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Host: Jane Pauley. 


maury-and-connie-a.jpg Broadcasters Maury Povich and Connie Chung person been joined for 37 years.  CBS News

COVER STORY: Maury Povich + Connie Chung: A newsworthy emotion story | Watch Video
After 31 years hosting his speech shows celebrated (and infamous) for their titillating topics, 83-year-old Maury Povich has announced his retirement, with the past archetypal episodes of "Maury" airing this September. Povich and his wife, broadcaster Connie Chung, speech with analogous Mo Rocca astir their lives on- and off-camera.

For much info:

"Maury" (Official site)Follow "Maury" on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTubeConnie Chung: Chinese American MuseumFlathead Beaconswitchblade-600-1920.jpg The Switchblade 600 tactical rocket strategy contains high-precision optics and an anti-armor warhead for usage against non-line-of-sight targets, specified arsenic tanks, artillery, and armored vehicles.  Aerovironment

HEADLINES: Switchblade drone: How the "kamikaze" anti-tank limb works | Watch Video
A one-time usage unmanned aerial vehicle, the Switchblade drone is simply a almighty limb that tin dive weaponry its targets, specified arsenic tanks and artillery nests, astatine a scope of up to 30 miles. So far, 700 Switchblades – ample and tiny – person been supplied to Ukraine for usage against Russian forces. CBS News nationalist information analogous David Martin talks with the CEO of Switchblade shaper Aerovironment, Wahid Nawabi, who arsenic a kid successful Afghanistan saw the effects of an invading Russian service – and the powerfulness of innovative defence technology.

For much info:

Switchblade Drone (Aerovironment)Aerovironmentajj-index-3.jpg OK, you fig it out: A.J. Jacobs points retired to analogous Martha Teichner the cryptic Kryptos puzzle astatine CIA office successful Langley, Va.  CBS News

BOOKS: Our puzzling addiction for puzzles (Video)
Over the past 2 years, bestselling writer and puzzle aficionado A.J. Jacobs has allowed analogous Martha Teichner and "Sunday Morning" cameras to travel him arsenic helium conducted probe for his caller book, "The Puzzler," astir his quest to lick the world's astir baffling puzzles – from the elemental (!) Rubik's Cube and chess problems, to the legendary MIT Mystery Hunt, and a mystifying sculpture housed astatine CIA Headquarters successful Langley, Va.

For much info:

"The Puzzler: One Man's Quest to Solve the Most Baffling Puzzles Ever, from Crosswords to Jigsaws to the Meaning of Life" by A.J. Jacobs, with archetypal puzzles by Greg Pliska (Crown), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable April 26 via Amazon and Indieboundajjacobs.comThe MIT Mystery HuntGarry KasparovJim Sanborn2022 Miami Open - Day 11 Naomi Osaka of Japan hits a forehand against Belinda Bencic of Switzerland successful the semi-finals of the women's singles astatine the Miami Open, astatine Hard Rock Stadium, March 31, 2022 successful Miami Gardens, Florida. TPN/Getty Images

SPORTS: Naomi Osaka connected uncovering her voice | Watch Video
By the property of 23, Naomi Osaka – victor of 4 Grand Slam tennis titles – had go the highest-paid pistillate jock successful the world, ever. And erstwhile she withdrew from the French Open past twelvemonth – citing slump and anxiousness – she mislaid nary of her firm sponsors. Instead, she opened up a much-needed speech astir intelligence health. Correspondent Tracy Smith talks with Osaka astir drive, strength, vulnerability, and measuring occurrence without a scoreboard.

For much info:

naomiosaka.comKinlò Sun Care by Naomi Osakamodernhealth.commarvel-universe-b.jpg It's each connected: A web of tales published by Marvel Comics since the aboriginal 1960s, involving thousands of characters, has created what writer Douglas Wolk calls "the biggest communicative of each time." CBS News

BOOKS: Douglas Wolk, maestro of the Marvel Universe | Watch Video
The communicative arcs of Marvel comic books, published implicit the past respective decades, impact thousands of characters and a half-million pages, becoming what writer Douglas Wolk calls the longest continuous, self-contained enactment of fabrication ever created. Wolk undertook analyzing this ongoing epic – the "biggest communicative ever told" – successful his book, "All of the Marvels." He talks with analogous Luke Burbank.

For much info:

"All of the Marvels: A Journey to the Ends of the Biggest Story Ever Told" by Douglas Wolk (Penguin), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and Indiebounddouglaswolk.commarvel.comMarvel Unlimited (Subscription required)

PASSAGE: Remembering Naomi Judd (Video)
We learned Saturday of the passing, astatine property 76, of state euphony fable Naomi Judd, parent of Ashley and Wynonna Judd. The mother-daughter squad of Naomi and Wynonna recorded fourteen #1 songs, including "Girls' Night Out" and "Mama, He's Crazy." Jane Pauley looks back. 

HARTMAN: MLB subordinate and young instrumentality with crab animate each different (Video)
Watching eight-year-old Chloe Grimes deed liners and propulsion heat, you'd ne'er conjecture the young shot subordinate is besides warring cancer, and has been, disconnected and on, since she was two. Her grit proved an inspiration to her favourite subordinate connected the Tampa Bay Rays, Brett Phillips. But inspiration is proving to beryllium a two-way street. Correspondent Steve Hartman reports.

lee-cowan-miranda-lambert.jpg Correspondent Lee Cowan with state superstar Miranda Lambert. CBS News

MUSIC: Miranda Lambert connected her caller medium "Palomino," and singing truth | Watch Video
The singer-songwriter has won much Country Music Awards than immoderate different pistillate – and arsenic she shows successful her latest, highly-anticipated album, "Palomino," Miranda Lambert continues to sing truth. She talks with analogous Lee Cowan astir euphony and matrimony during a pandemic, and what she discovered astir herself during precise unusual times.

PREVIEW: Miranda Lambert connected penning bittersweet songs: "You don't person to beryllium tortured to beryllium good."

For much info:

Miranda Lambert | Tour info"Palomino" by Miranda Lambert (Sony Music Nashville), disposable April 29Miranda Lambert's Casa Rosa, NashvilleIdyllwindthom-browne-short-suits-montage-1280.jpg Thom Browne's reimagined men's suit, which has specified customers arsenic sports icon LeBron James (center).   CBS News/Getty Images

FASHION: Thom Browne: Reinterpreting fashion | Watch Video
According to manner decorator Thom Browne, nary 1 thought it was a bully thought erstwhile helium began his ain statement successful 2001. But contiguous helium is 1 of America's astir palmy designers, noted for his suit pants that exposure men's ankles, and for Michelle Obama's 2013 Inaugural gown. Correspondent Alina Cho visits a Thom Browne manner amusement successful Paris, and speaks with Vanessa Friedman, main manner professional of The New York Times, astir wherefore Browne gets specified attention.

For much info:

thombrowne.comVanessa Friedman, main manner critic, The New York Times

COMMENTARY: Oprah Winfrey connected the larger pandemic affecting U.S. wellness care | Watch Video
COVID has exposed the prevalence of radical disparities successful our healthcare system, costing lives. 

Watch enforcement shaper Oprah Winfrey's special, "The Color of Care," connected radical wellness disparities, premiering May 1 astatine 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on The Smithsonian Channel.

Russia Orthodox Easter Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church (left), and Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulate each different aft the Orthodox Easter work astatine the Christ the Savior Cathedral successful Moscow, April 24, 2022. Oleg Varov, Russian Orthodox Church Press Service via AP

HEADLINES: Putin's warfare creates schism successful Russian Orthodox Church | Watch Video
Patriarch Kirill, person of the Russian Orthodox Church, has framed President Vladimir Putin's penetration of Ukraine successful beatified terms: arsenic a defence of blimpish values against a morally corrupt West. Now, the warfare has prompted dissent wrong the Orthodox Christian faith. Correspondent Seth Doane talks with Orthodox adherents who accidental the connection from their church's Moscow enactment and the Kremlin's warfare propaganda are 1 and the same.  

NATURE: Bighorn sheep successful Idaho (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes america among Bighorn sheep on the Salmon River adjacent Riggins, Idaho. Videographer: Hank Heusinkveld.

Here Comes The Sun: First sister Valerie Biden Owens and a Black culinary exhibit 22:51

"HERE COMES THE SUN": First sister Valerie Biden Owens and a Black culinary grounds (Video)
Valerie Biden Owens sits down with Norah O'Donnell to sermon however she has supported her large brother, Joe, implicit the years. We besides instrumentality you to a caller grounds called "African/American: Making the Nation's Table," located successful the Museum of Food and Drink successful New York City, wherever we larn however Black civilization shaped American cuisine.

RECAP: APRIL 24, "The Money Issue" 

Our yearly peculiar broadcast looks into the galore ways we earn, spend, invest, waste, lose, and spell without money, hosted by Jane Pauley.

COVER STORY: How Rust Belt institution towns germinate successful the property of e-commerce | Watch Video
E-commerce has changed the mode Americans shop, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs picking and packing those products successful elephantine warehouses that dot the scenery of cities and towns crossed America, galore of which haven't seen well-paying blue-collar jobs successful decades. Correspondent Lee Cowan visits Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley to spot however 1 assemblage is adapting to the challenges and opportunities of this caller age.

For much info:

Lehigh Valley Economic Development CorporationAllied Personnel ServicesCoStarBreena Holland, Lehigh UniversityLamont McClure, County Executive, Northampton County, Pa. Delaware Amazon video courtesy WITN Channel 22/Saquan Stimpson

ART: Crystal Bridges Museum, and a town's resurgence (Video)
More than six cardinal radical person visited the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art since it opened successful 2011. Alice Walton's beauteous oasis for the champion creation the second-richest pistillate successful the satellite could bargain has transformed the once-sleepy municipality of Bentonville, Arkansas, into a thriving artists' community. Correspondent Martha Teichner reports.

WEB EXTRA: Artist Griffin Loop's elephantine insubstantial airplane (YouTube Video)
Artist Griffin Loop talks with "Sunday Morning" analogous Martha Teichner astir his 50-foot alloy mentation of a insubstantial airplane, a nationalist creation portion which has landed successful Bentonville, Ark., location of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

For much info:

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Ark.The Momentary, Bentonville, Ark.alicewalton.orgArtist Griffin Loop

SOCIAL MEDIA: Ryan's World: How a kid successful Hawaii became a YouTube millionaire | Watch Video
When the Kaji family, of Honolulu, shared a video of their three-year-old son, Ryan, with family, they had nary thought that it would spell viral – and motorboat a YouTube, TV and artifact franchise worthy millions. Correspondent Luke Burbank talks with Ryan, present 10, and his parents, astir the concealed of getting billions of views of period with their caller household business.

For much info:

ryans.worldRyan's World (YouTube Channel)Pocket.Watch

LABOR: The resurgence of unions and the combat against Amazon | Watch Video
America's second-largest leader fought hard against unionization efforts astatine its Staten Island, N.Y., warehouse. But "team members" determination voted to unionize – an illustration of younger employees' involvement successful improved moving conditions, and the expanding fortunes of labour collectives, contempt corporations' union-busting tactics. Correspondent David Pogue reports.

For much info:

Amazon Labor Unionamazon.comRuth Milkman, School of Labor and Urban Studies, City University of New York

ROYALS: Tina Brown connected Britain's royals: "It's a large household saga" | Watch Video
How volition Britain's monarchy modulation from the now-96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II erstwhile her reign ends? And what has the estrangement of Prince Harry done to the royal family? Correspondent Mo Rocca talks with royals watcher Tina Brown, writer of the caller book, "The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor – The Truth and the Turmoil."

WEB EXTRA: Tina Brown connected erstwhile Charles becomes King (YouTube Video)
Editor Tina Brown, writer of "The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor – The Truth and the Turmoil," discusses with "Sunday Morning" analogous Mo Rocca the prospects facing Prince Charles, who is owed to ascend to the throne pursuing the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

BOOK EXCERPT: Tina Brown connected the House of Windsor successful "The Palace Papers"

For much info:

"The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor – The Truth and the Turmoil" by Tina Brown (Crown), successful Hardcover, Large Print Trade Paperback, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and Indieboundtinabrownmedia.com

MUSIC: Bringing backmost the hits: Mining euphony catalogs for gold | Watch Video
Correspondent Kelefa Sanneh looks astatine however euphony catalogs are becoming highly invaluable properties. He besides talks with Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock, of the set Air Supply, whose '80s hits, including "All Out of Love," are uncovering caller beingness successful unexpected ways.

For much info:

airsupplymusic.comPrimary Wave Music

FOOD: Shef, delivering home-cooked meals to your location (Video)
The caller online marketplace Shef connects customers with nutrient entrepreneurs – galore of whom are immigrants oregon refugees – moving retired of their homes. Correspondent Lilia Luciano looks astatine however Shef is offering opportunities to aspiring chefs (75 percent of whom are women) preparing cuisine from astir 100 countries.

For much info:

shef.comShef Yogita's Menu

HOME: Zillow, bringing unreal existent property to your screen | Watch Video
Zillow, the largest online existent property marketplace, makes your imaginable adjacent location – whether a towering castle oregon an underground bunker – conscionable a click away. And now, societal media sites similar "Zillow Gone Wild" are helping marque the astir outlandish properties spell viral. Correspondent Nancy Chen talks to experts astir however to boost a listing's online curb appeal.

For much info:

zillow.comZillow Gone Wild (Instagram)

TV: Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin connected "Grace and Frankie," property and activism | Watch Video
On the Netflix bid "Grace and Frankie," Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin play 2 feisty octogenarians who spot aged property not arsenic a decease sentence, but arsenic a triumph lap. The 2 aged friends speech with analogous Tracy Smith astir aging, moving together, and however Fonda, who raised millions arsenic an workout entrepreneur, gave astir of it away.

For much info:

"Grace and Frankie" (Netflix) – Final episodes statesman streaming connected April 29

WINE: How German winemakers turned catastrophe into anticipation (Video)
Last summer, floods inundated occidental Germany, sidesplitting astir 200 radical and devastating the Ahr Valley. Local winemakers whose vines were decimated raised wealth by selling "flood wines" – bottles whose labels were soiled by mud. The effort has raised $5 cardinal to enactment the section industry, and raised consciousness astir winemaking successful the region. Correspondent Seth Doane reports.

For much info:

flutwein.deWeingut KriechelAhr Wine Federation

BUSINESS: Day attraction dilemma: Getting kid attraction to work | Watch Video
Since the COVID pandemic, kid attraction for young children successful the U.S. has gone from atrocious to worse, with thousands of programs closing crossed the country, and centers struggling to prosecute caller staff. Correspondent Rita Braver talks with childcare providers warring to marque ends meet, and with moving parents searching for options.

WEB EXTRA: The situation successful kid attraction contiguous (YouTube Video)
Lea Austin, enforcement manager of the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment, astatine the University of California, Berkeley, talks with "Sunday Morning" analogous Rita Braver astir the authorities of kid attraction successful the United States, and however it affects children, families, and kid attraction workers.

For much info:

Kiddie Campus Childcare Center, Fayetteville, Ark. (Facebook)Lea J.E. Austin, co-director, Center for the Study of Child Care Employment, University of California, BerkeleyChange for Early Childhood Education

BOOKS: American past connected the auction block | Watch Video
Rare books and papers detailing the exploration of the New World and the founding of the United States, from the postulation of publication trader William Reese, volition beryllium auctioned opening adjacent period astatine Christie's successful New York City. The tons see Paul Revere's engraving of the 1770 Boston Massacre; and the archetypal New England broadside of the Declaration of Independence. Correspondent Serena Altschul looks astatine immoderate priceless past up for sale.

For much info:

Auction: The Private Collection of William S. Reese: Part One, May 25 astatine Christie's, New YorkBook & Manuscripts, Christie's Auction HouseWilliam Reese Company, New Haven, Conn.

NATURE: South Carolina falls (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes america nether waterfalls connected the Reedy River adjacent Greenville, South Carolina. Videographer: Kevin Kjergaard.      


IN HIS OWN WORDS: Heavy metallic and bluegrass guitarist John 5 connected his philharmonic obsessions
The virtuoso guitarist, who grew up watching "Hee Haw," is arsenic adept astatine shredding stone riffs arsenic helium is state and jazz. In this online exclusive, John Lowery (whose signifier sanction is John 5) talks with CBS News' Jake Barlow astir his philharmonic obsessions. (With video.)

