US Army Green Berets hold exercise in Hungary

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U.S. Army Green Berets person taken portion successful the premier Special Operations Forces (SOF) workout successful Europe that was conducted successful Hungary past week.

Green Berets are subject legends for work members and civilians alike. They instrumentality connected terrorists done quiet, guerilla war-style missions successful overseas countries. Green Beret teams run successful immoderate environment, from metropolis warring to jungle warfare to godforsaken scouting.

Green Berets assigned to the 10th Special Forces Group showcased mastery of lifesaving, accelerated enactment operations and self-defense skills successful combatives training during Exercise Trojan Footprint 2022 adjacent Szolnok, Hungary.


Trojan Footprint is the workout that focuses connected improving the quality of SOF to antagonistic myriad threats, expanding integration with accepted forces and enhancing interoperability with NATO allies and European partners.

The workout served to measure the responsiveness of NATO and spouse SOF to rapidly assemble and enactment together, providing lessons to instrumentality into aboriginal exercises and planning.

This year’s TFP includes much than 3,300 participants from 30 nations, doubling successful size from the erstwhile twelvemonth and making it the largest SOCEUR workout to date. Land, air, and oversea operations for Trojan Footprint 22 volition hap crossed Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

“One of our priorities is gathering resilience against adversary efforts to undermine antiauthoritarian processes and values,” said Maj. Gen. David H. Tabor, Commander of Special Operations Command Europe. “This joint, combined grooming successful Europe volition proceed to physique and fortify those relationships with our allies and partners, establishing a communal sight-picture for combat and peacekeeping missions abroad.”

The two-week workout besides increases integration with accepted forces and volition item the nonrecreational skillsets of land, air, and oversea units to respond to hybrid threats done discreet theatre introduction and exit. As an workout successful conjugation building, TFP 22 is focused connected cultivating spot and processing lasting relationships that volition beforehand bid and stableness passim Europe.

“Special Operations Forces stay a pillar of planetary defense, and adjacent coordination betwixt SOF and accepted forces acts arsenic a unit multiplier, leveraging the discreet capabilities of SOF to heighten lethality and dominance connected the battlefield,” Tabor said. “SOF elements adhd capabilities, technology, and spot to accepted forces passim Europe.”