Vermont launches the first state e-bike incentive program in the US, plus other EV programs

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Vermont is launching caller electrical motorcycle and car inducement programs and is besides continuing an existing EV inducement programme for authorities residents. The proscription assemblage presently causes astir 40% of the state’s c emissions. 

The State of Vermont Agency of Transportation has selected the San Diego-based autarkic nonprofit Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) to make and administer the inducement programs. CSE has besides worked with California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Oregon arsenic cleanable transport inducement programme managers.

The programs, authorized by the 2021 Vermont Transportation Bill (Act 55), supply respective types of funding:

$50,000 to found an electrical motorcycle incentive, the archetypal authorized statewide e-bike programme successful the United States $3 cardinal to enactment incentives for the lease oregon acquisition of caller plug-in electrical vehicles (PEVs) $1.5 cardinal to make the Replace Your Ride Program, providing $3,000 for Vermonters to scrap older, high-polluting vehicles for cleaner proscription options

CSE volition make a point-of-sale and consumer-direct Electric Bicycle Incentive Program for e-bike purchases made by residents astatine Vermont retailers oregon online.

The PEV program, which was launched successful precocious 2019, offers fiscal incentives to low- and moderate-income residents for buying oregon leasing plug-in hybrid oregon all-electric vehicles. The basal manufacturer’s suggested retail terms has to beryllium $40,000 oregon less.

Financial Incentives are income based and offered successful the pursuing amounts.

Individuals who record arsenic single, caput of household, oregon joined filing separately volition get a authorities inducement of $3,000 for a PHEV oregon $4,000 for an EV if they marque $50,000 oregon less. Those who marque betwixt $50,001 and $100,000 volition person $1,500 for a PHEV oregon $2,500 for an EV.

Married persons filing jointly and individuals filing arsenic qualifying widowers volition person a authorities inducement of $3,000 for a PHEV oregon $4,000 for an EV if their income is $75,000 oregon less. Those with an income of $75,001 up to $125,000 volition person $1,500 for a PHEV oregon $2,500 for an EV.

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CSE volition besides make the caller Replace Your Ride program. It volition beryllium an income-qualified programme to promote Vermonters to scrap vehicles much than 10 years aged and regenerate them with cleaner transportation, including caller and utilized PEVs, electrical bikes, and shared mobility options specified arsenic motorcycle sharing, car sharing, and nationalist transit. Incentives tin beryllium combined with the Incentive Program for New PEVs, MileageSmart (Vermont’s utilized conveyance inducement program), oregon the Electric Bicycle Incentive Program.

The Replace Your Ride and Electric Bicycle Incentives are expected to motorboat aboriginal this summer.

For much accusation connected existent Vermont cleanable proscription incentives, visit Drive Electric Vermont.

Photo: Vermont Bike & Brew

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