Watch Live: Hurricane Ian Coverage with Multiple Storm Chasers – Category 4 Storm – Max Winds 155 MPH

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Hurricane Ian made landfall connected Florida’s westbound seashore connected Wednesday arsenic a class 4 storm.

The oculus of the tempest deed Cape Coral Wednesday with maximum sustained winds of 155 miles per hour.

Watch unrecorded provender from aggregate tempest chasers here:

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Award winning tempest chaser Jeff Piotrowski posted a mates livestreams from Englewood, Florida connected Wednesday.

(Some of the unrecorded feeds whitethorn drop)


WATCH: reported:

I​an is simply a Category 4 hurricane packing maximum sustained winds of 155 mph.

Ian’s tempest surge has arrived on parts of the southwest Florida coast, including successful Naples, Florida, wherever implicit 5 feet of tempest surge inundation has been measured, much than immoderate different tempest astatine that gauge determination successful astatine slightest 50 years.

Meanwhile, winds blowing offshore produced a blowout tide successful Tampa Bay Wednesday morning.

I​an’s eyewall began scraping the seashore of southwest Florida Wednesday, including Sanibel Island, prompting a rarely-issued “Extreme Wind Warning” utilized by the National Weather Service lone successful situations of the astir aggravated winds successful stronger hurricanes.

Winds person precocious gusted up to 112 mph astatine the Naples Grande Beach Resort, 107 mph adjacent Sanibel Island, 100 mph astatine Redfish Pass connected adjacent Captiva Island and 79 mph successful Punta Gorda. Gusts implicit 40 mph person been clocked connected the Atlantic side, including a 54 mph gust astatine Cape Canaveral. Street flooding was reported successful Stuart, astir 100 miles northbound of Miami.

Winds person gusted from 40 to 80 mph successful Key West Tuesday into aboriginal Wednesday, wherever Ian besides produced the 3rd highest tempest surge successful implicit 100 years.

A​ tornado ticker is successful effect for cardinal and confederate Florida until 5 p.m. EDT.