Ukrainian military shows captured Russian infantry fight vehicle

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Ukrainian subject showed Russia’s BMP-3 tracked infantry warring conveyance captured successful the eastbound Kharkiv portion aft warring against Russian servicemen.

According to well-known Kharkiv unpaid Roman Donik, Ukrainian forces captured a Russian modern combat conveyance adjacent the eastbound metropolis of Izyum.

The Oryx Blog, tally by subject analysts Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans, said that Ukrainian Army has captured astatine slightest 43 Russian BMP-3 warring vehicles since Russia began its penetration of Ukraine connected February 24.


The BMP-3 is simply a Russian-made tracked amphibious infantry warring vehicle, besides called a airy tank, that tin clasp a squad of infantry. It has a 100 mm main weapon that fires HE to demolish buildings, tin occurrence long-range ATGMs done its barrel, and a 30 mm autocannon and a mean instrumentality weapon arsenic a azygous portion successful the turret.

The BMP-3, archetypal seen successful nationalist during a parade successful Moscow successful 1990, was built by Kurganmashzavod, developer, and shaper of the BMP-2 infantry combat vehicle. The hull of the BMP-3 resembles the BMD Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle, with a caller turret successful the halfway of the vehicle.

The unit compartment astatine the rear of the hull is accessed via a brace of doors successful the hull rear. The BMP-3 is afloat amphibious, propelled successful the h2o by 2 h2o jets mounted astatine the rear of the hull.