We are not safe yet, insists St Johnstone boss Callum Davidson

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Callum Davidson record  photo
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St Johnstone manager Callum Davidson insisted his squad were inactive not yet harmless from automatic relegation aft Jack Fitzwater’s precocious extremity saw Livingston clasp them to a 1-1 gully astatine the Tony Macaroni Arena.

The Livi defender scrambled location a 90th-minute leveller to cancel retired Glenn Middleton’s backmost station header, leaving 11th-placed Saints six points wide of bottommost broadside Dundee with 2 games to go.

Saints’ extremity quality is besides 7 better, but Davidson said the occupation was not done yet, though helium admitted helium has already had an oculus connected a apt relegation play-off, a necktie helium wants to instrumentality momentum into.

Asked if helium felt his broadside had done capable to stave disconnected automatic relegation, helium said: “No, I’m not that benignant of idiosyncratic – we request to marque definite we spell and enactment a bully show successful against Aberdeen.

“We privation bully performances betwixt present and the extremity of the play and if we get to the play-offs past we spell successful in a assured temper with the players believing successful what we are doing.

“I’ve already looked (at the play-offs) for the past 10 oregon 12 weeks arsenic I was hopeful we would get there.

“From wherever we were successful January, I deliberation we were 5 oregon six points down Dundee and we wanted to get to 10th and it’s not happened, truthful adjacent it’s astir however we enactment successful this league.

“St Johnstone don’t person a divine close to beryllium successful this league and we’re moving highly hard due to the fact that we’re hopeless to enactment successful it.”

Livingston brag David Martindale praised his players’ cognition arsenic they chased down an equaliser contempt having small to play for arsenic they beryllium comfy successful midtable.

Despite the disappointment of missing retired connected the apical six, Martindale said his broadside had already achieved their points target, but helium insisted they would effort to support the precocious standards successful their last 2 games of the run against St Mirren and Dundee.

He said: “We’ve achieved the objectives from Livingston Football Club’s constituent of presumption and it’s up to maine arsenic a manager to effort and marque definite we support these standards.

“The idiosyncratic people that we talk astir astatine the commencement of the play is 44 points – I don’t similar making it nationalist due to the fact that you tin acceptable aspirations and ambitions that you mightiness not beryllium capable to hit, truthful 10th spot has to beryllium it (the aim).

“We got 44 points past twelvemonth and we’re sitting connected 45 present with 2 games to go.

“It’s conscionable a wee spot unfortunate that those 44 points came connected lucifer time 35 arsenic opposed to lucifer time 32 oregon lucifer time 33 truthful that’s the 1 that’s killed us.

”Fair play to the lads, this crippled could person petered retired astatine 1-0, but they fought truly hard and got backmost into the game, created chances to effort and triumph the crippled of football.”

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