Ukrainian Army receives first Australian-built Bushmaster vehicles

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces displayed a precocious delivered Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle, which was donated by the Australian Government.

Ukrainian Soldiers shared a abbreviated video showing an Australian-built 4×4 Bushmaster vehicle.

The Australian Government has talented 20 Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles, including 2 ambulance variants, to assistance the Government of Ukraine’s effect to Russia’s unrelenting and amerciable aggression. The proviso of the vehicles has been a nonstop effect pursuing President Zelenskyy’s petition for Bushmasters made during his code to a associated sitting of the Parliament of Australia connected 31 March 2022.


The Australian-built Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle is designed to safely determination soldiers to a conflict country anterior to dismounting for adjacent combat.

The conveyance is good suited to supply extortion to the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers and Ukrainian civilians against mines and improvised explosive devices, shrapnel from artillery and tiny arms fire.

Photo by Jesse KanePhoto by Jesse KanePhoto by Jesse Kane