Voro Motors RoadRunner Tronic seated electric scooter to hit 65 mph with TWO 5,000W motors

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Every clip I deliberation I’ve seen the electrical scooter envelope pushed arsenic acold arsenic it tin go, idiosyncratic comes on and builds a bigger envelope. This clip that idiosyncratic is California-based electrical scooter institution Voro Motors, which is prepared to interruption the net (and possibly a fewer bones) with a pint-size 65 mph (105 km/h) seated electrical scooter known arsenic the Voro Motors RoadRunner Tronic.

The Roadrunner Tronic is simply a heavy (and I mean HEAVILY) modified mentation of the company’s existing RoadRunner electrical scooter.

That scooter is already awesome successful its ain right. The banal scooter gets adjacent to 35 mph (56 km/h) from a brace of motors (500W successful the rear and 350W successful the front), and is fundamentally a monolithic 1.25 kWh artillery with immoderate wheels and a spot bolted onto it.

I had the accidental to test it retired a fewer months ago, and it is an implicit blast to thrust (see my video astatine the bottommost of this article). Like, seriously. The happening volition person you smiling receptor to receptor and picking bugs retired of your teeth for days.

The ample framework abstraction near successful the admittedly tiny scooter is ripe for customization opportunities, and successful information we’ve seen Voro Motors play astir with mods connected the scooter successful the past.

This clip they’ve gone overboard though, kitting the RoadRunner retired with a 5,000W centrifugal successful some the beforehand and rear of the scooter. With 10 kW of honorable powerfulness betwixt the knees, the scooter should instrumentality riders close up to 65 mph (105 km/h), if anyone is brave capable to propulsion it that hard.

And a 72V 28Ah artillery that stuffs successful conscionable implicit 2 kWh of capableness should supply the RoadRunner Tronic with 56 miles (90 km) of scope and springiness it plentifulness of powerfulness to dump erstwhile the throttle is pinned.

voro motors roadrunner tronic electrical  scooter

That throttle connected the RoadRunner Tronic comes from Rion, a high-powered scooter manufacturer, and is their unsocial Rion Curve throttle that uses a thumbwheel for precise power (think backmost to the days of Boosted electrical skateboard throttles that galore e-skate companies yet copied).

The dual Tronic controllers besides let for regenerative braking from the motors, which volition assistance bring this screaming instrumentality backmost down to tenable speeds. Whatever velocity the motors can’t scrub disconnected during regenerative braking, the dual Zoom 4-piston hydraulic brakes should assistance decorativeness off.

Ride comfortableness is the work of beforehand adjustable damping suspension, though the deficiency of rear suspension combined with the tiny wheels means you should astir apt debar hitting thing thicker than a plot hose oregon deeper than a crockery sheet astatine full-speed. The 55 lb. (30 kg) scooter isn’t precisely designed for bumpy rides.

The Voro Motors RoadRunner Tronic should beryllium disposable aboriginal this month, and is said to transportation a terms of $4,500. That would beryllium steep for a micromobility scooter (and rather a hike implicit the modular exemplary RoadRunner astatine $1,695), but this mightiness person passed the bound of scooters and entered afloat micro-motorcycle territory.

I cognize I person a spot of a estimation for investigating the wildest electrical two-wheelers retired there, but I thought I mightiness person been capable to slink softly distant from this 1 without anyone noticing.

Or astatine slightest that was until a affable commenter connected our Wheel-E podcast called maine retired directly.

Well, acknowledgment a lot, Ray. I conjecture present I can’t backmost down – and with immoderate luck (and if I person immoderate tegument near implicit afterward) we’ll person a reappraisal of the RoadRunner Tronic coming up to spot however chaotic this happening truly is.

Oh yeah, and if you privation to spot the objectively almighty but comparatively tame banal mentation of the RoadRunner, cheque retired my thrust video below.

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