Veteran and Triple Amputee Brian Kolfage Built 4 Miles of Border Wall with $25 Million in Donations – Mayorkas Spent $72 Million in Tax Payer Dollars to Shut Down Wall Construction

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In 2020, successful the fewer days betwixt the Democrat National Convention and the Republican National Convention, the Southern District of New York (SDNY) utilized lawfare to enactment retired a governmental deed connected the We Build the Wall founders and President Trump.  The We Build the Wall run was an effort to physique a Southern Wall portion Congress prevented it from being built.

Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage and 2 others raised implicit $25 cardinal successful backstage funds and began gathering sections of the borderline partition connected their own. It was a large success. The radical built miles of caller borderline wall connected the Rio Grande and successful the Sunland Park area.  They built astir 4 miles of caller wall.  The Department of Homeland Security praised their efforts.

They built 2 sections for little than $25 million!  That sounds similar a steal.  Can you ideate what it would outgo the authorities to implicit specified a project?

The information that Kolfage would situation to physique a partition and forestall illegals from flooding the US Southern borderline INFURIATED Democrats and anemic RINOs successful Congress. So the SDNY decided to punish the organizers and bargain each of their contacts and the names of contributors. The SDNY arrested the leaders successful different terribly corrupt deed connected President Trump supporters.

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New York sent 15 Postal Service Agents to Florida to apprehension triple amputee Kolfage. They dragged him to their car successful the rainfall without his wheelchair and forced him to propulsion himself into the conveyance with his 1 bully limb.

Not 1 of the 15 USPIS agents adjacent considered providing a conveyance that was wheelchair accessible for their apprehension of triple-amputee warfare leader Kolfage. They drove each the mode from New York and seemingly ne'er adjacent considered the information that Kolfage had mislaid 3 limbs successful Iraq and was the astir severely injured US airman to past immoderate war.

OUTRAGEOUS: 15 New York Agents DRAGGED Triple Amputee War Hero Brian Kolfage From His Wheelchair Into Backseat of Their Arrest Vehicle successful Florida

The We Build the Wall squad was working with the government connected a caller conception of the partition erstwhile the SDNY indicted the We Build the Wall leaders.

New York officials charged Brian and others with fraud for taking $350,000 successful donations arsenic wage for their work.

The radical built much borderline partition than Republican oregon Democrat lawmakers had successful respective years. But the organizers took wealth to wage for their efforts and expenses portion independently gathering the partition connected the Southern border! So they needed to beryllium punished.

On his archetypal time successful bureau Joe Biden unopen down further operation of President Trump’s US borderline wall.

This week failed DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas went earlier Congress and admitted the US authorities spent astir $72 cardinal to halt operation of the borderline wall.

They spent much than doubly arsenic overmuch halting operation than a backstage radical spent to physique astir 4 miles of caller wall!

And they arrested the feline who organized the backstage project.

This is perfectly outrageous.