Ukrainian drone destroys two more Russian Raptor patrol boats

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Ukrainian Navy released a video of a subject drone deed connected Russian 2 Raptor-class boats successful the Black Sea.

Ukrainian Naval Forces footage appears to amusement a Bayraktar TB2 drone hitting Russian patrol boats adjacent Zmiinyi Island, commonly known arsenic Snake Island, successful the Black Sea.

In the video, the unmanned combat aerial conveyance drops laser-guided bombs connected Raptor class patrol boats.


Raptor-class boats tin besides beryllium utilized for promptly transporting up to 20 marines, intercepting and detaining tiny targets and carrying retired hunt and rescue operations successful the areas of their patrolling.

The Project 03160 patrol vessel is armored and outfitted with a remotely operated limb presumption with a 14.5mm instrumentality weapon and 2 7.62mm Pecheneg instrumentality guns connected bracket mounts. The vessel is 16.9 meters agelong and 4.1 meters wide and has a unit of three. It tin make a velocity of up to 50 knots.

Just this week, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense besides shared a melodramatic video showing the evident destruction of two Russian Navy Raptor people patrol boats successful the aforesaid area. The Ukrainian subject besides has utilized its Turkish-supplied drones to destruct a brace of Russian patrol craft.

In addition, connected Saturday, the Ukrainian Forces struck connected a Project 11770 Serna people landing trade astatine Snake Island’s vessel ramp. The landing craft-utility (LCU) vessel tin beryllium seen with a Tor surface-to-air rocket strategy onboard, according to The Warzone.