thrust a Chinese EV, a marketplace I person a peculiar adoration for. The plan itself felt precise European, and I thought it was a creaseless thrust all-around. Nothing excessively flashy oregon luxurious, but thing to scoff astatine either. The wide show prime was surely apparent.

The dual-motor, AWD mentation of the αT comes with a artillery capableness of 67.3 oregon 93.6 kWh, delivering NEDC ranges betwixt 525-708 km (326-440 miles). It tin accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) successful 4.2 seconds and scope a apical velocity of 180 km/h (~112 mph).

Towing with Magna’s Etelligent Force technology

The 1 electrified exemplary astir of the journalists were clamoring to thrust was the GMC Sierra equipped with Magna’s EtelligentForce technology. Magna had 2 of the Sierra’s disposable to drive, truthful my archetypal fewer laps were successful the electrified pickup without the trailer to acquisition the motortruck itself.

EtelligentForce is simply a drop-in 4WD powertrain strategy for rider trucks and airy commercialized vehicles that electrifies the vehicle’s capabilities without compromising its payload oregon towing.

Magna’s eBeam is portion of the strategy and tin assistance successful OEMs electrifying existing ladder framework chassis without having to commencement implicit with a crushed up platform. eBeam besides helps supply 14,500 lbs of towing capacity, which was connected show astatine M1 during our trial drives.

Magna electrifiedMagna’s eBeam rear electrical thrust strategy implemented connected the GMC Sierra 2500

While consumers volition soon beryllium capable to acquisition an all-electric GMC Sierra Denali pickup, we got to acquisition the towing exertion aboriginal utilizing a combustion exemplary GMC Sierra 2500 made electrical with Magna’s EtelligentDrive powertrain swapped in.

The electrified pickup drove smoothly, offering regenerative braking portion towing implicit 10,000 pounds connected a trailer down it. Magna’s EtelligentDrive strategy is disposable connected Class 1 to 6 vehicles. Here’s the electrified GMC pickup successful action:

Magna’s aboriginal outlook for EV tech

After proceeding from the company’s CEO, there’s a batch to beryllium optimistic astir arsenic Magna continues to turn its arsenal of EV technology. Its eDrive components volition look successful much and much EVs from OEMs going forward, including the Fisker Ocean which begins accumulation with Magna successful Austria this fall. Additional vehicles see an unnamed OEM successful China successful 2023 (Magna presently manufacturers for NIO and XPeng, truthful it’s astir apt 1 of those two), and an American OEM successful 2024.

A large absorption of Magna looking up volition beryllium its artillery enclosures, which person already been developed and implemented successful EVs similar the Ford F-150 Lightning and GMC Hummer EV pickup. Magna’s CEO wouldn’t elaborate connected what aboriginal models it would supply enclosures to, but the institution is assured it volition proceed enactment with those aforesaid automakers successful the future.

Kotagiri explained that Magna’s manufacturing of enclosures is some worldly and processing agnostic, meaning it tin plan and physique EV artillery enclosures to immoderate customer’s specifications.

The champion portion is, each EV needs one, truthful Magna is successful a lucrative presumption to supply to the increasing request for specified components. Kotagiri besides shared that Magna is investing astir $500 cardinal to grow artillery enclosure assembly lines implicit the adjacent 3 years.

Overall, this was a chill travel to Michigan to spot a clump of the EV tech – that we person covered for years – run successful existent life. There’s a batch to beryllium precocious connected astatine Magna, arsenic the institution continues to marque wealth manus implicit fist with nary signs of slowing down arsenic it shifts toward electrification.

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