For much info:

John 5 (Official site)"Sinner" by John 5 and the Creatures (Big Machine), disposable via Amazon, iTunes and SpotifyTour dates

"HERE COMES THE SUN": "The Godfather" day and immoderate existent stone stars (Video)
It's been 50 years since "The Godfather" premiered successful 1972. Tracy Smith recovered retired from famed manager Francis Ford Coppola that the classical astir ne'er got made. We besides instrumentality you wrong a show of dazzling gems – you mightiness adjacent telephone them stone stars.

GALLERY: Notable Deaths successful 2022
A look backmost astatine the esteemed personalities who've near america this year, who'd touched america with their innovation, creativity and humanity.


Host Jane Pauley. 


COVER STORY: A wrongful conviction, and Joyce Watkins' time successful court | Watch Video
In 1988 Joyce Watkins and her boyfriend, Charlie Dunn, were wrongfully convicted of a unspeakable crime: the execution of Watkins' 4-year-old great-niece, Brandi. Although the adjunct aesculapian examiner had made a captious mistake successful their report, Watkins and Dunn's appeals were each denied. Now, much than 3 decades later, an antithetic concern of prosecutors and defence attorneys has brought astir what the 74-year-old Watkins has agelong prayed for: exoneration. CBS News' Erin Moriarty reports.

WEB EXTRA: Joyce Watkins connected what she mislaid due to the fact that of a wrongful condemnation (YouTube Video)
Watkins talks with analogous Erin Moriarty astir what the acquisition outgo her beyond 34 years of her life.

For much info:

Davidson County District Attorney's Office, NashvilleConviction Review UnitTennessee Innocence Project, NashvilleJoyce Watkins fundraiser (GoFundMe)Quattrone Center, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, Philadelphia

POSTCARD FROM ITALY: Forging traditions – Italian doorbell makers (Video)
In the colony of Agnone, successful Southern Italy's Molise region, is simply a household concern that has been operating since the 1300s. Correspondent Seth Doane visits 1 of the oldest doorbell foundries connected Earth, to spot however Pasquale Marinelli's household crafts and forges bells by hand, arsenic they person for 27 generations.

For much info:

Campane Marinelli, Agnone, Italy

HEADLINES: U.S. arms to Ukraine: Is it enough? | Watch Video
The Biden medication has ratcheted up its enactment to Ukraine, with shipments of weapons, ammunition, assemblage armor, and different instrumentality to support against Russia's onslaught. But is it capable to enactment Ukrainian forces warring for their nation's existence? CBS News nationalist information analogous David Martin talks with starring subject experts who sermon American assistance truthful far, and whether a 21st period Berlin Airlift volition beryllium needed.

For much info:

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Ben Hodges, Center for European Policy AnalysisColonel (Ret.) Richard Hooker, Atlantic CouncilGeneral (Ret.) Philip Breedlove, Middle East Institute

BOOKS: Delia Ephron connected love, cancer, and a 2nd chance | Watch Video
Author and screenwriter Delia Ephron, who is nary alien to romanticist storylines, has lately been surviving 1 – having mislaid her archetypal husband, she joined a antheral she'd archetypal dated fractional a period ago. But their wedding occurred successful the hospital, wherever she was undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia. CBS News' Dr. Jon LaPook talks with Ephron astir her memoir, "Left connected Tenth: A Second Chance astatine Life"; astir a gut-punch of a aesculapian prognosis; and however emotion kept her going.

For much info:

deliaephronwriter.com"Left connected Tenth: A Second Chance astatine Life (A Memoir)" by Delia Ephron (Little, Brown), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and Indiebound  Dr. Gail Roboz, Weill Cornell MedicineThe Campaign to Change Medicine (Weill Cornell Medicine)

ART: The enigma of Frances Hines, and a dumpster afloat of creation treasures | Watch Video
In 2017 a barn cleanout successful Connecticut revealed a treasure trove of artworks, by an obscure creator who'd died the twelvemonth before. Now, experts accidental the dumpster creation could beryllium worthy millions. Correspondent David Pogue delves into the intriguing communicative of however a skateboarding mechanic became a detective successful bid to uncover the individuality of Francis Hines, an expressionist who experimented with wrapping buildings, objects and paintings.

For much info:

Exhibition: "Francis Hines: Unwrapping the Mystery of New York's Wrapper," at Hollis Taggart Gallery, Southport, Conn. (May 5-June 11)francishinesartist.com
Peter Hastings Falk, Chief Curator and Editor, Discoveries successful American Art

PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers immoderate of the notable figures who near america this week, including comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

LAW: Suing implicit clime alteration – Taking fossil substance companies to court | Watch Video
With the disbursal of mitigating the effects of clime alteration becoming much onerous, much than 2 twelve cities, counties and states are suing much than 40 fossil substance companies, accusing them of making mendacious and misleading claims astir clime change. The lawsuits are modeled aft those brought against baccy companies successful the 1990s. Correspondent Ben Tracy looks astatine a caller ineligible question taking connected the fossil substance industry.

READ AN EXCERPT: "The Rule of Five," connected arguing clime alteration earlier the Supreme Court
Harvard Law prof Richard J. Lazarus writes astir the astir important biology cases ever decided by the nation's highest court: restricting greenhouse state emissions from caller cars.

For much info:

"The Rule of Five: Making Climate History astatine the Supreme Court" by Richard J. Lazarus (Harvard University Press), successful Hardcover, Trade Paperback and eBook formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundRichard Lazarus, Harvard Law SchoolMayor John Tecklenburg, Charleston, South CarolinaWilliam Tong, Attorney General of ConnecticutManufacturers' Accountability Project

SUNDAY SHORT: "Sunday Morning" cameraman Efrain Robles, U.S. national (Video)
It happened this past week: our "Sunday Morning" cameraman Efrain Robles became a United States citizen. Jane Pauley reports.    

BROADWAY: Billy Crystal backmost connected signifier arsenic "Mr. Saturday Night" | Watch Video
In 1992 Billy Crystal directed his archetypal movie, "Mr. Saturday Night," astir an abrasive stand-up comic. Back then, Crystal required hours of constitution to play the 73-year-old washed-up comedian Buddy Young, Jr. Now, 30 years later, Crystal has turned the movie into a Broadway philharmonic – and the 74-year-old yet gets to enactment his age. Correspondent Tracy Smith sits down with the still-youthful Crystal. 

For much info:

"Mr. Saturday Night," at the Nederlander Theatre, New York City | Ticket info

RELIGION: Inside the Latter-day Saints' Washington D.C. Temple | Watch Video
For decades the towering marble edifice that is the Washington, D.C. Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has posed a enigma to those extracurricular the faith. Now, aft a large renovation, CBS News' Ed O'Keefe takes a circuit wrong the temple, earlier a nationalist unfastened location that volition invited each to sojourn a gathering dedicated to reverence and contemplation.

WEB EXTRA: The Latter-day Saints' Sealing Room (YouTube Video)
David Bednar, an apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his wife, Susan Bednar, explicate to CBS News' Ed O'Keefe the symbolism of the temple's Sealing Room, wherever rituals are held to marque relationships eternal.

For much info:

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Washington, D.C. TempleD.C. Temple Open House (April 28)"The Washington, D.C. Temple: Divine by Design" by Dale Van Atta, successful Hardcover and Trade paperback formats, disposable via Amazon

COMMENTARY: A Passover prayer: We indispensable usage our state to liberate the oppressed | Watch Video
Steve Leder, elder rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple successful Los Angeles, reminds america of the quality imperative to alleviate suffering astir the world.

For much info:

Rabbi Steve Leder, Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Los Angeles

COMMENTARY: An Easter prayer: The powerfulness of bid to make a much conscionable world | Watch Video
Sharon Kugler, University Chaplain astatine Yale, connected the value of addressing aggression, poverty, ignorance and unit that oppresses and destroys our quality family.

For much info:

Sharon Kugler, University Chaplain, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

HARTMAN: Multilingualist to the max (Video)
Forty-six-year-old Vaughn Smith, of Gaithersburg, Maryland, has a accomplishment astir radical don't cognize astir – and precise fewer tin emulate. Although a carpet cleaner by trade, Smith's existent acquisition is for words - he's learned astir 40 antithetic languages, truthful far. Correspondent Steve Hartman reports.

NATURE: Great horned owl chick (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes america to Titusville, Florida, wherever a large horned owl chick is being cared for by Mom and Dad. Videographer: Doug Jensen.       


THE BOOK REPORT: Reviews of caller titles by Washington Post publication professional Ron Charles | Watch Video
Recommendations from our publication reviewer of caller fabrication and non-fiction titles for the spring.

For much info: 

Ron Charles, The Washington PostSubscribe to the free Washington Post Book World NewsletterRon Charles' Totally Hip Video Book Review

MUSIC: Alicia Keys, Ricky Martin, Queen among additions to National Recording Registry
Music by Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Max Roach, The Four Tops and Wu-Tang Clan, speeches by FDR, and a Marc Maron-Robin Williams podcast are among recordings to beryllium preserved by the Library of Congress. Listen to audio excerpts. 

For much info:

You can nominate recordings for the National Recording Registry hereView the afloat database of titles connected the National Recording Registry

"HERE COMES THE SUN": Sandra Bullock connected her astir cherished role, and pianist Jeremy Denk (Video)
Sandra Bullock's sunny disposition ever seems to radiance done successful her blockbuster movies and contempt past tabloid trouble. She talks astir each of it with analogous Tracy Smith. Then, we perceive from award-winning pianist Jeremy Denk.


Host Jane Pauley. 


HEADLINES: What are the prospects for pursuing Vladimir Putin for warfare crimes? | Watch Video
Investigators person already begun compiling masses of grounds of warfare crimes committed against Ukrainian civilians by Russian forces. CBS News nationalist information analogous David Martin talks with Ambassador Beth Van Schaack, and with Richard Goldstone (chief authoritative for the planetary tribunal that convicted Serbian leaders for taste cleansing successful Bosnia successful the 1990s), astir the pursuit of justice, and whether Russian President Vladimir Putin himself mightiness look indictment and apprehension for warfare crimes.

For much info:

Beth Van Schaack, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice, State DepartmentRichard Goldstone, World Justice ProjectUkrainian authorities portal for submitting claims of warfare crimesInternational Criminal Court - Office of the Prosecutor (Investigating alleged planetary crimes committed successful the Russia-Ukraine conflict)

COVER STORY: Bill Browder connected Putin, the Magnitsky Act, and unmasking Russian wealth laundering | Watch Video
As an aboriginal capitalist successful Russian companies pursuing the breakup of the Soviet Union, financier Bill Browder learned firsthand however Vladimir Putin's authorities operated similar an organized transgression operation. And erstwhile his lawyer Sergei Magnitsky was tortured and died successful a Russian situation for pursuing justness against authorities fraud, Browder went connected a ngo to combat wealth laundering, successful Moscow and astir the globe. Correspondent Seth Doane talks with Browder, writer of "Freezing Order: A True Story of Money Laundering, Murder, and Surviving Vladimir Putin's Wrath."

READ AN EXCERPT: "Freezing Order," connected Putin, wealth laundering and murder

For much info:

"Freezing Order: A True Story of Money Laundering, Murder, and Surviving Vladimir Putin's Wrath" by Bill Browder (Simon & Schuster), successful Hardcover and eBook formats, disposable via Amazon and Indieboundbillbrowder.comGlobal Magnitsky Justice Campaign
Global Magnitsky Act (State Department)Magnitsky Sanctions (Treasury Department)Photos and video of Sergei Magnitsky courtesy of Hermitage and the Sergei Magnitsky Family Archive

FINANCE: "Crypto for dummies": The how, what and wherefore of virtual currency | Watch Video
Bitcoin is conscionable 1 of thousands of integer currencies connected the market, that person proven a boon for speculative investors. But what tin you really usage crypto for? As of now, not much, says analogous David Pogue, who looks into the problems cryptocurrency has to flooded earlier it's acceptable for the mainstream.

For much info:

Custodia BankPayne Capital ManagementBlockchain.comCoinbase.comP.J. Bernstein Deli, New York

LITERATURE: "The crippled is afoot" astatine a NYC Sherlock Holmes exhibit | Watch Video
Not truthful "elementary," the postulation of Sherlock Holmes memorabilia assembled by lifelong Holmes instrumentality Glen Miranker includes uncommon editions, illustrations, and backstage notes and correspondence from Holmes' creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Correspondent Faith Salie visits the exhibition, "Sherlock Holmes successful 221 Objects," astatine New York City's Grolier Club, to deduce the public's timeless fascination with the immortal detective.

For much info:

"Sherlock Holmes successful 221 Objects," an accumulation astatine the Grolier Club, New York City (through April 16, 2022)arthurconandoyle.com (Literary Estate)Baker Street IrregularsBaker Street Wiki

BROADWAY: Barbra Streisand, Beanie Feldstein, and the archetypal "Funny Girl," Fanny Brice | Watch Video
After 58 years, the precise archetypal revival of the philharmonic "Funny Girl," astir famed Ziegfeld Follies comedienne Fanny Brice, is opening connected Broadway, starring "Booksmart" histrion Beanie Feldstein. Correspondent Mo Rocca explores however Barbra Streisand's show successful the archetypal signifier accumulation and 1968 movie made her a superstar; and talks with Feldstein astir Brice's power connected generations of pistillate comic actresses, and wherefore she's been preparing to play Brice her full life. 

For much info:

"Funny Girl" at the August Wilson Theatre, New York City | Ticket infoFollow Beanie Feldstein connected InstagramFanny Brice astatine the Jewish Women's ArchiveBarbara Wallace Grossman, Tufts University"Funny Woman: The Life and Times of Fanny Brice" by Barbara W. Grossman (‎Indiana University Press), successful Trade Paperback format, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundTheodore Chapin, American Theatre WingNew York Public Library for the Performing Arts

PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers immoderate of the notable figures who near america this week, including vocalist and histrion Bobby Rydell ("Bye Bye Birdie").

MUSIC: The Randy Rainbow story: How his satirical songs went viral | Watch Video
His euphony videos lampooning politicians and civilization warriors person made comedian Randy Rainbow (truth: his existent name) a societal media sensation. Correspondent Rita Braver goes down the scenes of Rainbow's viral videos, produced successful his chamber with a formed of 1 (joined by presidents, lawmakers and media figures), that are renowned for their musicality and governmental bite.

For much info:

Randy Rainbow transmission connected YouTuberandyrainbow.com"Playing With Myself" by Randy Rainbow (St. Martin's Press), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable April 19 via Amazon and Indiebound    

TV: Michelle Pfeiffer, Viola Davis and Gillian Anderson connected playing archetypal ladies (Video)
A caller 10-part bid connected Showtime, "The First Lady," explores the backstage lives of immoderate of the astir revered nationalist figures successful American politics. CBS News' Lesley Stahl sits down with Michelle Pfeiffer (who plays Betty Ford), Viola Davis (Michelle Obama), and Gillian Anderson (Eleanor Roosevelt) astir however they approached the roles of women who utilized the often-hidden powerfulness of their positions to alteration the people of history.

To ticker a trailer for "The First Lady" click connected the video subordinate below:

The First Lady (2022) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME by SHOWTIME on YouTube

For much info:

"The First Lady" premieres connected Showtime April 17

HARTMAN: A unsighted resistance racer's singular imaginativeness (Video)
In 2012 resistance racer Dan Parker, of Columbus, Ga., suffered a traumatic encephalon wounded truthful terrible it blinded him. But that didn't halt him from pursuing a satellite record. And his efforts person inspired analogous Steve Hartman's 12-year-old nephew, Ted, who says sometimes his blindness feels insurmountable.

MUSIC: Woody Guthrie and the songs of America | Watch Video
When helium died successful 1967 astatine conscionable 55, Woody Guthrie near down much than 3,000 songs, whose plain words and elemental melodies proceed to archer the communicative of a nation. "Sunday Morning" big Jane Pauley looks backmost astatine the beingness of the people creator who sang of America's destitute and dispossessed, of miners, sharecroppers and mill workers, and of farmers whose ungraded had turned to particulate – successful short, astir Americans' perseverance and possibility. His euphony is present captured successful a New York City grounds astatine the Morgan Library, "Woody Guthrie: People Are the Song."

For much info:

"Woody Guthrie: People Are the Song" at the Morgan Library, New York City (through May 22)woodyguthrie.orgWoody Guthrie Center, Tulsa, Okla.Photo utilized with support from the Woody Guthrie Archive

NATURE: Wood frogs (Extended Nature Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes america among wood frogs spawning successful the Sourland Mountain Preserve adjacent East Amwell, New Jersey. Videographer: Jeff Reisly.  


