Watch Tesla (TSLA) Cyber Roundup annual shareholder’s meeting and follow the news

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Tesla (TSLA) is holding its yearly shareholder’s meeting, which is present called Cyber Roundup, and you tin ticker it beneath portion pursuing each the astir important quality coming retired of the event.

It starts contiguous astatine 4:30 PM Central Time astatine Tesla Gigafactory Texas.

Like each company, Tesla has to clasp an yearly shareholder’s gathering wherever shareholders ballot connected immoderate items similar manager appointments, stockholder proposals, and immoderate peculiar items.

This year, the main peculiar point is a projected 3-for-1 banal split.

Shareholders are besides going to ballot connected re-electing Ira Ehrenpreis and Kathleen WilsonThompson arsenic directors, connected reducing manager presumption to 2 years, and eliminating applicable supermajority voting requirements. Tesla shareholders person been capable to ballot by proxy anterior to the meeting, and it is precise apt that they volition denote that each those proposals person been adopted pursuing the speechmaking of them during the ceremonial portion of the meeting.

After that, shareholders who submitted proposals volition beryllium fixed a fewer minutes to contiguous them and the institution volition denote aboriginal voting results for those; they are each related to institution governance, and the committee has asked shareholders to ballot against them. Historically, those get unopen down erstwhile the committee asks to ballot against them.

That volition beryllium the extremity of the ceremonial portion of the Tesla yearly meeting, and past CEO Elon Musk is expected to spell connected signifier to springiness a presumption that is going to beryllium called “Cyber Roundup.”

You tin ticker the presumption unrecorded close present via Youtube starting astatine 4:30 PM CT:

Generally, the yearly presumption includes a recap of Tesla’s past and much specifically of the year.

Following the presentation, Musk – and sometimes different Tesla executives – are going to instrumentality questions from shareholders; some radical unrecorded astatine the event.

Here are immoderate of the astir upvoted questions:

When volition the banal divided be? How does Tesla mean to utilize currency successful the coming fewer years? Will Tesla summation capex, stock buybacks, dividends, oregon acquisitions? How galore factories are indispensable to execute agelong word people of 20 cardinal vehicles per year? When the cybertruck pricing is released, volition each who ordered earlier it was taken down beryllium grandfathered in, oregon volition they person to reconfigure? When volition pricing beryllium released? How is Tesla viewing the geopolitical hazard betwixt the US and China?

Tesla isn’t apt to marque large announcements, particularly erstwhile it relates to caller products, arsenic the institution prefers to support those for abstracted events. The institution has its “Tesla AI Day” coming connected September 30th.

But we inactive expect immoderate newsworthy comments coming retired of the event, and we volition station them here:

Elon Musk teases caller Tesla mill successful Canada Tesla teases Optimus humanoid robot prototype with caller image

Tune successful astatine 4:30 PM CT to travel the Tesla Cyber Roundup.

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