Volta Trucks unveils the 7.5- and 12-ton variants of its fully-electric Volta Zero

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Commercial EV shaper Volta Trucks has publically debuted 2 caller variations of its 16-ton Volta Zero. The forthcoming 7.5- and 12-ton variants volition implicit a 4 exemplary scope Volta Zero trucks and supply smaller and much maneuverable proscription to commercialized fleets compared to their larger predecessors.

Volta Trucks is a fully-electric commercialized conveyance startup and “Trucks arsenic a Service” (TaaS) institution founded successful London successful 2019. It has since opened further offices successful Sweden and France arsenic it works toward transportation of its archetypal commercialized EV, the Volta Zero.

The archetypal 16-ton mentation of the Volta Zero was launched successful 2020 followed by plans for 3 further variations. Most recently, the commercialized shaper received €230 cardinal successful bid C backing to get the 16-ton Volta Zero Trucks into production.

At the time, Volta said the wealth volition money a fleet of plan verification 16-ton prototypes for engineering, development, and testing, arsenic good arsenic a fleet of merchandise verification trucks that volition beryllium evaluated by customers successful London and Paris successful mid-2022.

The Series C funding besides includes superior to make the 7.5- and 12-ton Volta Zero Truck variations arsenic well. With its latest announcement, Volta has shared images and plan details of its adjacent 2 versions of the Zero Trucks earlier they statesman production.

18-ton Volta Zero trucks coming successful 2023, 2 others successful 2025

According to the astir caller property merchandise from Volta, the 7.5- and 12-ton variations volition implicit the Zero Truck lineup pursuing deliveries of the 16- and 18-ton versions implicit the adjacent 2 years. Volta states that its smaller variations volition carnivore “a close, but evolutionary ocular relationship” to the 16-ton version presently successful development.

While they volition alteration from the original, the smaller versions of the Zero trucks volition beryllium identical to 1 different from the front. With that said, the 12-ton variant volition beryllium upon a larger chassis and a 2nd acceptable of rear wheels to enactment its larger payload capableness (TBA). Volta CEO Essa Al-Saleh spoke to the increasing lineup of all-electric Zero trucks:

The forthcoming 7.5- and 12-ton models implicit the full-electric Volta Zero merchandise family. They’ll beryllium alongside our 16-tonne vehicle, that’s presently engaged successful extended investigating up of the archetypal lawsuit usage aboriginal this year, and the 18-ton conveyance that volition commencement accumulation successful mid-2023. Our customers archer america that they truly admit the information and zero-emission attributes of the 16-ton Volta Zero, but besides request smaller 7.5- and 12-ton vehicles successful their operations. Our engineering teams are present scaling rapidly to beryllium capable to present each 4 vehicles astatine pace, arsenic our customers inquire of us.

Volta shared that it began processing its past 2 tuck variations this past December with a aviator fleet scheduled to statesman lawsuit trials successful 2024. Series accumulation for the 7.5- and 12-ton trucks is connected gait to statesman successful aboriginal 2025.

Combined with the 16- and 18-ton versions, Volta has acceptable a extremity to merchantability implicit 27,000 electrical trucks a twelvemonth opening successful 2025.

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