Video Gamers Are Better Decision-Makers

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July 28, 2022 – Playing enactment video games appears to boost encephalon enactment and decision-making skills.

In a survey that coupled brain imaging with a decision-making task, assemblage students who play video games regularly made faster and much close decisions than peers who seldom play video games.

"Video games are played by the overwhelming bulk of our younker much than 3 hours each week, but the beneficial effects connected decision-making abilities and the encephalon are not precisely known," pb researcher Mukesh Dhamala, PhD, of the Georgia State University Neuroscience Institute, said successful a quality release.

The caller survey begins to shed airy connected however video crippled playing tin alteration the encephalon to amended task performance, said Dhamala and GSU co-investigator Timothy Jordan, PhD.

The researchers recruited 47 assemblage students: 28 of whom reported playing enactment video games for astatine slightest 5 hours per week implicit the past 2 years, and 19 non-gamers who averaged little than 1 hr per week.

During encephalon imaging, they were fixed a computerized decision-making task. They were asked to property a fastener successful their close oregon near manus to bespeak the absorption dots were moving oregon defy pressing either fastener if determination wasn’t immoderate movement.

The video gamers were faster and much close with their responses than the non-gamers. The gamers besides had stronger enactment successful immoderate parts of the brain.

"This has not been shown before," Dhamala and Jordan say.

Previous encephalon imaging studies person suggested determination mightiness beryllium benefits from video games connected attention, ocular perception, and memory, but a wide behavior-brain narration and the effects successful decision-making processes were lacking.

Jordan wasn’t amazed by the results of the study.

As a child, helium had anemic vision successful 1 eye. As portion of a probe survey erstwhile helium was astir 5 years old, helium covered his bully oculus and played video games to fortify the imaginativeness successful the anemic one.

Jordan credits video crippled grooming with helping to physique a beardown capableness for his encephalon to process what helium saw, allowing him to yet play lacrosse and paintball.

Stephen Faraone, PhD, with State University of New York Upstate Medical University successful Syracuse, is besides not amazed by the findings.

"Playing video games tin change the encephalon successful a mode that improves immoderate cognitive skills," helium says, after having seen the results.

The caveat, helium says, is that nary well-designed objective proceedings has shown that these changes successful the encephalon pb to improvements successful real-world skills, similar schoolhouse performance.

It’s besides unclear however agelong 1 indispensable bid with video games to summation caller decision-making skills.

"As with each different things, it indispensable beryllium done successful moderation. Playing excessively overmuch tin sometimes pb to addiction conscionable similar thing that affects our brains, particularly young people’s processing brains," Dhamala and Jordan say.