Vegan Diet Aids Weight Loss in People With Diabetes

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By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter
HealthDay Reporter

FRIDAY, May 6, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Are you overweight oregon struggling with type 2 diabetes? Try going vegan, researchers suggest successful a caller information review.

Vegan diets are precocious successful fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and seeds and person nary animal-derived foods.

The meta-analysis of 11 studies published done March 2022 that included a full of astir 800 radical recovered that pursuing a vegan fare for astatine slightest 12 weeks helped radical suffer value and little their humor sugar, much truthful than a Mediterranean diet, antithetic diabetes diets oregon portion-controlled diets did.

Compared with the different diets, vegan diets importantly reduced value (an mean of 9 pounds) and body wide index oregon BMI (a person's value successful kilograms divided by the quadrate of tallness successful meters, oregon kg/m2) by -1.38 kg/m2.

The researchers recovered adjacent greater reductions successful body weight and BMI erstwhile they compared vegan diets to a mean fare (16.3 pounds and -2.78 kg/m2, respectively) than erstwhile comparing different diets to a mean fare (6 pounds and -0.87 kg/m2).

Vegan diets besides led to flimsy improvements successful blood sweetener levels, total cholesterol and "bad" LDL cholesterol, but had small effect connected blood pressure oregon triglycerides compared to different diets, according to the survey presented astatine the European Congress connected Obesity, May 4-7, successful the Netherlands.

“This rigorous appraisal of the champion disposable grounds to day indicates with tenable certainty that adhering to a vegan fare for astatine slightest 12 weeks whitethorn effect successful clinically meaningful value nonaccomplishment and amended humor sweetener levels, and truthful tin beryllium utilized successful the absorption of overweight and benignant 2 diabetes," said survey writer Anne-Ditte Termannsen, from the Steno Diabetes Center successful Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Vegan diets apt pb to value nonaccomplishment due to the fact that they are associated with a reduced calorie intake owed to a little contented of abdominous and higher contented of dietary fiber," she added successful a gathering quality release. "However, much grounds is needed regarding different cardiometabolic outcomes.”

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To larn much astir a vegan diet, spell to the American Academy of Family Physicians.

SOURCE: European Congress connected Obesity, quality release, May 5, 2022