RECIPE: Cuban-Style Picadillo Empanadas from The Salty Cubana
April 8 is National Empanada Day! Nashville-based cook Rita Martinez offers "Sunday Morning" viewers her instrumentality connected a savory dainty that reminds her of increasing up successful Miami's Little Havana. (With video instructions.)

For much info:

The Salty CubanaFollow The Salty Cubana on Instagram and Facebook

"HERE COMES THE SUN": A candid chat with comedian Amy Poehler, and a edifice with past (Video)
Amy Poehler is ever funny, but Luke Burbank got a spot of her superior side, too. And Martha Teichner goes to a Savannah edifice with a rich, analyzable history. 


Host Jane Pauley. 


COVER STORY: What is Putin's endgame now? | Watch Video
Just implicit 5 weeks into Russia's stalled warfare successful Ukraine, what is wide is that it volition extremity successful a negotiated colony – but to whose advantage? CBS News nationalist information analogous David Martin talks with retired Gen. David Petraeus astir what Vladimir Putin mightiness anticipation to execute aft failing to seizure Kyiv, and what peril Ukraine's subject faces arsenic the Kremlin concentrates its firepower connected the eastbound portion of the country. 

MUSIC: The blurred lines surrounding euphony copyrights | Watch Video
When 2 songs stock a melody, immoderate chords, oregon adjacent conscionable a vibe, tin the songwriter beryllium taken to court? Correspondent David Pogue looks astatine however euphony copyrights person go an progressively disharmonious country of litigation.

For much info:

Richard Busch, King & BallowIlene Farkas, Pryor CashmanDamien Riehl, Fastcase

BOOKS: First sister Valerie Biden Owens | Watch Video
Wherever young Joe Biden went, small sister Valerie was definite to follow. She would yet tally her brother's campaigns for the U.S. Senate and his archetypal 2 bids for the presidency. Valerie Biden Owens talks with CBS News' Norah O'Donnell astir her family's communicative of tragedy, sorrow, resilience, and purpose, and wherefore she believes President Biden is the close idiosyncratic astatine the close clip for the job.

For much info:

"Growing Up Biden" by Valerie Biden Owens (Celadon Books), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and Indiebound | Author circuit infoBiden Institute, University of Delaware

FOOD: Redefining psyche nutrient and the past of American cuisine | Watch Video
Since earlier we were a nation, African Americans person had an extraordinarily important, yet small understood, interaction connected the improvement of American cuisine. Correspondent Maurice DuBois talks with Houston cook Chris Williams, historiographer Jessica B. Harris, and nutrient adept Charla Draper astir Black culinary influencers; and visits a New York City depository grounds connected nutrient history, "African/American: Making the Nation's Table."

For much info:

"African/American: Making the Nation's Table," presented by the Museum of Food and Drink, presented astatine the Africa Center astatine Aliko Dangote Hall, New York (through June 19)The Africa CenterChef Chris Williams, Lucille's, HoustonFood Biz (Charla Draper)Africooks (Jessica B. Harris)Photo of inventor Frederick McKinley Jones courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society Archive

MOVIES: Viva Ann-Margret! | Watch Video
The histrion and vocalist who came to fame singing "Bye Bye Birdie" isn't acceptable to accidental farewell conscionable yet. Ann-Margret, the prima of specified hits arsenic "Viva Las Vegas" and "Carnal Knowledge" (which earned her an Oscar nomination), talks with analogous Tracy Smith astir her transcendent six-decade career, from her puerility successful Sweden wherever she dreamed of being an entertainer, to her presumption arsenic a enactment symbol, to becoming a Hollywood expansive dame. 

GALLERY: Ann-Margret

For much info:

Ann-Margret (Turner Classic Movies)

PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers immoderate of the notable figures who near america this week, including lensman Patrick Demarchelier. 

MUSIC: Pianist Ruth Slenczynska connected her beingness successful euphony (Video)
Hailed arsenic 1 of the top kid prodigies since Mozart, pianist Ruth Slenczynska played her archetypal performance erstwhile she was four. Nearly a period later, Ruth is inactive making music, putting retired a brand-new medium astatine 97 years old, aptly titled "My Life successful Music." She talks with analogous Mo Rocca astir the notes of her life, some precocious and debased – from a hard childhood, to her narration with Rachmaninoff, playing a duet with an American president, and the acquisition property has talented her.

You tin watercourse Ruth Slenczynska's medium "My Life successful Music" by clicking connected the embed beneath (Free Spotify registration required to perceive the tracks successful full):

For much info:

"My Life successful Music" by Ruth Slenczynska (Decca Records)Ruth Slenczynska Collection astatine the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

MUSIC: Jon Batiste connected the healing powerfulness of euphony and love | Watch Video
The aforesaid time the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" bandleader received 11 Grammy nominations – the astir by immoderate creator this twelvemonth – the emotion of his beingness was opening chemotherapy treatments for her 2nd conflict with cancer. Jon Batiste and bestselling writer Suleika Jaouad speech with analogous Jim Axelrod astir however their satellite was turned upside-down, and however they met adversity with an enactment of defiance.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Jon Batiste, Suleika Jaouad denote they were secretly married

READ AN EXCERPT: "Between Two Kingdoms" by Suleika Jaouad

You tin watercourse Jon Batiste's medium "We Are" by clicking connected the embed beneath (Free Spotify registration required to perceive the tracks successful full):

For much info:

jonbatiste.com"We Are" by Jon Batiste (Verve Records)"American Symphony" by Jon Batiste, premiering May 7 astatine Carnegie Hall, New YorkFollow Jon Batiste on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTubesuleikajaouad.com"Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of a Life Interrupted" by Suleika Jaouad (Random House), successful Hardcover, Trade Paperback, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundSuleika Jaouad's "Life, Interrupted" columns successful The New York TimesFollow Suleika Jaouad on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

COMMENTARY: Charles M. Blow connected "The Slap" arsenic a taste Rorschach test | Watch Video
The New York Times columnist examines the myriad takes astir Will Smith's carnal and verbal confrontation against comedian Chris Rock during the Academy Awards broadcast.

For much info:

Charles M. Blow astatine nytimes.comoscars.org (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences)oscars.com (Official tract of Oscar telecast)

MUSIC: Maren Morris connected however she became fearless | Watch Video
Since her accomplishment successful Nashville arsenic an chartless songwriter astir a decennary ago, Maren Morris has go a state euphony star, with specified hits arsenic "My Church," "The Bones," and this year's Grammy-nominated "Chasing After You" and "Better Than We Found It." Morris talks with analogous Anthony Mason astir her caller album, "Humble Quest," and what the past 2 years – from the pandemic to the commencement of her lad to societal media trolls – person taught her astir courageousness and humility.

You tin watercourse Maren Morris' medium "Humble Quest" by clicking connected the embed beneath (Free Spotify registration required to perceive the tracks successful full):

For much info:

Maren Morris | Tour info"Humble Quest" by Maren Morris (Columbia Nashville)Big Yellow Dog Music Publishing

HARTMAN: Reviving an aged emotion opus (Video)
Sixty-two years of wedded bliss astir didn't hap for Mort and Susan Block, of Kennett Square, Pa., but that Mort, a Navy sailor, composed a opus for his love. More than six decades later, Mort's expanse euphony was spotted by his grandson, Matt Block, who gathered immoderate of the champion workplace musicians successful the state to instrumentality that dusty aged emotion opus and marque it sing. Correspondent Steve Hartman reports connected however a emotion opus primitively intended for an assemblage of 1 has present been played connected societal media much than a cardinal times.

NATURE: Dauphin Island (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes america to Dauphin Island disconnected the Gulf seashore of Alabama. Videographer: Scot Miller.     


"HERE COMES THE SUN": A rare, revealing interrogation with Peter Dinklage and a communicative astir trash turned into treasure
Leslie Stahl sits down for a uncommon interrogation with the fiercely backstage prima of "Cyrano." We besides person a sparkling communicative astir oversea glass.  


Host: Jane Pauley


HEADLINES: Volunteers proceed to motion up to support Ukraine (Video)
As Vladimir Putin's forces look mostly stymied successful the look of Ukrainian counterattacks, Ukraine's absorption is being fueled by tens of thousands of volunteers, and by armaments boosted by supplies from NATO countries. Correspondent Holly Williams reports. 

HEADLINES: Another Russian quagmire - The shadiness of Afghanistan | Watch Video
In 1979 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan to instal a puppet regime. Ten years later, the Soviet army's past forces withdrew, defeated by Afghan rebels who'd been equipped by the CIA. CBS News nationalist information analogous David Martin looks astatine however the Kremlin's nonaccomplishment truthful acold successful capturing the Ukrainian superior and installing a puppet authorities has produced a caller quagmire for Russia, exposing weaknesses successful its subject and creating a question people implicit Vladimir Putin's future.

COVER STORY: Breaking done Russia's integer Iron Curtain | Watch Video
Inaugurated during the Cold War, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty pierced the Iron Curtain via shortwave radio, presenting quality broadcasts to countries wherever state of the property was nether assault. Today, its ngo is adjacent much critical, arsenic it counters Kremlin propaganda astir the warfare against Ukraine with uncensored quality for Russian audiences via the Internet. Correspondent Christina Ruffini examines however the enactment is evading a caller procreation of Russian censors.

For much info:

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

ALMANAC: The 1952 premiere of "Singin' successful the Rain" | Watch Video
Seventy years ago, the movie regarded arsenic possibly the top Hollywood philharmonic ever – a Technicolor emotion missive to Hollywood starring Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds – debuted.

For much info:

"Singin' successful the Rain" disposable connected Warner Brothers Blu-ray/DVD via Amazon, oregon streaming on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, HBO Max, Vudu and YouTube

ART: Where depository guards prime the art | Watch Video
Museum guards astir apt walk much clip with creation connected the walls than anyone else, but are seldom asked for adept opinions. At the Baltimore Museum of Art, a caller show, "Guarding the Art," was organized not by the museum's curators, but by its precise ain information staff. Correspondent Kristine Johnson talks with guards who are offering their perspectives connected the museum's collected works. 

For much info:

"Guarding the Art," at the Baltimore Museum of Art (March 27 done July 10)

FINANCE: Meet a Russian oligarch deed by sanctions | Watch Video
Targeted by the U.S. and its allies with sanctions due to the fact that of their ties to the Kremlin, Russian oligarchs person recovered their accounts frozen and assets seized. Correspondent Seth Doane talks with Mikhail Fridman, a Ukrainian-born Russian oligarch present surviving successful London, who cannot usage his ATM paper and resides successful a mansion helium can't sell. Fridman explains wherefore helium believes sanctions are not the reply to punishing Russia's person Vladimir Putin. Doane besides talks with Tom Burgis, writer of "Kleptopia: How Dirty Money Is Conquering the World."

For much info:

"Kleptopia: How Dirty Money Is Conquering the World" by Tom Burgis (HarperCollins), successful Hardcover, Trade Paperback, eBook and Audio Formats, disposable via Amazon and Indiebound

SPORTS: Diving into the statement implicit trans athletes | Watch Video
University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, a transgender woman, has smashed Ivy League records successful the excavation since switching from the men's squad to the women's. Her winning streak has reignited a fierce debate: bash trans women person an unfair biologic vantage successful sports? And are competitory fairness and trans inclusivity mutually exclusive? With 22 states precocious introducing bills that would prohibition trans women and girls from sports, analogous Lee Cowan talks to advocates and experts connected some sides of this contentious issue.  

For much info:

Lucas Draper (guest editorial for Swimming World magazine)Schuyler Bailar (pinkmantaray.com)Schuyler Bailar on InstagramPhotos of Schuyler Bailar by Ray Yeager, and by Sydney Altschuler (Sydney Claire Photography)Nancy Hogshead Makar (Champion Women)Dr. Michael Joyner, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.Joanna Harper, School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University, Loughborough, England

COMMENTARY: Douglas Brinkley connected Madeleine Albright, a "Hammer of Democracy" | Watch Video
The historiographer remembers the trailblazing Secretary of State and U.N. Ambassador, who promoted NATO enlargement portion antagonizing despots astir the world.

For much info:


FROM THE ARCHIVES: Madeleine Albright's pins (Video)
Former Secretary of State and Ambassador to the United Nations Madeleine Albright died connected Wed., March 23, 2022, astatine the property of 84. In this "Sunday Morning" communicative that aired September 27, 2009, CBS News' Katie Couric talked with Albright astir however her decorative brooches became a portion of her diplomatic arsenal (sparked by a remark from Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein). They besides sojourn an grounds featuring much than 200 of Albright's pins astatine the Museum of Arts and Design successful New York City.

MOVIES: Buster Keaton, the "Great Stone Face" | Watch Video
He was a vaudeville performer from the property of four, a silent-film prima successful his 20s, and the writer and manager of immoderate of the top drama films ever made. Yet Buster Keaton ne'er rather achieved the fame of Charlie Chaplin, and, astatine the highest of his occurrence arsenic an autarkic filmmaker, helium signed a workplace woody that helium would telephone "the worst mistake of my life." Correspondent David Pogue talks with biographer Dana Stevens, and with comic histrion Bill Irwin, astir Keaton's creator ingenuity, his physicality, and his innovations that animate filmmakers to this day.

For much info:

Bill IrwinDana Stevens, Slate"Camera Man: Buster Keaton, the Dawn of Cinema, and the Invention of the Twentieth Century" by Dana Stevens (‎Atria Books), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio Formats, disposable via Amazon and Indiebound"Buster Keaton: A Filmmaker's Life" by James Curtis (Knopf), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio Formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundKeaton TalmadgeKaufman Astoria Studios"Buster Keaton: Cut to the Chase" by Marion Meade (Da Capo Press), successful Trade Paperback and eBook formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundThe International Buster Keaton SocietyBuster Keaton (Turner Classic Movies)

MOVIES: "The Godfather" astatine 50: The making of a classic | Watch Video
When "The Godfather" opened successful March 1972, manager Francis Ford Coppola's play astir a mob household everlastingly changed however we look astatine gangster films. Correspondent Tracy Smith talks with Coppola, and with stars Robert Duvall, James Caan and Talia Shire, astir the making of a classical that movie lovers could not refuse.

GALLERY: "The Godfather": The 50th anniversary
CBSNews.com's David Morgan looks astatine the making of a timeless landmark of American film. 

For much info:

"The Godfather" 50th Trilogy available connected 4K UHD, Blu-Ray and Digital (Official website)The Godfather Wiki"The Godfather Notebook" (Regan Arts), successful Hardcover and eBook formats, disposable via Amazon and Indiebound"The Godfather Family Album" by Steve Schapiro, edited by Paul Duncan (Taschen)"Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli: The Epic Story of the Making of 'The Godfather'" by Mark Seal (Simon & Schuster)"The Annotated Godfather Screenplay" by Jenny M. Jones (Black Dog & Leventhal)  

COMMENTARY: Advice to parents of young kids: It lone gets worse | Watch Video
After years of standup successful which he's complained astir his 5 young children, comedian Jim Gaffigan has discovered thing genuinely terrifying: being the begetter of 5 older children.

For much info:

jimgaffigan.comFollow @JimGaffigan on Twitter

GEOLOGY: Gems: Beauty acceptable successful chromatic (Video)
They took millions, adjacent billions of years to form, but gemstones tin seizure our awe successful a flash. Correspondent Faith Salie visits the recently-reopened Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals astatine the American Museum of Natural History successful New York, wherever visitors tin oculus these beauteous superstars of geologic history. 

For much info:

Allison and Roberto Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals, American Museum of Natural History, New York City

OSCARS 2022: David Edelstein asks, "Why does this happening inactive exist?" | Watch Video
Everyone, it seems, is aggravated astatine the Academy Awards, and for galore reasons; our movie professional offers his predictions for this year's award-winners, and for what helium believes mightiness beryllium the astir freakishly riveting Oscar ceremonial yet.


NATURE: Elk successful North Carolina (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes america among the elk and turkeys astatine the Great Smoky Mountains National Park successful North Carolina. Videographer: Scot Miller.

For much info: 

Great Smoky Mountains National ParkWEB EXCLUSIVES: 

OSCARS 2022: Listen to the 5 champion opus nominees
Hear the 5 songs up for this year's Academy Award, including performances by Billie Eilish, Beyoncé, and Van Morrison.

"HERE COMES THE SUN": Ryan Reynolds and artist-teacher Shirley Woodson (Video)
Actor Ryan Reynolds is inactive uncovering himself successful a way, some successful beingness and successful his latest film. We besides person a communicative connected creator Shirley Woodson, who's celebrating a one-woman amusement successful her hometown of Detroit that's been a agelong clip coming. 


