US electric car sales jumped to an impressive record high last quarter

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Electric car income successful the United States jumped to a grounds precocious of implicit 200,000 vehicles during the past 4th (Q1 2022).

It’s a bully sign, but the US EV marketplace is inactive highly reliant connected Tesla and California.

The United States is trailing acold down Europe and China erstwhile it comes to electrifying its rider car market. There are galore factors astatine play, including weaker incentives and a penchant for pickup trucks, which is simply a conception that is conscionable present being electrified.

But, we are starting to spot a important summation successful EV adoption implicit the past year, and this past 4th was peculiarly important for EV adoption successful the United States.

Using information from the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Veloz published a caller study connected EV income successful the United States that shows a grounds fig (over 208,000) of electrical vehicles delivered successful the state during Q1 2022.

The summation successful state prices and a large Super Bowl EV advertisement push look to person helped propulsion deliveries to a grounds precocious past quarter.

While this is simply a bully motion for EV adoption successful the United States, the marketplace is inactive highly babelike connected California buying electrical vehicle.

Veloz reports that EV income jumped 29% past 4th to 81,292 EVs:

California’s EV marketplace continues to grow! This was the state’s strongest 4th for EV income to date. With 81,292 electrical vehicles sold this quarter, EV income are 29% higher than past quarter. Q1 of 2022 surpassed Q1 of 2021 numbers by implicit 20,000 vehicles.

California bought 39% of each EVs successful the United States truthful acold this year, contempt representing lone 12% of the US population.

It looks similar it is going to beryllium large years for EVs successful California:

Stronger incentives successful the authorities often effect successful automakers launching caller EV models successful California archetypal and giving section dealers bigger allocations of EV models.

As we antecedently reported, the US EV marketplace besides chiefly relies connected Tesla, which still owns 75% of the US electrical car marketplace truthful acold this year.

The marketplace is successful request of much EV models successful bid to ramp up adoption, and it looks similar it’s yet happening this year, particularly with electrical pickup trucks hitting the marketplace similar the Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning.

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