US hits a record 20% of electricity from wind and solar in April

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The US achieved a caller grounds successful April 2022 – for the archetypal time, the US generated 20% of its energy from upwind and star power, according to caller information released contiguous from planetary vigor deliberation vessel Ember.

US upwind and star growth

The grounds is being predominantly driven by a upwind roar successful the Great Plains and the Midwest, crossed states specified arsenic Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas.

As Electrek reported connected April 28, successful March, the US generated 18% of its energy from upwind and star (59 TWh) for the archetypal time. That bushed the erstwhile grounds acceptable successful March 2021 (53 TWh).

Graph: Ember

US upwind and star adoption is escalating. In 2015, the US generated 5.7% of its energy from upwind and star (229.8 TWh). By 2021, it had much than doubled to scope 13% of its energy from upwind and star (543.5 TWh). 

According to Deloitte US’s 2022 renewable vigor manufacture outlook, “Wind and star capableness additions of 13.8 GW successful the archetypal 8 months of 2021 were up 28% implicit the aforesaid play successful 2020.”

Global upwind and star growth

Wind and star were the fastest-growing forms of energy worldwide for the 17th twelvemonth successful a enactment successful 2021.

Globally, upwind and star vigor person doubled since 2015 to present a grounds 10% of planetary energy successful 2021, according to Ember’s Global Electricity Review. 

The International Energy Agency stated that successful bid to scope the Paris Agreement net-zero by the 2050 target, upwind and star request to scope 20% of planetary energy by 2025 and 70% by 2050.

Many European countries person already produced much than 25% of their energy from upwind and star successful 2021, including Germany, Spain, and the UK. This is helping to rapidly trim their reliance connected imported fossil fuels from Russia.

Ember’s COO, Phil MacDonald, said: 

Wind and star are breaking records astir the world. The process that volition reshape the existing vigor strategy has begun. Wind and star supply a solution to the “trilemma” of achieving a sustainable, affordable and unafraid vigor supply. This decennary they request to beryllium deployed astatine lightning speed.

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