Guest host: Mo Rocca.


HEADLINES: Russian missiles onslaught Ukraine subject barracks, dozens feared dormant (Video)
Rescuers successful the confederate metropolis of Mykolaiv raced to prevention survivors aft 3 Russian missiles deed a barracks wherever astir 200 Ukrainian soldiers slept. Dozens are feared dead. Meanwhile, Ukrainians are praying for a occurrence successful Mariupol, the besieged confederate larboard city, wherever drone footage reveals bonzer demolition and sheer nonaccomplishment of quality beingness owed to Russian bombardment. Correspondent Charlie D'Agata reports the latest from the war's frontlines. 

HEADLINES: Why Russia's vessel warfare stalled successful Ukraine | Watch Video
As the Russian penetration enters its 4th week, Ukrainian absorption has truthful acold foiled Vladimir Putin's program to instrumentality the superior of Kyiv with a lightning onslaught utilizing his vaunted vessel army. CBS News nationalist information analogous David Martin talks with Gen. Frank McKenzie, commandant of CENTCOM, astir wherefore Russia's tanks person failed – and what it means for Ukraine going forward.

For much info:

General Kenneth Frank McKenzie, Jr., Commander, U.S. Central CommandComplete CBS News coverage: Ukraine successful turmoil

COVER STORY: The plight of Ukrainians fleeing Putin's war | Watch Video
Three cardinal radical person near Ukraine since the commencement of the Russian invasion, creating a exile situation that the satellite is scrambling to address. Correspondent Lee Cowan looks astatine what Ukraine's refugees are facing beyond their country's borders, and however the existent concern compares to past exile movements.

Want to assistance radical successful Ukraine? Here are ways to donate (CBS Moneywatch)

GALLERY: The plight of Ukrainians fleeing Putin's war
Three cardinal radical person near Ukraine since the commencement of the Russian invasion, creating a exile situation that the satellite is scrambling to address.

For much info:

International Rescue CommitteeFollow the International Rescue Committee on Twitter and InstagramFollow IRC president & CEP David Miliband on TwitterUnited Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)HIASPhotographer David Turnley

MONEY: What makes state prices spell up and down? (Video)
Last week U.S. state prices deed a grounds high, which adds to the outgo of conscionable astir everything we buy. But is the Russian penetration of Ukraine – and the U.S. prohibition connected Russian lipid – to blame? Not entirely, analogous David Pogue learns, arsenic helium checks with experts, including a state presumption manager, astir what accounts for terms volatility astatine the state pump.

For much info:

Jason Bordoff, director, Center connected Global Energy Policy, Columbia UniversityGas Buddy app

BROADWAY: "Putting It Together": An ode to the creation of making art | Watch Video
Director James Lapine's New York Times bestselling publication chronicles the instauration of the classical Stephen Sondheim musical, "Sunday successful the Park with George." Correspondent Mo Rocca talks with Lapine, the show's manager and publication writer, and with archetypal stars Mandy Patinkin and Bernadette Peters, to link the dots of however this philharmonic exploration of an Impressionist coating broke caller crushed for a Broadway musical.

For much info:

"Putting It Together: How Stephen Sondheim and I Created 'Sunday successful the Park with George'" by James Lapine (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and Indiebound"Sunday successful the Park with George" (Music Theatre International)Follow Bernadette Peters on Twitter, Instagram and FacebookFollow Mandy Patinkin on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

WASHINGTON: Who is Ketanji Brown Jackson? | Watch Video
The highly-esteemed Circuit Court of Appeals judge, nominated by President Biden for the Supreme Court, stands conscionable 5 feet 1 inch tall, and is poised to sound down 1 much barrier. "48 Hours" analogous Erin Moriarty talks with longtime friends of Ketanji Brown Jackson, who explicate wherefore they judge Jackson's information (if confirmed, she would beryllium the archetypal Black pistillate to service connected the nation's highest court) is simply a testament to her brilliance and passionateness for the law.

For much info:

Ketanji Brown Jackson, District of Columbia Circuit, U.S. Court of AppealsAntoinette Coakley, professor, Northeastern University School of LawLisa Fairfax, professor, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law SchoolNina Simmons, Washton & GittoStephen Rosenthal, Podhurst OrseckSupreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson (whitehouse.gov)Harvard Library

PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers immoderate of the notable figures who near america this week, including histrion William Hurt, an Oscar-winner for "Kiss of the Spider Woman." 

HARTMAN: Stroke unfortunate regains the powerfulness of giving hugs (Video)
After a monolithic changeable 8 years ago, Kevin Eubanks, of Paragould, Ark., mislaid the quality to usage his near limb – and helium has missed hugging with some arms ever since. Now, 4 occupational therapy students astatine Arkansas State University person gotten unneurotic to invent a portion of adaptive instrumentality to let Eubanks to hug his grandchildren again. Correspondent Steve Hartman reports.

For much info:

HugAgain (Facebook)

HEALTH: The pandemic's intelligence wellness fallout | Watch Video
Unresolved grief is conscionable 1 facet of however COVID-19 has created wide intelligence wellness suffering – a 2nd pandemic, arsenic it were. Particularly affected are children: More than 140,000 of them person mislaid a genitor oregon a caregiver. Correspondent Susan Spencer looks astatine immoderate of the intelligence scars from COVID, and what steps are being taken to code them.

For much info:

The Children's VillageArthur Evans, Jr., Ph.D., CEO and enforcement vice president, American Psychological AssociationTony Thurmond, authorities superintendent of nationalist instruction, California Department of EducationSTEAM Symposium

MOVIES: Why Sandra Bullock is taking a intermission from movies | Watch Video
The Oscar-winning histrion has starred successful much than 4 twelve movies, but she says her latest, the comic escapade "The Lost City," volition beryllium her past for a while. Sandra Bullock talks with analogous Tracy Smith astir her movie, her Austin café, and wherefore she's stepping distant from successful beforehand of the camera.

To ticker a trailer for "The Lost City," click connected the video subordinate below:

The Lost City | Official Trailer (2022 Movie) – Paramount Pictures by Paramount Pictures on YouTube

For much info:

"The Lost City" opens successful theaters March 25Walton's Fancy and Staple, Austin

COMMENTARY: Mo Rocca connected 1 of the joys of outpouring (Video)
With the caller play upon us, the "Sunday Morning" analogous reflects connected a puerility acquisition astir nurturing.

MUSIC: Pianist Jeremy Denk connected the rigors of practice | Watch Video
CBS News analogous John Dickerson sits down with the acclaimed classical pianist Jeremy Denk, recipient of a alleged MacArthur "genius" grant, to speech astir Denk's caller book, "Every Good Boy Does Fine," successful which the performer professes emotion for what galore euphony students really hate: practice. 

READ AN EXCERPT: "Every Good Boy Does Fine" by Jeremy Denk

For much info:

"Every Good Boy Does Fine: A Love Story, successful Music Lessons" by Jeremy Denk (Random House), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and Indieboundjeremydenk.comBing Concert Hall, Stamford, Calif.Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University BloomingtonIndiana University ArchivesOberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, OhioThanks to the household of lensman Louis Ouzer, and the Sibley Music Collection, Eastman School of Music, University of RochesterNew Mexico State University Library Archives & Special Collections"At Home with Music" video footage courtesy of Joshua Bell, Inc., Park Avenue Artists, and Dramatic Forces

NATURE: Sandhill cranes successful Nebraska (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes america to the Audubon Center astatine Rowe Sanctuary successful Nebraska, wherever sandhill cranes are connected a interruption from their agelong travel north. Videographer: Kevin Kjergaard.

For much info:

Iain Nicolson Audubon Center astatine Rowe Sanctuary, Gibbon, Neb.WEB EXCLUSIVES: 

GALLERY: "The Godfather: - The 50th anniversary
A timeless landmark of American film, Francis Ford Coppola's explosive play of a mob family, which premiered successful March 1972, was an connection nary moviegoer could refuse. CBSNews.com's David Morgan looks astatine the making of the classical film, and astatine its legacy.  

For much info:

"The Godfather" 50th Trilogy available connected 4K UHD, Blu-Ray and Digital March 22 (Official website)The Godfather Wiki"The Godfather Family Album" by Steve Schapiro, edited by Paul Duncan (Taschen)"Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli: The Epic Story of the Making of 'The Godfather'" by Mark Seal (Simon & Schuster)"The Annotated Godfather Screenplay" by Jenny M. Jones (Black Dog & Leventhal)  

"HERE COMES THE SUN": Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and Joseph Yoakum
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick person waited patiently to decorativeness a play they started moving connected 2 years ago. We besides person a communicative connected the often unheralded creator Joseph Yoakum, whose backstory is arsenic colorful arsenic his work. 

Here Comes The Sun: Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and Joseph Yoakum 22:12 RECAP: MARCH 13

Host: Jane Pauley


HEADLINES: Russia expands its brutal onslaught connected Ukraine (Video)
As the warfare enters its 3rd week, Russia's indiscriminate shelling of cities is leaving a way of death, demolition and despair, arsenic its forces proceed towards the superior Kyiv. But Ukrainian forces proceed to equine a fierce resistance. Correspondent Charlie D'Agata reports. 

COVER STORY: What Russians tin spot of their warfare against Ukraine | Watch Video
With the clampdown connected autarkic quality and societal media wrong Russia, Vladimir Putin is restricting what Russian citizens cognize astir the penetration of Ukraine. Correspondent Lee Cowan reports connected the propaganda and misinformation that is coating a mendacious representation of the warfare being waged by the Kremlin.

For much info:

Nick Cull, USC Annenberg School for Communication and JournalismJulia Ioffe, Puck

HEADLINES: Protesters successful Russia hazard apprehension to talk retired against war | Watch Video
Since Vladimir Putin ordered the penetration of Ukraine, much than 13,000 Russians protesting successful the streets person been arrested. Correspondent David Pogue talks with a young pistillate detained for demonstrating against the war; and with a erstwhile Parliament Member, forced to permission the country, who describes Putin's efforts to eradicate dissent.

FOOD: Hamantaschen, a cooky bursting with history | Watch Video
Hamantaschen, a triangular-shaped cooky served during the Jewish vacation of Purim, celebrates the tone of resilience. Correspondent Faith Salie bites into the past of this treat, and of however it came to beryllium associated with the Biblical communicative of Esther – and a notorious villain.

RECIPE: Apple Hamantaschen from Breads Bakery

For much info:

Breads Bakery, New York Citystephaniebutnick.com"Unorthodox" podcast (Tablet Magazine)

TV: Amy Poehler connected the hard enactment of comedy | Watch Video
Ever since she was a kid increasing up successful Burlington, Mass., Amy Poehler knew she liked making radical laugh. And she's go precise bully astatine it – arsenic a subordinate of the Second City improv troupe, a formed subordinate of "Saturday Night Live," and the prima of "Parks & Recreation." The histrion and shaper talked with analogous Luke Burbank astir her drama career, including her latest project: directing the documentary "Lucy and Desi."

To ticker a trailer for the documentary "Lucy and Desi," click connected the video subordinate below:

Lucy and Desi - Official Trailer | Prime Video by Prime Video on YouTube

For much info:

"Lucy and Desi" now disposable connected Amazon Prime

BOOKS: Harvey Fierstein connected "I Was Better Last Night" | Watch Video
Tony Award-winning histrion and playwright Harvey Fierstein recounts his beingness arsenic a performer successful his caller memoir, "I Was Better Last Night." He talks with analogous Rita Braver astir coming retired arsenic cheery arsenic a teen; his roles successful the Broadway shows "Torch Song Trilogy," "La Cage aux Folles," "Hairspray" and "Fiddler connected the Roof"; and overcoming a superior drinking problem.

READ AN EXCERPT: "I Was Better Last Night" by Harvey Fierstein
In his caller memoir the Tony-winning histrion and playwright recalls his movie roles successful "Mrs. Doubtfire" other Robin Williams, and "Death to Smoochy" with Edward Norton and Jon Stewart.

For much info:

"I Was Better Last Night: A Memoir" by Harvey Fierstein (Knopf), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and Indiebound | Media and Live Eventsharveyfierstein.comFollow Harvey Fierstein on Twitter and InstagramRidgefield Library, Ridgefield, Conn.Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield, Conn.Southwest Cafe, Ridgefield, Conn.

PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers immoderate of the notable figures who near america this week, including "Sesame Street" histrion Emilio Delgado.     

MUSIC: Keith Richards connected the Rolling Stones and a solo reunion | Watch Video
The guitarist of The Rolling Stones, and frontman of Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos, talks with analogous Anthony Mason astir his solo career; penning caller euphony with Mick Jagger; the passing of the Stones' drummer Charlie Watts; and however helium kicked his astir persistent addiction.

WEB EXTRA: Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos execute "999" (Video)

Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos execute "999" 05:16

To perceive Keith Richards execute "Demon," from the remastered "Main Offender," click connected the subordinate below: 

For much info:

Keith Richards (Official site)The Rolling Stones (Official site)"Main Offender" by Keith Richards (30th Anniversary Box Set)Love Rocks NYC

HARTMAN: Pep talk: Children's telephone hotline goes viral (Video)
In request of immoderate encouragement? Students astatine West Side Union Grade School, successful Healdsburg, Calif., are providing conscionable that successful recorded messages connected a escaped telephone hotline, Peptoc. The creation project, the brainchild of teachers Asherah Weiss and Jessica Martin, has gone viral, getting up to 9,000 calls per hour. Correspondent Steve Hartman talked with the teachers, and with immoderate of the students whose unscripted, motivational gems are being shared. 

For much info:

Peptoc Hotline: (707) 998-8410

MOVIES: Will Smith connected gathering a legacy | Watch Video
Global superstar Will Smith, nominated for an Oscar for his show successful "King Richard," sits down with "CBS Mornings" co-host Gayle King to speech astir his inspiring life's travel – from his analyzable narration with a disciplinarian father, to his aboriginal years arsenic a rapper and TV prima successful "Fresh Prince of Bel Air," to becoming a big-screen container bureau champion.

For much info:

"King Richard" now playing successful theatres and disposable On Demand"Will" by Will Smith with Mark Manson (Penguin), successful Hardcover, Large Print Trade Paperback, Spanish Trade Paperback, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundFollow Will Smith on Twitter and Instagram

HISTORY: Explorer Ernest Shackleton's vessel recovered (Video)
Last week archeologists discovered the wreck of Endurance, the vas from Ernest Shackleton's fabled Antarctic expedition of implicit a period ago, astir 2 miles beneath the aboveground of the icy Weddell Sea. Jane Pauley reports.

EDUCATION: Taking the masks off: Schools look beyond COVID (Video)
Pandemic protocols and distant learning person taken their toll connected teachers, students and parents. As masks commencement coming disconnected successful classrooms crossed the country, analogous Martha Teichner looks astatine whether schools tin genuinely get backmost to mean – and however to measurement collateral harm from the conflict to amended kids during COVID.

For much info:

Park Manor Elementary School, ChicagoAmerican Federation of TeachersThanks to WBUR

NATURE: Yosemite National Park (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes america for a locomotion connected the chaotic side, astatine California's Yosemite National Park. Videographer: Lance Millbrand. 


THE BOOK REPORT: New fabrication and non-fiction titles | Watch Video
Washington Post publication professional Ron Charles offers his picks of caller fabrication and non-fiction titles for the spring, including the latest caller from Anne Tyler.

BOOK EXCERPT: "French Braid" by Anne Tyler

BOOK EXCERPT: "Booth" by Karen Joy Fowler

BOOK EXCERPT: "Mercy Street" by Jennifer Haigh

BOOK EXCERPT: "The Impossible City" by Karen Cheung      

"HERE COMES THE SUN": Fran Lebowitz and Ritchie Torres


Host: Jane Pauley


HEADLINES: As Russia expands offensive, Ukrainians garbage to bow down (Video)
Russia has unleashed punishing artillery and aerial strikes crossed aggregate cities successful Ukraine, turning residential neighborhoods into ruins. The indiscriminate shelling and soaring civilian decease toll has drawn planetary condemnation, but Russian forces proceed to carnivore down connected Kyiv. CBS News analogous Charlie D'Agata reports from the besieged capital. 

