Ultimate Home Gym Playlist

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Looking for the eventual location gym playlist?

Oh, FBGs, we person GOT it for you!

home gym

Ever since we created our garage gym (AKA, the Barn Box), I’ve been crafting the cleanable location gym playlist. The way database is simply a small spot funky, a batch 90s, a spot grungy, occasionally hipster, and a full batch of booty-bopping fun.

With a small much than 2 hours of high-energy tunes, this playlist pairs good with conscionable astir immoderate workout you’re doing — beryllium it dense weight-lifting, cardio, HIIT … anything! Heck, crook it connected and creation your bosom out. THAT could beryllium your workout!

Yes, it’s that fun. Turn it up!

Ultimate Home Gym Playlist

Get it here oregon perceive straight below.

Any of those tracks astonishment you? What’s connected YOUR eventual location gym playlist? Crank it large and proud! –Jenn

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