Ukrainian Soldiers show ‘Z-tank graveyard’ after 80 vehicles blown up in one battle

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Ukrainian Soldiers person released footage showing dozens of wrecked Russian tanks and armored vehicles destroyed successful failed stream crossing.

Ukraine’s subject claims it destroyed astir 80 Russian armored vehicles, including main conflict tanks and infantry warring vehicles arsenic they attempted to transverse the Siverskyi Donets River successful eastbound Ukraine.

The woefully unprepared Russian units were bombed to smithereens trying to transverse the stream successful northeastern Ukraine past week is emerging arsenic among the deadliest engagements of the war.


According to estimates based connected publically disposable grounds present suggesting that good implicit 400 Russian soldiers were killed oregon wounded.

According to reports, the doomed portion made up of astir 80 armored vehicles was trying to transverse the stream to fortify Russia’s presumption adjacent Bilohorivka, westbound of Lysychansk.

On May 11, the Russian bid reportedly sent astir 550 troops of the 74th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the 41st Combined Arms Army to transverse the Donets River astatine Bilohorivka, successful the eastbound Luhansk region, successful a bid to encircle Ukrainian forces adjacent Rubizhne. The effort to transverse the Siverskyi Donets River by Russian troops stopped connected May 13.

Artillerymen of the 17th vessel brigade of the #UAarmy person opened the vacation play for ruscists. Some bathed successful the Siverskyi Donets River, and immoderate were burned by the May sun.

— Defence of Ukraine (@DefenceU) May 11, 2022