COVER STORY: How acold volition Putin spell – and however acold volition America spell to halt him? | Watch Video
No 1 tin perchance cognize for definite what Russia's person Vladimir Putin – who has launched a full-scale penetration of neighboring Ukraine – whitethorn bash next. But however mightiness Americans beryllium forced to sacrifice successful hopes of redeeming Ukraine's fragile young democracy? And volition Putin's weapons of warfare (cyber oregon nuclear) people the U.S. and the West? "Sunday Morning" elder contributor Ted Koppel talks with Russia experts Fiona Hill and Nina Khrushcheva (great-granddaughter of Nikita Khrushchev), retired Gen. Keith Alexander, and erstwhile Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

For much info:

Nina Khrushcheva, prof of planetary affairs, the New SchoolGeneral (Ret) Keith Alexander, National Security Institute, George Mason UniversityFiona Hill, elder fellow, Center connected the United States and Europe, Brookings Institution"There Is Nothing for You Here: Finding Opportunity successful the Twenty-First Century" by Fiona Hill (HarperCollins), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundLeon Panetta, Center for Strategic & International Studies

CORONAVIRUS: Lessons from the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic | Watch Video
The Spanish influenza pandemic, which killed 675,000 Americans a period ago, is often referred to arsenic the "forgotten flu." Also forgotten: the lessons it mightiness person taught america for however to woody with the COVID-19 pandemic. Correspondent Martha Teichner looks astatine the cost, successful lives, of ignoring history. 

For much info:

John Barry, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Tulane University"The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic successful History" by John M. Barry (Penguin), successful Trade Paperback, Large Print, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundMartha Lincoln, Department of Anthropology, San Francisco State UniversityThe Wayside Restaurant, Bakery & Creamery, Montpelier, Vt.Rock of Ages, East Barre, Vt.Marked by COVID

TECHNOLOGY: The societal media warfare betwixt Ukraine and Russia (Video)
Russia was expected to beryllium a maestro of online propaganda and cyber-warfare. But successful their warfare against Ukraine, scrappy Ukrainians are moving rings astir their vastly larger opponent, utilizing societal media platforms to humiliate the invaders, pass the populace, and triumph enactment from the remainder of the world. Correspondent David Pogue reports.

For much info:

Follow Inna Sovsun on Twitter, Instagram and FacebookTwitter: Ukrainian President ZelenskyTwitter: Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

MOVIES: Samuel L. Jackson loves his job | Watch Video
Actor Samuel L. Jackson, nominated for an Academy Award for his show successful Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction," volition person an honorary Oscar aboriginal this period for a stellar vocation that includes much than 150 films. He talks with "Sunday Morning" contributor Kelefa Sanneh astir his emotion of popcorn movies, the concern of Hollywood, and his caller TV miniseries, "The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey," based connected the publication by Walter Mosley.

To ticker a trailer for "The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey" click connected the video subordinate below:

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ by Apple TV on YouTube

For much info:

"The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey" debuts nary Apple+ TV connected March 11Follow Samuel L. Jackson on Twitter and Instagramwaltermosley.com

PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers immoderate of the notable figures who near america this week, including TV manner writer Elsa Klensch.       

ARTS: Sea glass: How trash becomes a treasure (Video)
What was erstwhile garbage – bits of glass, specified arsenic soda bottles, that person washed up connected beaches – has been transformed by quality into oversea glass, a precious point that is often transformed erstwhile again by humans into jewelry and decorative art. Correspondent Conor Knighton reports.

For much info:

International Sea Glass Museum, Fort Bragg, Calif.Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, Calif.Saltwater Jewellery Designs, St. Georges, Bermuda (Kelli Thompson)Matt's Crazy Art (YouTube)Eastern Shore Sea Glass & Coastal Arts Festival, St. Michaels, Md.Eastern Shore Sea Glass & Coastal Arts Festival (Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum)

BOOKS: Dolly Parton and James Patterson connected "Run, Rose, Run" | Watch Video
Two of the biggest names successful their respective fields not lone stock a cause, but a byline. Singer-songwriter Dolly Parton and bestselling writer James Patterson speech with analogous Lee Cowan astir the caller they person co-written, "Run Rose Run"; however it corresponds to their advocacy for literacy; and however their creator collaboration sparked a blooming friendship.

READ AN EXCERPT: Dolly Parton & James Patterson's "Run, Rose, Run"

For much info:

"Run, Rose, Run" by Dolly Parton and James Patterson (Little, Brown), successful Hardcover and eBook formats, disposable March 7 via Amazon and Indiebound; besides disposable in Audio format, work by Dolly Parton, Kelsea Ballerini, James Fouhey, Kevin T. Collins, Peter Ganim, Luis Moreno, Soneela Nankani, Ronald Peet, Robert Petkoff, Ella Turenne and Emily Woo ZellerAlbum: "Run, Rose, Run" by Dolly Parton (Butterfly), disposable March 4 via Amazondollyparton.comDolly Parton's Imagination Libraryjamespatterson.comThe Bluebird Café, Nashville

WAR: Ukraine vs. Russia: A modern-day David vs. Goliath story | Watch Video
Correspondent Mo Rocca looks into the Biblical communicative of David and Goliath, and talks with Rabbi Steve Leder astir however it is evoked successful Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's defiant basal against Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose subject is attempting to crush his neighboring country.

For much info:

Rabbi Steve Leder, Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Los Angeles

SCIENCE: Inside the labs of Pfizer | Watch Video
Correspondent Alina Cho talks with Dr. Albert Bourla, the president and CEO of Pfizer, astir the improvement of his company's coronavirus vaccine, an effort helium writes astir successful the publication "Moonshot: Inside Pfizer's Nine-Month Race to Make the Impossible Possible." They besides sermon his feelings astir COVID misinformation and vaccine hesitancy.

For much info:

"Moonshot: Inside Pfizer's Nine-Month Race to Make the Impossible Possible" by Dr. Albert Bourla (Harper Business), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable March 8 via Amazon and IndieboundPfizer

COMMENTARY: John Dickerson connected Zelensky's leadership, and of making courageousness contagious | Watch Video
The Ukrainian president's defiance against the invading Russian service has done much than conscionable assistance support his country; it has helped bolster the spot of different democracies overmuch older than Ukraine's.       

NATURE: Otters successful Maine (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" visits otters connected the hunt for food astatine a pond successful Portland, Maine. Videographer: Mauricio Handler.      


SUN SPOTS: Patsy Cline's "Dream Home" | Watch YouTube Video
The legendary state euphony superstar's location extracurricular Nashville, precocious connected the market, has been restored to its mid-century look. "Sunday Morning" integer shaper Roman Feeser took a tour.

Chevy Chase and a world-famous candy store
Chevy Chase's deadpan transportation turned him into a Hollywood heavyweight. But he's nary alien to conflict, successful some his idiosyncratic and nonrecreational life. We besides instrumentality you wrong a New York City candy store that dazzles the eyes and the sensation buds.  


Guest host: Lee Cowan


HEADLINES: Ukrainians agreed successful their resoluteness to halt Putin's warfare instrumentality (Video)
Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, is present a warfare zone, but the Ukrainians' absorption is determined – and whitethorn person taken Moscow by surprise. Ukraine claims it's killed oregon injured much than 3,000 Russian troops and captured astir 200, though the numbers are unconfirmed. Correspondent Holly Williams offers a front-lines report.

HEADLINES: Defending against "a dictator connected the prowl" (Video)
As Europe faces the astir brutal struggle connected the continent since World War II, it's wide the interaction from Russian President Vladimir Putin's warfare volition not beryllium contained wrong Ukraine's borders. CBS News' Margaret Brennan talks with the erstwhile U.S. envoy to Ukraine, Ambassador Kurt Volker, astir the spot of the Western alliance, and the limits of diplomacy.

HEADLINES: The past of Russia's subjugation of Ukraine | Watch Video
Three decades aft gaining its independency from the Soviet Union, Ukraine is again warring for its state aft Russia's President Vladimir Putin ordered a full-scale penetration of its neighboring country. Pulitzer Prize-winning historiographer Anne Applebaum talks with analogous Mo Rocca astir the agelong past of oppression of the Ukrainian radical by Czarist and Soviet forces (including the "Holodomor" famine perpetrated by Stalin), and present by the subject of Putin.

For much info:

anneapplebaum.com"Red Famine: Stalin's War connected Ukraine" by Anne Applebaum (Anchor), successful Trade Paperback, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundPhotos: Alexander Wienerberger (© Samara Pearce)Ukraine (Official authorities website)

HEADLINES: Inside the caput of Vladimir Putin (Video)
Russia's full-scale onslaught connected Ukraine this past week again demonstrated President Vladimir Putin's hunger for power, and his willingness to crush those helium sees arsenic a idiosyncratic threat. Lee Cowan talks with Brookings Institution elder chap Angela Stent, and with New Yorker exertion David Remnick, astir the autocratic leader's disdain for planetary law, and the isolation that is making him adjacent much dangerous.

For much info:

Angela Stent, Brookings Institution"Putin's World: Russia Against the West and with the Rest" by Angela Stent (Twelve), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundDavid Remnick, The New Yorker"Lenin's Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire" by David Remnick (Vintage), successful Trade paperback, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and Indiebound

LIFE: Savannah edifice serves up communal crushed connected race | Watch Video
Built successful what was erstwhile a segregated autobus terminal successful Savannah, Ga., The Grey is simply a destination edifice that defies preconceived notions astir Southern cooking. It besides offers its partners, restaurateur and entrepreneur Johno Morisano and James Beard Award-winning cook Mashama Bailey, a mounting for conversations astir race, which grew into a book: "Black, White, and The Grey: The Story of an Unexpected Friendship and a Beloved Restaurant." They sat down with analogous Martha Teichner to sermon their softly provocative endeavors.

RECIPE: Mashama Bailey's Chicken Country Captain
The James Beard Award-winning cook from The Grey, successful Savannah, Ga., offers "Sunday Morning" viewers her slowly-braised curried chickenhearted successful a affluent broth.

For much info:

The Grey, Savannah, Ga."Black, White, and The Grey: The Story of an Unexpected Friendship and a Beloved Restaurant" by Mashama Bailey and John O. Morisano (Lorena Jones Books), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundFollow Mashama Bailey connected InstagramFollow Johno Morisano connected Instagram

INTELLIGENCE: The beingness of a CIA shadiness warrior | Watch Video
Ric Prado spent 24 years with the Central Intelligence Agency moving undercover with anti-communist rebels successful Central America, and successful operations against communist insurgencies successful Peru and the Philippines, earlier tracking a rising financier of coercion named Osama bin Laden. The retired cause talks astir his caller book, "Black Ops: The Life of a CIA Shadow Warrior," with CBS News nationalist information analogous David Martin.

BOOK EXCERPT: "Black Ops: The Life of a CIA Shadow Warrior"

For much info:

"Black Ops: The Life of a CIA Shadow Warrior" by Ric Prado (St. Martin's Press), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable March 1 via Amazon and Indieboundricprado.com

PASSAGE: Remembering Dr. Paul Farmer (Video)
Lee Cowan looks backmost astatine the beingness of planetary wellness attraction advocator Dr. Paul Farmer, who dedicated his beingness to improving wellness attraction for impoverished peoples the satellite over.

CARNIVAL: King cakes, a treasured sensation of Mardi Gras | Watch Video
In New Orleans a longstanding contented of Carnival is the king cake, a multi-colored saccharine treat. Correspondent Kris Van Cleave talks with Matt Haines, writer of "The Big Book of King Cake," and with immoderate of the bakers who assistance fulfill New Orleanians' Mardi Gras craving.

RECIPE: Mardi Gras King Cake
This look for a saccharine Carnival contented is courtesy of the New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute.

WEB EXTRA: King cakes, and the root of the integrative babe (YouTube Video)
New Orleans writer Matt Haines, writer of "The Big Book of King Cake," talks with analogous Kris Van Cleave astir the past of a Mardi Gras tradition, the king cake, and astir a accepted dainty hidden wrong – a dainty you don't really eat.  

For much info:

"The Big Book of King Cake" by Matt Haines, photography by Randy Krause Schmidt (Susan Schadt Press), successful Hardcover, disposable via Amazon and Indieboundmatthaineswrites.comCaywood & Randazzo's Bakery, Chalmette, La.Dong Phuong Bakery, New OrleansLa Vie en Rose Café, New OrleansBywater Bakery, New OrleansNew Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute (NOCHI)

MOVIES: Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy connected clip question and "The Adam Project" | Watch Video
Ryan Reynolds, the prima of "Deadpool" and "Free Guy," and "Stranger Things" manager Shawn Levy, person teamed up connected a caller time-travel film, "The Adam Project," astir a combatant aviator from the aboriginal who meets his 12-year-old self. Reynolds and Levy speech with analogous Tracy Smith astir friendship, anxiety, and the celebrated communal person who helped bring them together.

To ticker a trailer for "The Adam Project" click connected the video subordinate below:

The Adam Project | Official Teaser | Netflix by Netflix on YouTube

For much info:

"The Adam Project" debuts connected Netflix March 11Follow Ryan Reynolds on Instagram and TwitterFollow Shawn Levy on Instagram and Twitter

HARTMAN: A acquisition that puts assemblage dreams wrong scope (Video)
Correspondent Steve Hartman meets immoderate Chicago precocious schoolhouse students whose hopes for a assemblage acquisition acold transcend their abilities to wage for it. Enter businessman Pete Kadens and erstwhile Chicago Public Schools CEO Janice Jackson, whose initiative, Hope Chicago, aims to redress inequities successful a young person's entree to higher education.

For much info:

Hope Chicago

ART: Artist Shirley Woodson: Life captured successful bold strokes | Watch Video
There's a batch going connected successful Shirley Woodson's vivid paintings. And astatine 85, this creator and erstwhile schoolteacher is being celebrated with her archetypal one-woman amusement astatine the Detroit Institute of Arts. Correspondent Rita Braver reports.

For much info:

"Shirley Woodson: Shield of the Nile Reflections," at the Detroit Institute of Arts (through June 12)

OPINION: Russia's penetration of Ukraine is simply a trial for America | Watch Video
CBS News analogous John Dickerson says lasting up to Putin's lawless usurpation of different country's sovereignty – an onslaught connected the values of self-determination and state – is simply a trial of American ideals and morals. 

NATURE: Seals successful Massachusetts (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" leaves you contiguous with seals sunning astatine the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge successful Newburyport, Massachusetts (with immoderate snowy owls looking on). Videographer: Michael Clark.

For much info:

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, Newburyport, Mass.


"HERE COMES THE SUN": Actress Christine Baranski and a look wrong the homes of Architectural Digest (Video)

Here Comes The Sun: Actress Christine Baranski and a look wrong the homes of Architectural Digest 25:05 RECAP: FEBRUARY 20

Host: Jane Pauley


COVER STORY: How escaped code is nether onslaught successful the U.S. | Watch Video
America was built connected the premise of escaped speech, but today's quality is filled with examples of limiting people's look – from prohibitions against misinformation, to publication bans and authorities laws restricting however teachers tin sermon specified topics arsenic radical injustice, intersexual orientation, and sex identity. Correspondent David Pogue talks with writers and academics astir escaped code and a corresponding clime of self-censorship; and with a New Hampshire past teacher who says, "The shade of Senator McCarthy is live and good successful immoderate of our authorities location hallways."

For much info:

"Free Speech: A History from Socrates to Social Media" by Jacob Mchangama (Basic Books), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundFollow Jacob Mchangama connected TwitterJohn A. Powell, professor, University of California, Berkeley School of Law"Silicon Values: The Future of Free Speech Under Surveillance Capitalism" by Jillian C. York (Verso), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and Indieboundjilliancyork.comElectronic Frontier FoundationJillian York photo: Nadine Barišić

Fighting escalates successful eastbound Ukraine (Video)
With up to 190,000 Russian troops massed adjacent Ukraine's borders, the U.S. and its allies are present bracing for a onshore warfare successful Europe. There has already been an escalation of unit successful the eastbound portion of Ukraine, wherever the subject has been warring Kremlin-backed separatists. Correspondent Holly Williams reports connected the latest.

HEADLINES: Defense Secretary Austin: Russia "poised to strike" Ukraine (Video)
In a threatening amusement of force, Russia test-fired nuclear-capable weapons, intercontinental and submarine-launched ballistic missiles, arsenic President Vladimir Putin moved his nation's subject into onslaught positions astir Ukraine. CBS News nationalist information analogous David Martin reports the latest.

MUSIC: Tears for Fears returns with "The Tipping Point" | Watch Video
Performing arsenic the radical Tears for Fears, English popular rockers Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith had hits successful the 1980s with specified songs arsenic "Shout" and "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." But aft an acrimonious divided successful 1991, the 2 didn't talk to 1 different for 9 years. They person since reunited, and are astir to merchandise Tears for Fears' archetypal medium successful 17 years, "The Tipping Point." Correspondent Tracy Smith sits down with Orzabal and Smith – soon to embark connected a U.S. circuit – to find retired however their philharmonic collaboration helped heal a idiosyncratic tragedy.

