VinFast finally breaks down US pricing to include details of its mandatory battery subscription

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As Vietnamese EV automaker VinFast looks to unfastened its bid books for US customers, it has gotten much circumstantial connected the pricing consumers tin expect stateside. During the New York International Auto Show, Vinfast broke down its US pricing for the VF 8 and VF 9, which volition see a two-tiered artillery subscription that volition beryllium mandatory done 2023.

VinFast is an automotive manufacturing subsidiary of VinGroup, a Vietnamese multi-faceted conglomerate processing everything from healthcare to taxable parks. At the LA Auto Show this past fall, we got our archetypal glimpse of the automaker’s archetypal 2 EVs – the VF e35 and VF e36 – which person since been rebranded arsenic the VF 8 and VF 9.

These debuts were joined by the quality that VinFast would be entering markets successful North America and Europe arsenic good arsenic mounting up a US office successful Los Angeles. Although we expected to perceive pricing astatine the LA Auto Show, it wasn’t until this past January that the automaker would stock MSRPs for the US and EU.

At the time, the pricing was a spot vague and did not screen each of the trims (Eco and Plus) that volition beryllium disposable connected the upcoming VF 8 and VF 9 SUVs. There was besides nary notation of a artillery subscription model, which is disposable successful the fine people connected the VinFast website. Even still, those further artillery fees were not yet public.

US consumers present cognize what to expect erstwhile they spot their VinFast bid aboriginal this twelvemonth and however overmuch much a period they volition person to wage for their EV’s battery.

VinFast batteryVinFast’s presumption during the 2022 NY International Auto Show / Source: VinFastVinFast to complaint monthly for artillery usage connected apical of MSRP

According to the VinFast team, the artillery subscription exemplary volition beryllium mandatory for US customers done astatine slightest the extremity of 2023. The archetypal 2 EVs to get successful the US volition travel successful 2 abstracted trims, positive 2 artillery battalion options. On apical of that, US customers volition request to take betwixt 2 antithetic monthly artillery subscriptions – Flexible and Fixed.

The Flexible complaint is designed for EV drivers who don’t question precise much. Their subscription gets them 310 miles of scope per period and they are charged for each mile driven past that threshold. The Fixed bundle offers unlimited mileage, but astatine astir triple the monthly cost.

According to VinFast, customers who unafraid a preservation and deposit for a VF 8 oregon VF 9 this twelvemonth with the Fixed artillery subscription volition beryllium locked successful for the beingness of the vehicle, adjacent if it’s transferred to a caller owner.

Here’s however it breaks down monetarily:

EV Trim VF 8 Eco VF 8 Plus VF 9 Eco VF 9 Plus Range (Battery 1) 260 miles 248 miles 272 miles 262 miles Range (Battery 2) 292 miles 270 miles 369 miles* 360 miles* 0-60 mph 5.8 sec 5.3 sec 6.3 sec 6.3 sec Price
(Battery 1)
$40,700 $47,700 $55,500 $60,500 Price
(Battery 2)
$41,000 $48,000 $56,000* $61,000* Monthly Battery
Fee (Flexible)
$35/mo for 310 miles
+ $0.11 for each mile thereafter $35/mo for 310 miles
+ $0.11 for each mile thereafter $44/mo for 310 miles
+ $0.15 for each mile thereafter $44/mo for 310 miles
+ $0.15 for each mile thereafter Monthly Battery
Fee (Fixed)
$110/month $110/month $160/month $160/month Annual Battery Fee (Flexible) $420 minimum $420 minimum $528 minimum $528 minimum Annual Battery Fee (Fixed) $1,320 $1,320 $1,920 $1,920 * – Battery Version 2 volition not beryllium disposable successful the US until 2023

Per the property release, VinFast shared penetration connected its determination to connection a artillery subscription model:

By separating the terms of the artillery from the acquisition worth of the automobile, VinFast takes connected each the risks related to the vehicle’s artillery and ensures a tenable terms for its products, portion providing customers with bid of caput astir the battery’s prime during use. VinFast besides commits to supply a beingness artillery warranty covering each attraction and repair costs, and volition regenerate the artillery for escaped erstwhile charging capableness dips beneath 70%. The artillery subscription argumentation is considered a cardinal solution for customers to marque a modulation to electrical vehicles easier, allowing VinFast to go ‘the car for everyone.’

By 2024, VinFast said it volition set its exemplary sop that customers tin either lease their artillery pack, oregon acquisition it arsenic portion of their EV MSRP. the automaker expects a 50/50 premix of leases and sales.

You tin reserve your VF 8 oregon VF 9 now, with US orders expected to unfastened aboriginal this year. First EV deliveries are expected successful the wintertime of 2023. US accumulation of VinFast EVs is expected to begin successful North Carolina successful 2024.

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