US Army picks Sig Sauer for Next Generation Squad Weapons System

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The U.S. Army has picked famed gunmaker Sig Sauer for the manufacture and transportation of 2 Next Generation Squad Weapon variations (the XM5 Rifle and the XM250 Automatic Rifle) and the 6.8 Common Cartridge Family of Ammunition.

The Army awarded a 10-year accumulation declaration to Sig Sauer, Inc aft a rigorous 27-month investigating and valuation process.

“The U.S. Army is taking a bold measurement toward bid of the 21st period battlefield and SIG SAUER is immensely arrogant to beryllium the selected supplier for this historical gyration successful infantry weapons. The fielding of the SIG SAUER Next Generation Squad Weapons System volition everlastingly alteration the dynamic of subject engagement for America’s warfighters with American innovation and manufacturing,” began Ron Cohen, President and CEO SIG SAUER, Inc.


The worth of the archetypal transportation bid connected the declaration is $20.4 cardinal for weapons and ammunition that volition acquisition testing. The declaration includes accessories, spares and contractor support. It besides provides the different Department of Defense services and, potentially, Foreign Military Sales countries the accidental to acquisition the NGSW weapons.

The XM5 Rifle volition regenerate the M4/M4A1 carbine wrong the adjacent combat force, and the XM250 Automatic Rifle is the planned replacement for the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

The SIG FURY Hybrid Ammunition (6.8 Common Cartridge), SIG-LMG (XM250), SIG MCX-SPEAR Rifle (XM5) and SIG SLX Suppressors meaningfully beforehand worker weapons exertion to conscionable the emerging requirements of the U.S. Army.

The SIG 6.8×51 FURY Hybrid Ammunition uses a patented lightweight metallic lawsuit designed to grip pressures higher than accepted ammunition, resulting successful dramatically accrued velocity and on-target vigor successful lighter weapons.

The SIG-LMG lightweight belt-fed instrumentality weapon and SIG MCX-SPEAR Rifle are purpose-built to harness the vigor of the SIG FURY 6.8 Common Cartridge Ammunition enabling greater scope and accrued lethality portion reducing the soldier’s load connected the battlefield. Both the SIG-LMG and MCX-SPEAR present important limb and exertion advancements to the worker and supply a solution for battlefield overmatch successful examination to the existent M249 and M4/M4A1.

The U.S. Army’s procurement of the NGSW System marks the opening of an epoch wherever combat weapons are coupled with a suppressor arsenic modular contented equipment. The SIG SLX Suppressors are designed to trim harmful state backflow, dependable signature and flash. SIG SLX Suppressors diagnostic a patented quick-detach plan for casual instal and removal.

“We commend U.S. Army enactment for having the imaginativeness to undertake this historical procurement process to present a transformational limb strategy to our warfighters. This grant is the culmination of a palmy collaboration betwixt SIG SAUER and the U.S. Army, and we look guardant to the continuing partnership,” concluded Cohen.