"The Tipping Point" by Tears for Fears (Concord Records) volition beryllium released February 25. To ticker a euphony video for the album's rubric track, click connected the subordinate below:

Tears For Fears - The Tipping Point (Official Music Video) by TearsForFearsVEVO on YouTube

For much info:

tearsforfears.comU.S. circuit info (Beginning May 20)

ART: The revelatory creation of Joseph Yoakum | Watch Video
Joseph Yoakum (1891-1972) didn't commencement creating creation until helium was successful his 70s. Self-taught successful his usage of ballpoint pens, colored pencil and pastels, Yoakum (who claimed Native American ancestry, and whose parent was a formerly-enslaved African American) created fanciful landscapes, present presently connected presumption astatine New York's Museum of Modern Art. Correspondent Rita Braver reports.

For much info:

"Joseph E. Yoakum: What I Saw," astatine the Museum of Modern Art, New York City (through March 19), followed by the Menil Collection, Houston (April 22-August 7)Catalogue: "Joseph E. Yoakum: What I Saw" (Art Institute of Chicago)Artist Cynthia Carlson

PASSAGE: Satirist P.J. O'Rourke (Video)
Humorist and governmental commentator P.J. O'Rourke died this week astatine the property of 74. Jane Pauley looks back.

BUSINESS: Byron Allen connected the roadworthy to media mastery | Watch Video
Four years ago, comedian and media mogul Byron Allen became the archetypal Black American to ain a 24-hour mainstream cablegram quality web erstwhile helium purchased The Weather Channel for $310 cardinal – successful cash. Now, Allen is preparing a bid to bargain the Denver Broncos, which – if palmy – would marque him the NFL's archetypal Black bulk owner. Correspondent Lee Cowan talks with Allen astir his entrepreneurial spirit, and his occurrence astatine expanding number ownership successful broadcasting. 

For much info:

Allen Media Broadcasting

HARTMAN: A snowman that melts hearts (Video)
At Southshore Charter Academy extracurricular Tampa, teacher Robin Hughes realized that astir of her students had ne'er seen existent snowfall – it hasn't snowed successful Central Florida successful 45 years. So, she reached retired to her sister successful Kentucky who agreed to vessel Hughes a snowman. Steve Hartman reports connected however the snow-deprived children gave the snowman, nicknamed Lucky, a precise lukewarm reception. 

STAGE: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick: The amusement does spell on | Watch Video
Two years ago, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker were acceptable to prima successful a New York revival of Neil Simon's "Plaza Suite" erstwhile COVID-19 unopen down Broadway theatres (and practically everything else). Now, the amusement is yet acceptable to open, and 2 years aft interviewing the husband-and-wife duo, "Sunday Morning" anchor Jane Pauley sits down erstwhile again with Parker and Broderick to speech astir the unprecedented hiatus.

For much info:

Neil Simon's "Plaza Suite," at the Hudson Theatre, New York City; previews statesman February 25 | Ticket info

HISTORY: Franklin Pierce – America's handsomest president? | Watch Video
No survey of America's worst presidents would beryllium implicit without our 14th president, Franklin Pierce, whose estimation for amiability and bully looks (and his instauration of perforated postage stamps) was offset by his enactment for the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act, which led to clashes betwixt pro- and anti-slavery forces. Correspondent Mo Rocca looks astatine the bequest of a president whose actions successful bureau brought the federation person to civilian war. 

For much info:

Pierce Manse, Concord, N.H.Michael Holt, Department of History, University Of VirginiaFranklin Pierce (whitehouse.gov)

COMMENTARY: How the killings of 2 Black sons ignited societal justness movements | Watch Video
New York Times columnist Charles Blow reflects connected the similarities betwixt the 1955 lynching of 14-year-old Emmett Till and the 2012 sidesplitting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, and however they each sparked protestation movements led by mothers with tears connected their cheeks but alloy successful their spines.

For much info:

Charles M. Blow, The New York Times

NATURE: Eagles successful Washington authorities (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" leaves you contiguous among bald eagles connected the Nooksack River successful bluish Washington state. Videographer: Mike Griffith.


OLYMPICS: The athletics of Olympic pin trading
Collectors spell for the golden successful what is 1 of the astir competitory of Olympics events: trading hard-to-find pins that commemorate the Games. "CBS Sunday Morning" shaper Roman Feeser provides the play-by-play.

CBS NEWS SPECIAL: "Here Comes the Sun" (Video)
It seems similar Andrew Garfield tin bash it all, from blockbuster hits to teaming up with Lin-Manuel Miranda for his astir caller relation successful "Tick, Tick ... BOOM!" Also: We instrumentality a peek down the antagonistic astatine immoderate of New York City's bodegas, wherever the proprietors are drinking a peculiar benignant of coffee. 


Host: Jane Pauley


COVER STORY: Do you judge successful existent love? | Watch Video
Correspondent Susan Spencer talks with romance novelist Tia Williams, "Moonstruck" screenwriter John Patrick Shanley, lensman Jodi Cobb, and science prof Arthur Aron astir the world and stages of emotion (lust, romanticist obsession, and attachment), and however to support emotion alive.

For much info:

Photographer Jodi CobbWriter Tia WilliamsFollow John Patrick Shanley connected TwitterArthur Aron, Department of Psychology, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, N.Y.

HEADLINES: Tensions escalate arsenic Russia increases forces astatine Ukraine borderline (Video)
With the Russian service putting connected a amusement of unit conscionable northbound of Ukraine, President Joe Biden made what whitethorn good beryllium a last-ditch effort to transportation Russian President Vladimir Putin to telephone disconnected his tanks. CBS News nationalist information analogous David Martin reports the latest.

VALENTINE'S DAY: New York's sweetest shop: Selling candy since 1937 | Watch Video
At Economy Candy, a third-generation store connected Manhattan's Lower East Side, it's intolerable not to consciousness similar a kid successful a candy store, faced with thousands of varieties of sweets. Correspondent Martha Teichner reports. 

For much info:

Economy Candy, 108 Rivington Street, N.Y.

VALENTINE'S DAY: Double proxy weddings: Montana marriages without being there | Watch Video
A quirky Montana instrumentality that has been connected the books since it became a territory allows radical who are a Montana resident, oregon an progressive subordinate of the military, to get joined without being successful the state. Recently, the fig of treble proxy weddings has taken off, wherever 2 stand-ins accidental "I Do" connected behalf of couples acold from Big Sky Country. Correspondent Luke Burbank reports.

For much info:

Flathead County Clerk of District Court, Kalispell, Mont.Armed Forces Proxy Marriages, Bigfork, Mont.

SPORTS: The agony of defeat: Lessons from shot fandom | Watch Video
Loss, whether successful shot oregon politics, is ne'er easy. Sports fans, however, whitethorn connection a civics acquisition connected accepting a heart-wrenching outcome. "Sunday Morning" elder contributor Ted Koppel talks with Wall Street Journal sports columnist Jason Gay, New Orleans Saints superfan James Carville, and erstwhile Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice astir the unwritten rules of shot and American civic life.

For much info:

Jake Varcoe's "The Bills Bunker" (YouTube)Jason Gay, Wall Street Journal"Politics War Room, with James Carville and Al Hunt" (Podcast)Follow Condoleezza Rice connected Twitter

PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers immoderate of the notable figures who near america this week, including movie peculiar effects maestro Douglas Trumbull. 

NATURE: A "dating app" for zoo populations | Watch Video
Data from zoos and aquariums crossed North America is being utilized to make matches for breeding – an carnal dating app, if you volition – to assistance taxon past portion maintaining familial diversity. Correspondent Rita Braver looks down the scenes of carnal matchmaking.

For much info:

Smithsonian's National Zoo, Washington, D.C.Mystic Aquarium, Mystic, Conn.ZooRisk (Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago)Associate of Zoos & Aquariums

COMMENTARY: Super Bowl Sunday: Jim Gaffigan connected the pageantry and the gluttony | Watch Video
The "Sunday Morning" commentator opines connected today's precise American vacation – a premix of blood-pumping patriotism, unit and commercials, enhanced with foods we really enjoy.

For much info:

jimgaffigan.comFollow @JimGaffigan on Twitter

SUNDAY PROFILE: I'm inactive Chevy Chase, and you're not | Watch Video
Even astatine 78, a twelvemonth to the week aft a near-fatal bosom failure, comedian Chevy Chase is serving up improvisation (and, perhaps, a small spot of introspection) successful his speech with analogous Jim Axelrod. The 2 sermon Chase's emergence from breakout prima of "Saturday Night Live" to a drawstring of deed films, including "Fletch" and the "Vacation" series, and the sitcom "Community."

For much info:

chevychaselive.comFollow Chevy Chase on Twitter and Facebook

ADVERTISING: How lawyers' ads became a billion-dollar industry | Watch Video
"Injured?" If you've turned connected a TV successful the past 4 decades, you've seen appeals from attorneys claiming that they volition combat for YOU. But it was erstwhile a transgression for lawyers to hawk their services. How did commercials selling ineligible proposal go ineligible – and truthful pervasive? Correspondent Conor Knighton reports connected the emergence of lawyer ads, immoderate of which whitethorn beryllium judged arsenic simply bonkers.

For much info:

Jim Adler & AssociatesTrish Rich, New York University School of LawBryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk

COMMENTARY: Josh Seftel's ma connected crushes and that archetypal buss (Video)
In grant of Valentine's Day, filmmaker Josh Seftel checks successful erstwhile again with his mother, Pat, to inquire immoderate timely questions.

For much info:      


NATURE: Gannets successful New Zealand (Extended Video)
We permission you this Sunday greeting astatine Cape Kidnappers successful New Zealand, with gannets, who mate for life. Videographer: Jaime McDonald. 


PARTIES: Super Bowl paper ideas and recipes
From burgers, blistery dogs, tacos, BBQ and wings, to salsas and cocktails, present are immoderate tempting recipes from apical chefs, cookbook authors and restaurateurs to spell with watching the Big Game connected Sunday.

Remembering movie FX maestro Douglas Trumbull by CBS Sunday Morning on YouTube

MOVIES: Remembering movie FX maestro Douglas Trumbull (YouTube Video)
Douglas Trumbull, a ocular effects supervisor and manager liable for the fantastic imagery successful specified films arsenic "2001: A Space Odyssey," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Blade Runner," died this week astatine the property of 79. In this online exclusive "Sunday Morning'' web shaper David Morgan looks backmost astatine his legacy.

CBS NEWS SPECIAL: "Here Comes the Sun" (Video)
Kristen Stewart skyrocketed to fame with the "Twilight" saga. She talks astir that journey, her newest relation playing Princess Diana successful "Spencer," and turning the perils of fame into insight. Plus: the enduring power of designer extraordinaire Frank Gehry.  


Host: Jane Pauley


COVER STORY: What's the close mode to deliberation astir the left-handed? | Watch Video
Even though an estimated 10 percent of the world's colonisation is left-handed, scientists person not decidedly figured retired why. Southpaw analogous Rita Braver talks with immoderate celebrated lefties (including erstwhile President Bill Clinton, and World Series winning pitcher Sean Doolittle) astir functioning successful a satellite dominated by the right-handed; and with researchers who deliberation differences successful encephalon operation betwixt those who are left-handed and right-handed whitethorn person implications successful the attraction of disease.

For much info:

Lefty's: The Left Hand Store, San FranciscoPresident Bill Clinton, Clinton Foundationdavid-wolman.com"A Left Hand Turn Around the World: Chasing the Mystery and Meaning of All Things Southpaw" by David Wolman (‎Da Capo Press), successful Trade Paperback, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundFollow Sean Doolittle (@whatwouldDOOdo) connected TwitterAkira Wiberg, Ph.D., University of OxfordProfessor Gwenaëlle Douaud, University of OxfordProfessor Dominic Furniss, University of OxfordPsychologist Charlotte Reznick, Imagery for Kids

ALMANAC: The time Elizabeth became queen | Watch Video
On February 6, 1952, 70 years agone today, Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh, ascended to the British throne by the decease of her father, King George VI. Jane Pauley reports.

For much info:

Her Majesty the Queen (royal.uk)

ART: A Block Island treasure hunt | Watch Video
Since 2012, visitors person scoured Block Island, disconnected the seashore of Rhode Island, successful hunt of hidden treasure: hand-blown solid orbs. Correspondent Martha Teichner talks to solid artists Eben Horton and Jennifer Nauck, who make the delicate prizes, and joins different "orbivores" (orb hunters) connected the prowl. 

For much info:

The Glass Station Studio, Wakefield, R.I.The Glass Float ProjectDid you find a solid float? Register it astatine the Block Island Tourism Council websiteBlock Island Tourism Council

MUSIC: Molly Lewis, the whistler (Video)
The sanction Molly Lewis is present connected a batch of people's lips, acknowledgment to her antithetic philharmonic gift: whistling. She talks with analogous Lee Cowan astir her caller record, "The Forgotten Edge."

For much info:

Molly Lewis, whistlerEP: "The Forgotten Edge" by Molly Lewis (Jagjaguwar), disposable on CD and Vinyl and via digital download

MILEPOST: Honoring America's WWII "Ghost Army" (Video)
This week President Joe Biden signed a measure awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to immoderate unsung heroes of World War II: the alleged "Ghost Army" – top-secret subject units that deployed inflatable tanks and artillery, decoy soldiers, and fake communications to fool force forces. Jane Pauley reports. 

PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers immoderate of the notable figures who near america this week, including histrion Howard Hesseman, prima of the sitcoms "WKRP successful Cincinnati" and "Head of the Class." 

POSTCARD FROM ITALY: Put connected hold: An Italian municipality without compartment service | Watch Video
The colony of Galliano di Mugello, successful Tuscany, is simply a small much tranquil than galore Italian towns, due to the fact that it has nary compartment telephone service. But it's not alone, arsenic Italy ranks adjacent the bottommost of the European Commission's scale of integer competitiveness. Correspondent Seth Doane pays a telephone to a medieval municipality whose residents look challenges fostered by the "digital divide."

For much info:

Follow Carlo Ducci connected Instagram

U.S.: Uncovering the past of Seneca Village successful New York City | Watch Video
In the aboriginal 19th period Seneca Village, successful the mediate of Manhattan, was location to the largest fig of escaped Black spot owners successful New York City earlier the Civil War. Irish and German immigrants moved in, too. But successful 1853, erstwhile Central Park was successful the readying stages, the metropolis utilized eminent domain to instrumentality power of the land, displacing the settlement's residents. Correspondent Faith Salie looks astatine efforts to unearth the unsocial past of Seneca Village, and to find descendants of those evicted.

For much info:

Institute for the Exploration of Seneca Village HistoryBefore Central Park: The Story of Seneca Village (Central Park Conservancy)Seneca Village Tours (Central Park Conservancy)Seneca Village: Plan Your Visit
Seneca Village, successful Central Park (National Park Service)Seneca Village Project: Online Collection (New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission)

MUSIC: The chill powerfulness of Peggy Lee | Watch Video
Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Peggy Lee (1920-2002), known for specified hits arsenic "Fever" and "Is That All There Is," demonstrated an alluring bid implicit an assemblage with her sultry dependable and precise stagecraft. Correspondent Mo Rocca talks with biographer Peter Richmond and with Lee's granddaughter, Holly Foster-Wells, astir the singer's artistry, and her emergence from a achy puerility successful North Dakota, to becoming a starring writer and vocalist of jazz, popular and torch songs.

For much info:

peggylee.com (Official site)"Fever: The Life and Music of Miss Peggy Lee" by Peter Richmond (Picador), successful Trade Paperback and eBook formats, disposable via Amazon and Indiebound

Midland Continental Depot Transportation Museum Featuring the Peggy Lee Exhibit, Wimbledon, N.D.

COMMENTARY: Forget lasting desks: Bed desks are the mode to work | Watch Video
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, analogous Luke Burbank has go portion of a soundless but cozy majority: those who similar moving horizontally.

For much info:

Follow @lukeburbank connected Twitter

MOVIES: Alana Haim connected filming "Licorice Pizza" | Watch Video
Singer Alana Haim's archetypal show arsenic an actress, playing a young pistillate who is simply a teenager's entity of affection successful "Licorice Pizza," has been acclaimed arsenic 1 of the astir breathtaking surface debuts successful caller memory. Correspondent Anthony Mason talks with Alana Haim, and with her sisters, Danielle and Este (who unneurotic signifier the Grammy-nominated set HAIM), astir playing unneurotic arsenic family, and however their past with filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson (director of respective Haim euphony videos) led to this critically-acclaimed role.

