Watch Sia Surprise Survivor Contestant Drea Wheeler With $100,000

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The tribe, er, actually, Sia has spoken.

Though Maryanne Oketch took location the $1 cardinal prize connected Survivor play 42, the "Cheap Thrills" vocalist believes Drea Wheeler was the 1 to truly outwit, outplay and outlast her chap castaways. So, she amazed Drea with a $100,000 check.

"You're an astonishing woman," Sia told the shocked 35-year-old successful a May 31 video shared connected the CBS show's Twitter account. "You played the game, like, truthful creaseless and your occurrence got enactment retired mode excessively aboriginal for my liking. And besides the mode you handled that concern astatine Tribal was truthful graceful and I conscionable emotion you." 

But Sia wanted to connection Drea much than conscionable benignant words. "I privation to springiness you $100,000 conscionable to say, like, you're a bully person," the singer told a visibly affectional Drea. "And you merit to beryllium rewarded for being a bully person. I emotion you."  

Upon proceeding the news, Drea instantly enactment her caput down connected her knees and began to outcry adjacent harder. Wiping tears from her eyes, she simply said, "Thank you." 

Watch arsenic @Sia surprises 1 of the #Survivor 42 castaways with a BIG gift.🤯

— SURVIVOR (@survivorcbs) May 31, 2022

"I'm genuinely speechless close now," Drea shared. "I'm truthful precise grateful for this moment. Thank you truthful much." 

Sia replied, "You're welcome. I emotion you. Keep going!" 

During season 42 of the world contention series, Drea—who had much advantages than immoderate subordinate successful the game—was voted disconnected the land aft being blindsided by chap contestant Omar Zaheer. She finished successful seventh place, landing a spot connected the jury.

Throughout the years, Sia has often fixed distant prize money, called The Sia Awards, to her favourite players from each season. Back successful 2019, the Survivor superfan gifted season 39 contestant Jamal Shipman $15,000 and gave chap stars Elaine Stott and Janet Carbin each $100,000.

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