Ukrainian Soldiers show Switchblade suicide drone in action

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Ukrainian Soldiers person released a video of what is reported to beryllium the U.S.-supplied AeroVironment Switchblade loitering munition, known popularly arsenic the “suicide drone”.

According to immoderate reports, similar 1 from Militarnyi, the footage shows a tube-launched loitering munition successful Switchblade 300 configuration.

The 2,5kg drone has a scope of astir 10 km and its artillery provides 10 minutes of formation time, according to a institution information sheet. The Switchblade 300s are ideally equipped for taking retired lighter vehicles and personnel, which could connote that this peculiar onslaught was meant much for the unit positioned atop and astir the vessel alternatively than the armor itself.


As noted by the company, backpackable and rapidly deployable from air, oversea oregon crushed platforms, Switchblade 300 delivers accrued warfighter lethality with real-time GPS coordinates and video for precise targeting with debased collateral effects.

As of today, implicit 700 Switchblade 300s person been sent to Ukraine by the United States arsenic portion of an $800 cardinal assistance bundle that was launched successful March.