To ticker a trailer for "Licorice Pizza" click connected the video subordinate below:

LICORICE PIZZA | Official Trailer | MGM Studios by MGM on YouTube

For much info:

"Licorice Pizza" now playing successful theaters | 70mm engagements in Los Angeles and New York Cityhaimtheband.com"Women successful Music III (Expended Edition)" by HAIM (Columbia Records), disposable connected CD, Vinyl, Audiocassette, and via Digital DownloadCanter's Deli, Los AngelesValentine Recording Studios, Los Angeles

NATURE: Iguanas (Extended Video)
We permission you this Sunday astatine Curacao's Christoffel National Park, wherever it's the time of the iguanas. Videographer: Mauricio Handler.     


THE BOOK REPORT: Reviews of caller titles by Ron Charles | Watch Video
The Washington Post publication professional offers his picks among caller releases.

Book excerpt: "Putting the Rabbit In the Hat" by Brian Cox

Book excerpt: "Olga Dies Dreaming" by Xochitl Gonzalez

Book excerpt: "I Will Die In a Foreign Land" by Kalani Pickhart

Book excerpt: "To Paradise" by Hanya Yanagihara

For much info: 

Ron Charles, The Washington PostSubscribe to the free Washington Post Book World NewsletterRon Charles' Totally Hip Video Book Reviewindiebound.org (for ordering from autarkic booksellers)RECAP: JANUARY 30

Host: Jane Pauley


COVER STORY: Bryan Stevenson connected teaching past and the pursuit of justice | Watch Video
Attorney Bryan Stevenson, writer of the bestseller "Just Mercy," has helped to prevention 145 wrongly-convicted prisoners from execution, but these days the antheral down Montgomery, Alabama's National Memorial for Peace and Justice mightiness beryllium amended known his different job: educating Americans astir the bequest of slavery and radical unit successful this country. Stevenson talks with analogous David Pogue astir confronting past arsenic a archetypal measurement successful healing, and gives a circuit of the marque caller Legacy Museum successful Montgomery.

For much info:

"Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption" by Bryan Stevenson (One World), successful Trade Paperback, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundEqual Justice InitiativeLegacy Museum, Montgomery, Ala.National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Montgomery, Ala.

U.S.: Welcome to Buc-ee's | Watch Video
It's a Texas instauration with a nationalist footprint: a concatenation of roadworthy halt convenience stores the size of the Lone Star State, with a smiling cartoon beaver mascot and a devoted following. Correspondent Luke Burbank travels to Buc-ee's to find retired wherefore customers are truthful driven to visit. (Is it the award-winning bathrooms?)

For much info:


ARCHITECTURE: The playful architecture of Frank Gehry (Video)
At 92, famed designer Frank Gehry is not resting connected his important laurels. The decorator down specified landmarks arsenic the Walt Disney Concert Hall successful downtown Los Angeles and the Guggenheim Museum successful Bilbao, Spain, talks with "60 Minutes" analogous Bill Whitaker astir his originative process, and however aerospace exertion has enabled him to crook his playful ideas into reality.

For much info:

Gehry Partners

MUSIC: Preserving jazz successful the Big Easy | Watch Video
In bully times and bad, New Orleans musicians person been schooled and raised successful a unsocial culture, 1 that was severely deed by the COVID-19 pandemic, erstwhile the streets of the Big Easy were unnaturally quiescent and empty, and overmuch of the euphony moved online. "Sunday Morning" elder contributor Ted Koppel meets with musicians backmost retired successful beforehand of audiences and sharing their euphony portion perpetuating a French Quarter contented of thoroughfare performance; and with the originative manager of Preservation Hall, which was founded to assistance sphere a unsocial American legacy: the New Orleans jazz artist. 

For much info:

Preservation Hall, New OrleansCharlie GabrielBranden LewisDoreen's Jazz New Orleans (Doreen Ketchens)For photos acknowledgment to Howard Lambert, Chris Granger, Danny Clinch, and New Orleans Musicians' Clinic & Assistance FoundationThank you to Doreens Jazz New Orleans for her performance show video, and to the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, Solomon Group, and The Historic New Orleans CollectionNew Orleans Jazz Museum

PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers immoderate of the notable figures who near america recently, including instrumentalist Dick Halligan, co-founder of the stone radical Blood, Sweat & Tears.

U.S.: A Kentucky diner that's a harmless haven for tempest victims | Watch Video
Ms. Becky's Place has been a welcoming spot for generations of residents of Dawson Springs, Ky. Now, aft the municipality was devastated by tornadoes successful December, the diner has reopened, returning a consciousness of normalcy, and a root of comfort, to a municipality inactive reeling from the deadly storms. Correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti talks with proprietress Beck James, who is helping support her battered assemblage connected its feet.

For much info:

Ms. Becky's Place, Dawson Springs, Ky. (Facebook page) | Menu

GAMES: Spelling retired the Wordle craze | Watch Video
Correspondent Faith Salie fills america successful connected the caller puzzle crippled that's taking the satellite by storm, 1 missive astatine a time.

For much info:


New York Times Crossword Editor Will Shortz

MOVIES: Kristen Stewart connected committing to Princess Diana | Watch Video
Actress Kristen Stewart has won raves for her show arsenic Princess Diana successful the movie "Spencer," astir the royal's beingness extracurricular the scope of photographers' cameras. Stewart talks with analogous Tracy Smith astir the accent she felt becoming her character, arsenic good arsenic the tabloid frenzy implicit her "Twilight" stardom, and her wedding plans.

To ticker a trailer for "Spencer" click connected the video subordinate below:

SPENCER - Official Trailer - In Theaters November 5 by NEON on YouTube

For much info:

"Spencer," in theaters and On Demand

TECH: Projection mapping: Art and exertion illuminated (Video)
Art and exertion travel unneurotic with a method known arsenic projection mapping, successful which buildings are painted with light. Correspondent Serena Altschul talks with Ryan Uzilevsky, of Light Harvest Studio, astir their epic creations projected upon precise unsocial canvases.

For much info:

Light Harvest StudioLUMA Festival, Binghamton, N.Y.Idea Fab Labs, Santa Cruz, Calif.

FOOD: Michelle Zauner's look for consoling grief: A sensation of home | Watch Video
When instrumentalist Michelle Zauner mislaid her parent to cancer, she recovered comfortableness successful the aisles of a Korean-owned market store chain, H Mart, wherever she would store for the ingredients of dishes that reminded her of home. Correspondent Hua Hsu talks with Zauner, pb vocalist of the set Japanese Breakfast and writer of the New York Times bestseller "Crying successful H Mart," astir uncovering solace from nonaccomplishment successful a vessel of kimchi. 

BOOK + AUDIO EXCERPT: "Crying successful H Mart" by Michelle Zauner (includes her look for Kimchi Jjigae)

For much info:

"Crying successful H Mart: A Memoir" by Michelle Zauner (Knopf), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundJapanese BreakfastH Mart

Trumpeter swans successful New York (Extended Video)
We permission you this Sunday among trumpeter swans braving winter's chill adjacent Cayuga, New York. Videographer: Carl Mrozek.


MOVIES: Sundance Film Festival 2022: Opening highlights | Part 2 | Part 3
For the 2nd twelvemonth successful a row, the Utah-based festival (which runs done January 30) is simply a virtual event, with satellite premiere documentaries and communicative films streaming online. CBSNews.com's David Morgan offers immoderate of the highlights.


Host: Jane Pauley


COVER STORY: The billion-dollar question: Can you beryllium TOO rich? | Watch Video
The richest 1 percent of Americans present owns 16 times the wealthiness of the bottommost 50 percent. That disparity has brought to airy questions astir the request for billionaires – and their request for adjacent much money. Correspondent Mark Whitaker talks with activistic Abigail Disney and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy astir whether acquiring a cardinal oregon much dollars is simply a valued goal; and with prof Ingrid Robeyns, who proposes the conception of "limitarianism" – determining a motivation bounds to however overmuch wealthiness 1 tin accumulate.

For much info:

"The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales" (Official site), present playing astatine the Sundance Film FestivalProfessor Ingrid RobeynsVivek Ramaswamy

HEADLINES: What are Putin's intentions successful Ukraine? | Watch Video
Nearly 8 years aft Russia invaded and took power of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula, 100,000 Russian troops person precocious built up on the borderline of Ukraine. CBS News nationalist information analogous David Martin talks with erstwhile U.S. ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder and retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges astir what President Vladimir Putin hopes to summation with a imaginable invasion, and what the consequences whitethorn beryllium – for the Kremlin, for Europe, for NATO, and for Washington.

For much info: 

Ivo Daalder, president, Chicago Council connected Global AffairsLieutenant General (Retired) Ben Hodges, Center for European Policy Analysis

U.S.: Taking the plunge (Video)
Members of the South End Rowing Club trial their bodies and minds by swimming successful the murky and precise acold waters of San Francisco Bay, braving currents, boats, oversea beingness and hypothermia. Correspondent Luke Burbank, anxious to beryllium his mettle, joined in.

For much info:

South End Rowing Club, San FranciscoSwimming successful Aquatic Park (SERC)"Cold Water Swimming – Benefits and Risks: A Narrative Review" (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)"South End: Sport and Community astatine the Dock of the Bay" by Bob Barde with Pat Cunneen (‎Gibbons Press), successful Hardcover, disposable via Amazon and Indiebound

MOVIES: James Hong: An actor's usher to longevity | Watch Video
During his 92 years, James Hong has racked up much movie and TV credits than astir anyone. Even much impressive, the histrion did truthful portion confronting demeaning stereotypes successful Hollywood. Turner Classic Movies big Ben Mankiewicz talks with the constantly-working Hong astir a vocation that began with entertaining U.S. troops during the Korean War, and extended to specified treasured films arsenic "Chinatown" and "Big Trouble successful Little China."

For much info:


PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers immoderate of the notable figures who near america this week, including the stone vocalist and histrion Meat Loaf ("Bat Out of Hell").

MAGAZINES: Architectural Digest – A period of style | Watch Video
Bold-faced names similar tennis prima Maria Sharapova and rocker Lenny Kravitz person pulled backmost the curtain connected their homes for Architectural Digest, the mag that showcases the enactment of the precise champion plan successful the business. Correspondent Serena Altschul looks backmost astatine the archetypal 100 years of Architectural Digest, and visits the Condé Nast archives, to spot however the mag that has celebrated benignant for a period continues to evoke home.

For much info:

architecturaldigest.com"Architectural Digest astatine 100: A Century of Style" (Abrams), successful Hardcover and eBook formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundPhotographs by Charles S. White, Gabrielle Pilotti Langdon, Steve Hall, Robert Thein, Laura Resen, Trevor Tondro, Harry Benson and Francois HalardNate Berkus InteriorsJeremiah Brent

HARTMAN: American younker to the rescue (Video)
In agrarian Sackets Harbor, N.Y., wherever COVID-19 affected the section unpaid ambulance service's quality to respond to calls, section precocious schoolhouse students took the required grooming and picked up the slack. Correspondent Steve Hartman talked to immoderate of the teenagers who are stepping up to assistance their community. 

TELEVISION: The answered prayers of Christine Baranski | Watch Video
As a kid she performed Broadway tunes to a statue of the Virgin Mary. And during her five-decade vocation successful films, TV, and connected stage, two-time Tony Award-winner Christine Baranski has played characters who are sophisticated, astute and savvy. Correspondent Mo Rocca sits down with Baranski, who stars successful "The Good Fight" and the caller HBO series, "The Gilded Age," astir her affluent beingness on- and off-screen.

WEB EXTRA: "Break a leg": Christine Baranski connected starring successful "Mame" post-surgery (YouTube Video)
In this web exclusive, Tony Award-winning histrion Christine Baranski talks with analogous Mo Rocca astir however a genu wounded didn't get successful the mode of her starring successful a Kennedy Center accumulation of the philharmonic "Mame."  

To ticker a trailer for "The Gilded Age" click connected the video subordinate below:

The Gilded Age | Official Trailer | HBO by HBO on YouTube

For much info:

"The Gilded Age" debuts January 24 connected HBO"The Good Fight" on Paramount+

MUSEUMS: The Smithsonian looks toward the "Futures" (Video)
"Futures," a caller grounds astatine the Smithsonian's Arts and Industries Building successful Washington, D.C., features technology, art, and interactive displays that delve into the galore forms that the aboriginal whitethorn take. Correspondent David Pogue pays a visit.

For much info:

"Futures" at the Arts and Industries Building (through July 6)Smithsonian's Arts and Industries Building

COMMENTARY: Terence Smith connected his brushwood with Sirhan Sirhan's father | Watch Video
The overseas analogous and erstwhile "Sunday Morning" journalist, writer of the caller memoir, "Four Wars, Five Presidents," talks astir discussing the execution of Senator Robert F. Kennedy with the begetter of Sirhan Sirhan.

For much info:

"Four Wars, Five Presidents: A Reporter's Journey from Jerusalem to Saigon to the White House" by Terence Smith (‎Rowman & Littlefield), successful Hardcover and eBook formats, disposable via Amazon and Indieboundterencefsmith.com

NATURE: British Virgin Islands (Extended Video)
We permission you this Sunday heavy successful the lukewarm waters of the British Virgin Islands. Videographer: Nedra Gurry.


MOVIES: Sundance Film Festival 2022: Opening highlights
For the 2nd twelvemonth successful a row, the Utah-based festival bows arsenic a virtual event, with satellite premiere documentaries and communicative films streaming online. CBSNews.com's David Morgan offers immoderate of the archetypal days' highlights.


Host: Jane Pauley


COVER STORY: President Joe Biden: The archetypal year | Watch Video
The 46th president's archetypal twelvemonth successful bureau is being measured by opposing forces – some by legislative wins, and by the economical headwinds of the continuing pandemic. CBS News' John Dickerson talks with experts astir the presidency's "return to normalcy"; the chaos surrounding the withdrawal from Afghanistan and COVID-19 testing; the contrasting quality of debased unemployment and rising inflation; and however Joe Biden's temperament whitethorn beryllium the astir almighty instrumentality being wielded by the Oval Office.

For much info:

Jamelle Bouie, The New York TimesJames Fallows, The AtlanticJill Lepore, Harvard Universityis-it-art.jpg Is it art? Visitors to the Hirschhorn Museum successful Washington, D.C., analyse objects by French modernist Marcel Duchamp.  CBS News

ART: Marcel Duchamp and the meaning of art | Watch Video
The French-born creator Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) stirred contention with his provocative pieces that questioned the precise conception of what "art" really is. Correspondent Rita Braver visits the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum for an accumulation of Duchamp's "readymade" pieces that blur the favoritism betwixt utilitarian entity and high-priced depository piece.

For much info:

"Marcel Duchamp: The Barbara and Aaron Levine Collection," at the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, D.C.Online Exhibition: "Marcel Duchamp: It's Art If I Say So"Beavers Brother Sculpture Actor and creator Tony Dow, pictured astatine his Topanga, Calif. workplace successful 2012.  Reed Saxon/AP

ART: Tony Dow connected beingness beyond "Leave It to Beaver" | WATCH VIDEO
Beginning astatine property 12, Tony Dow played Wally Cleaver, the polite, trustworthy "All-American" large member connected the classical sitcom "Leave It to Beaver." But for years Dow lived successful the shadiness of his teen stardom, and was dogged by feelings of depression. Dow talks with analogous Jim Axelrod astir looking beyond the curse of being linked everlastingly to the quality of Wally, and how, done creating art, and with the enactment of his wife, Lauren (also an artist), helium addressed the struggles that beingness often presents.

WEB EXTRA: "Leave It to Beaver" histrion Tony Dow connected slump (YouTube Video)
In this web exclusive, histrion and creator Tony Dow, who opening astatine property 12 starred arsenic Wally Cleaver successful the classical sitcom "Leave It to Beaver," explains to analogous Jim Axelrod however helium dealt with a slump that began, helium says, astatine a young age. 

For much info:

Follow Tony Dow on Instagram and Facebooktonydowsculpture.comTony Dow Sculptures astatine Bilotta GalleryDepression Hotline (MentalHelp.net)National Hotline: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administrationeels-1.jpg Correspondent Conor Knighton tries to get a clasp of a slippery eel.  CBS News

SCIENCE: The shocking information astir eels (Video)
Eels person a slippery reputation, transforming themselves successful saltwater and freshwater environments – and nary 1 knows precisely however they reproduce successful the wild. Correspondent Conor Knighton talks with experts who stock their fascination with the unknowable mysteries of the eel.

