Ukrainian forces blow up modern Russian electronic warfare system

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Ukrainian forces stroke up a Russian truck-mounted mobile communications jamming system, called the R-330ZH Zhitel, according to

Ukrainian Soldiers released an representation showing a burned-out R-330ZH Zhitel jamming system.

It is presently unclear wherever connected the frontlines they were filmed.


The R-330ZH Zhitel is simply a Russian physics warfare strategy designed to interfere with outer communications equipment, arsenic good arsenic navigation systems and mobile phones wrong a 30 km radius.

The truck-based Zhitel strategy provides investigation and enactment of emitters’ awesome parameters. The R-330Zh jamming presumption was utilized by the Russian service during the Crimean situation successful March 2014.

The Zhitel strategy is portion of the inventory of the EW brigades’ REB-S battalions, and, successful summation to the tasks listed above, tin beryllium utilized for jamming an aircraft’s connection and outer navigation (GPS, Galelo, BeiDou, etc.).