Used Tesla prices are out of control – some Model Ys with over 30,000 miles are selling for more than new vehicles

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Prices of utilized Tesla vehicles are retired of control, arsenic immoderate utilized vehicles with implicit 30,000 miles connected the odometer are selling for higher prices than caller ones.

The utilized car marketplace has been chaotic implicit the past 2 years.

With caller car accumulation and income being down amidst proviso concatenation issues, galore radical turned to the utilized car market, and it pushed prices higher crossed the industry. This has been particularly existent for electrical vehicles, which are much uncommon connected the utilized car market, and Tesla vehicles are the astir fashionable successful the US arsenic the Texas-based automaker inactive owns astir 75% of the caller EV marketplace successful the country.

Over the past year, we adjacent started seeing utilized prices creeping implicit caller conveyance prices, but that started being little existent arsenic Tesla accrued prices of caller vehicles again implicit the past fewer months.

Now, utilized prices are up again, and we are seeing galore vehicles listed for higher than marque caller Tesla Model Y and Model 3 vehicles.

There are galore radical investigating the marketplace with precocious prices connected third-party websites, but Tesla owns a ample portion of the utilized marketplace for its vehicles, and its prices are non-negotiable and therefore, database prices are the existent prices those vehicles are being sold for.

For example, this 2020 Model Y with implicit 30,000 miles connected the odomoter is listed for $1,000 much than if you were to bid the aforesaid configuration marque new:

The lone payment is that you tin get it present versus waiting for 6-9 months for a caller one.

What is astir awesome is however the conveyance summation successful value. Depending connected erstwhile it was purchased successful 2020, the conveyance is apt selling betwixt $6,000 and $10,000 much than what it was purchased for marque caller astir 2 years ago.

We saw respective different utilized Model Ys listed for much than an equivalent marque caller Model Y, similar this 2021 Model Y with 15,000 miles successful Illinois listed for implicit $80,000:

We besides recovered a fewer utilized Model 3 vehicles selling for much than the caller version, including this 1 successful Los Angeles:

One absorbing happening to enactment is that Tesla appears to beryllium adding the Full Self-Driving bundle to each utilized vehicles it is reselling, which is helping to propulsion prices higher.

As we precocious reported, Tesla precocious changed its argumentation to now not fto anyone bargain their car aft their lease is over. This is expanding the automaker’s proviso of utilized vehicles to resell.

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