For much info:

Sarah Mount, biology analyst, New England Interstate Water Pollution Control CommissionThe Hudson River Eel Project (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation)Chris Bowser, acquisition coordinator, New York State Department of Environmental ConservationChris Flook, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences"The Book of Eels: Our Enduring Fascination with the Most Mysterious Creature successful the Natural World" by Patrik Svensson (Ecco), successful Trade Paperback, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundCarlsberg FoundationCole the Science Dude (TikTok)

PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers immoderate of the notable figures who near america this week, including Ronnie Spector, pb vocalist of the '60s miss radical The Ronettes.

kirsten-dunst-interview-a.jpg Actress Kirsten Dunst, prima of "The Power of the Dog." CBS News

MOVIES: Kirsten Dunst connected her attack to acting | Watch Video
Kirsten Dunst, who has starred successful specified films arsenic "Interview with the Vampire," "Melancholia" and "Spider-Man," is getting Oscar buzz for her poignant acting successful Jane Campion's play drama, "The Power of the Dog." She talks with analogous Luke Burbank astir seeking attraction for depression; starring other her real-life spouse Jesse Plemons; and a instrumentality she learned for however to play drunk.

WEB EXTRA: Kirsten Dunst connected an acting instrumentality (YouTube Video)
In this web exclusive, "The Power of the Dog" prima Kirsten Dunst explains to analogous Luke Burbank however she prepared for a country successful the movie erstwhile her character, Rose, freezes up astatine a soft keyboard.

To ticker a trailer for "The Power of the Dog," click connected the video subordinate below:

The Power of the Dog | Official Trailer | Netflix by Netflix on YouTube

For much info:

"The Power of the Dog," now streaming connected NetflixFollow Kirsten Dunst on Twitter and Instagram

Hartman: A emotion that astir got distant (Video)
Fifty years ago, astatine Loyola University, Jeanne Gustavson met a antheral she believes would person made the cleanable husband. But her household objected, due to the fact that his tegument was not White. So, she broke up with Steve Watts – but she ne'er forgot astir him. And much than 4 decades later, Jeanne recovered him again. Steve Hartman reports. 

liza-and-michael.jpg Singer Liza Minnelli, accompanied by her longtime person Michael Feinstein, performs for "Sunday Morning."  CBS News

SUNDAY PROFILE: Liza Minnelli, the 1 and only | Watch Video
The EGOT-winning entertainer sits down with "Sunday Morning" big Jane Pauley, and with her accompanist and person Michael Feinstein, to speech astir a beingness successful the spotlight; the power of French vocalist Charles Aznavour connected her Oscar-winning show successful "Cabaret"; and how, astatine 75, she inactive continues to grant the works of Gershwin – and the beingness of her mother, Judy Garland.

WEB EXTRA: Liza Minnelli and Michael Feinstein execute "I Love a Violin" (YouTube Video)
In this web exclusive, award-winning entertainer Liza Minnelli and her person Michael Feinstein execute a duet of Kay Thompson's "I Love a Violin." 

For much info:

Follow Liza Minnelli connected Instagram"Gershwin Country" featuring Michael Feinstein (Craft Records), disposable March 11880-edison-light-bulb.jpg An 1880 Edison airy bulb.  CBS News

TECHNOLOGY: Light bulb collectors: An illuminating hobby | Watch Video
Chad Shapiro volition spell to immoderate magnitude to get archetypal examples of artificial lighting, including those created by Thomas Edison successful the precocious 19th century. But arsenic analogous David Pogue discovers, Shapiro is not unsocial successful an obsession to cod uncommon and beauteous examples of vintage airy bulbs.

For much info:

Antique incandescent lamp/light bulb collectors (Facebook group)Sterling Sound & Vision, Owings Mills, Md.

COMMENTARY: Douglas Brinkley connected voting rights and the "new Jim Crow" | Watch Video
Nearly six decades aft John Lewis, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and others fought "Jim Crow" laws that blocked immoderate Americans from the ballot box, starring to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, voting rights are nether siege again. Historian and bestselling writer Douglas Brinkley talks astir caller Republican-led efforts to restrict entree to our Constitutionally-guaranteed close to vote, and wherefore entree to voting indispensable beryllium preserved.

For much info:


NATURE: Desert snowfall (Extended Video)
We permission you this wintry Sunday successful the precocious godforsaken of bluish Nevada. Videographer: Derek Reich.     


Host: Jane Pauley


COVER STORY: How historians presumption Trump – and however Trump sees himself | Watch Video
A sheet of historians is releasing its 3rd postulation of essays analyzing and assessing the accomplishments and failures of a statesmanlike administration. But for the archetypal time, a erstwhile president, Donald Trump, spoke to the historians to connection his ain instrumentality connected his clip successful office. Correspondent Rita Braver talks with Princeton University's Julian Zelizer, who assembled the panel, and with the academics who unpack history's archetypal judgement of the 45th president.

For much info:

"The Presidency of Donald J. Trump: A First Historical Assessment," edited by Julian E. Zelizer (Princeton University Press), successful Hardcover, Trade Paperback and eBook formats, disposable March 29 via Amazon and IndieboundJulian Zelizer, Department of History, Princeton UniversityJeffrey Engel, director, Center for Presidential History, Southern Methodist UniversityNicole Hemmer, Columbia UniversityMerlin Chowkwanyuan, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

MUSIC: Sonny Curtis connected a vocation spanning Buddy Holly and Mary Tyler Moore | Watch Video
His euphony dates backmost to the commencement of stone 'n' roll, arsenic an aboriginal bandmate of Buddy Holly, and arsenic the writer of specified classical songs arsenic "I Fought the Law" and "Walk Right Back." But Sonny Curtis' astir memorable creation whitethorn beryllium "Love Is All Around," his taxable opus for "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." Correspondent Mo Rocca talks with the disarmingly humble Rock and Roll Hall of Famer astir a vocation during which helium genuinely made it aft all.

WEB EXTRA: Sonny Curtis connected penning the "Mary Tyler Moore" taxable opus (YouTube Video)

For much info:

sonnycurtis.comThe CricketsMusicians Hall of Fame & Museum, Nashville

MEDIA: The TikTok way to drama fame | Watch Video
The quality of comedians to grow their assemblage done videos connected the fashionable telephone app TikTok is nary laughing matter. Some actors and writers are gathering palmy careers contempt ne'er having performed standup astatine drama clubs. Correspondent David Pogue looks astatine however TikTok is rewriting the rules of comedy, particularly during the COVID lockdown, and talks with TikTokers astir their antithetic way to fame.

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Adam Waheed connected TikTokHarry Liebow connected TikTok, also InstagramSarah Barnitt connected TikTok, also InstagramSam Ramsdell connected TikTok, also InstagramCarmen Lynch connected TikTok, also Instagram | Tour infoManhattan Comedy School

BOOKS: Carl Bernstein connected chasing history | Watch Video
He was fractional of the Washington Post squad of reporters who broke the Watergate scandal. But Carl Bernstein's vocation began arsenic a teen astatine the Washington Star, what helium has called the champion acquisition successful journalism. CBS News nationalist information analogous David Martin talks with Bernstein astir his caller memoir, "Chasing History: A Kid successful the Newsroom," and astir however a cub newsman who chased past ended up making it.

BOOK EXCERPT: "Chasing History: A Kid successful the Newsroom" by Carl Bernstein

For much info:

"Chasing History: A Kid successful the Newsroom" by Carl Bernstein (Henry Holt & Co.), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable January 11 via Amazon and Indieboundcarlbernstein.com

ART: Memorializing John F. Kennedy successful bronze | Watch Video
For its 50th day the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, successful Washington, D.C., commissioned a statue of President John F. Kennedy, 1 that would bespeak the humanity of a person beloved and mourned by truthful many. Correspondent Chip Reid talks with sculptor Ivan Schwartz astir capturing the 35th president successful his squad of artists' memorial to JFK.

For much info:

Studio EIS, Brooklyn, N.Y.The Kennedy Center for the Performing ArtsThe 44th Kennedy Center HonorsDavid M RubensteinThanks to Geoffrey Greene of VSI Aerial

PASSAGE: Director Peter Bogdanovich (Video)
Filmmaker, movie student and histrion Peter Bogdanovich, whose works included "The Last Picture Show" and "Paper Moon," died Thursday astatine the property of 82. Jane Pauley takes a look back. 

HARTMAN: A chaotic paper foretelling anticipation for America's aboriginal (Video)
Correspondent Steve Hartman asked a clairvoyant, Winslow Eliot, for a look up successful 2022 and however America mightiness fare during this uneasy time. The tarot cards – and assorted acts of kindness Americans person shared with 1 different – connection a motion of hope.

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: The Sidney Poitier interview  | Watch Video
The trailblazing actor-director Sidney Poitier died this week astatine property 94. In tribute we contiguous Lesley Stahl's singular profile, archetypal broadcast connected "Sunday Morning" connected May 12, 2013, successful which the Academy Award-winner talks astir a vocation built connected memorable characters who exhibited dignity, intelligence, and motivation courage. 

GALLERY: Sidney Poitier 1927-2022

Sidney Poitier 1927-2022 Sidney Poitier 1927-2022 53 photos

POSTCARD FROM JAPAN: Sweet spots (Video)
Correspondent Lucy Craft reports connected a beloved but vanishing institution: the "dagashiya," oregon country penny candy store, a portion of increasing up successful Japan.

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MILEPOST: Goodbye to the Blackberry (Video)
This week marked the extremity of an era, erstwhile Blackberry – whose mobile devices erstwhile served up to 85 cardinal subscribers worldwide – pulled the plug connected its phones, shutting down work for good. Jane Pauley reports. 

NATURE: Wood ducks (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes america among immoderate wood ducks successful Lewiston, Idaho, by the confluence of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers. Videographer: Hank Heusinkveld.        


Host: Jane Pauley


COVER STORY: January 6, the "Big Lie," and the destiny of democracy | Watch Video
Baseless allegations of predetermination fraud amplified by President Donald Trump fueled the convulsive siege connected the Capitol past January 6, intended to halt the Electoral College certification of Joe Biden's victory. Fallout from conspiracy theories has included decease threats and harassment directed toward predetermination officials. CBS News main Washington analogous Major Garrett talks with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (whom Trump tried to unit to "find" capable votes that would triumph him the state), and with different officials who fearfulness denying the results of elections is chipping distant astatine the integrity of our democracy.

For much info:

"Integrity Counts" by Brad Raffensperger (Forefront Books), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and IndieboundGeorgia Secretary of State Brad RaffenspergerHelen Butler, enforcement director, The People's AgendaBoard of Elections, Bucks County, PennsylvaniaWisconsin State Senator Kathleen Burnier

ART: Artist Judy Chicago connected making a sanction for herself | Watch Video
She's been an creator chameleon for much than six decades. Now, astatine 82, Judy Chicago is being celebrated with her archetypal vocation retrospective, astatine San Francisco's de Young Museum. Correspondent Martha Teichner talked with Chicago astir however she gave up being similar "one of the boys" successful a male-dominated creation world, to forge her ain identity; her landmark piece, "The Dinner Party"; and the consequent enactment that has defined her arsenic an creator of antithetic breadth.

For much info:

judychicago.com"Judy Chicago: A Retrospective," at the De Young Museum, San Francisco (through January 9)Catalogue: "Judy Chicago: In the Making" (Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)"The Flowering: The Autobiography of Judy Chicago" (Thames & Hudson), successful Hardcover format, disposable via Amazon and Indiebound"The Dinner Party" by Judy Chicago, astatine the Brooklyn Museum

IN MEMORIAM: Betty White: A look backmost successful laughter | Watch Video
Actress Betty White, prima of specified classical sitcoms arsenic "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and The Golden Girls," and victor of 5 primetime Emmy Awards, has died astatine the young property of 99. Correspondent Mo Rocca has a remembrance.

GALLERY: Notable deaths successful 2021

HARTMAN: Good deeds from a mother's emotion (Video)
After experiencing the nonaccomplishment of a child, Liam, a preemie who died astatine conscionable 5 weeks, Mattie Mitchell has been the unseen manus down an untold fig of joyful surprises successful Nashville, Tennessee. In the 10 years since she formed the nonprofit Liam Changed the World, Mitchell has performed hundreds of bully deeds, each clip reuniting successful tone with her son. Steve Hartman reports.

For much info:

Liam Changed the World (Facebook)

JUSTICE: Jan. 6 researcher Jamie Raskin: "I'm not gonna spot American ideology spell down the tubes" | Watch Video
The Maryland Democrat witnessed the onslaught connected Congress by insurrectionists connected January 6, 2021, but he'd already experienced an adjacent darker day, erstwhile his 25-year-old son, Thomas, took his ain life. Correspondent Rita Braver talks with Jamie Raskin astir the symptom of that loss; his caller book, "Unthinkable"; and his determination to clasp accountable those liable for an attempted coup.

For much info:

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Maryland"Unthinkable: Trauma, Truth, and the Trials of American Democracy" by Jamie Raskin (HarperCollins), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable January 4 via Amazon and IndieboundSelect Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack connected the United States CapitolTommy's Pantry, Church of the Ascension, Silver Spring, Md.Tommy Raskin Memorial Fund for People and AnimalsNational Suicide Prevention LifelineAmerican Foundation for Suicide Prevention

PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers immoderate of the notable figures who near america this week, including NFL Hall of Fame manager and seasoned sportscaster John Madden.       

U.S.: Oysters: The pearls of Cape Cod (Video)
In the chill of winter, erstwhile astir tourists person migrated, you'll find nonrecreational and amateur shellfishers alike uncovering oysters from the waters of Cape Cod Bay. Correspondent Seth Doane returns location to Massachusetts, wherever his father, Paul, an 11th-generation Cape Codder, harvests oysters by the bucket successful the municipality of Wellfleet, to beryllium shared with friends and household during the vacation season.

For much info:

Town of Wellfleet, Mass.Wellfleet Shellfish DepartmentPuffer Oysters from Wellfleet, Mass.

COMMENTARY: Gen. Steve Anderson connected January 6 and the "domestic cancer" threatening American democracy | Watch Video
The retired brigadier wide reflects connected defending our federation from each enemies, overseas and domestic, including those who attacked Congress and enactment Trump's "Big Lie," galore of whom person ties to the U.S. military.

ON BROADWAY: Hugh Jackman: The instrumentality of "The Music Man" | Watch Video
For Tony Award-winner Hugh Jackman, who has returned to Broadway successful the revival of "The Music Man," being a chronically bully feline is much than conscionable an enactment (even though helium does person a small Professor Harold Hill successful him). He talks with "Sunday Morning" big Jane Pauley astir his youthful thrust to look connected stage; and astir making connections – whether it's with an audience, a creation partner, oregon a begetter struggling with Alzheimer's.

For much info:

"The Music Man," now successful previews astatine the Winter Garden Theatre, New York | Ticket infoFollow Hugh Jackman on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

MUSIC: The translation of Lil Nas X | Watch Video
He had a deed with his breakout azygous "Old Town Road," astir a horse-loving hep hop cowboy. But for his debut album, Lil Nas X wrote songs astir his existent beingness arsenic a cheery man, and called the medium by his existent archetypal name, "Montero." The multiple-Grammy-nominee talked with analogous Tracy Smith astir reinventing himself, arsenic his existent self. 

WEB EXTRA: Lil Nas X dresses up (YouTube Video)

WEB EXTRA: Lil Nas X connected nudity: "Our bodies are art" (YouTube Video)

You tin watercourse the Lil Nas X medium "Montero" by clicking connected the embed beneath (Free Spotify registration required to perceive the tracks successful full):

For much info:

welcometomontero.com (Official site)Follow Lil Nas X on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

COMMENTARY: Jim Gaffigan connected 2022: The aboriginal is here! | Watch Video
The comedian's oldest kid is astir a precocious schoolhouse postgraduate – which means clip is playing tricks connected us.

NATURE: Monarchs (Extended Video)
We permission you this Sunday greeting with Monarch Butterflies successful Pacific Grove, California. Videographer: Lance Millbrand. 


MOVIES: The 10 champion films of 2021
Extraordinarily ambitious dramas and spellbinding documentaries are among the year's astir memorable movies, featuring peerless performances, timeless music, touching humanity and apocalyptic satire. CBSNews.com's David Morgan offers his picks. 

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