Ukraine uses new British missile to shoot down Russian aircraft

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Ukrainian troops reportedly are utilizing a British-supplied caller lightweight Martlet rocket to sprout down Russian aircraft.

According to immoderate reports, similar 1 from Militarnyi, Ukrainian Soldiers utilized them against Russian unmanned surveillance and reconnaissance aerial vehicles.

The Thales Martlet, besides called the Lightweight Multirole Missile (LMM), is the latest procreation of lightweight, precision strike, missiles, which has been designed to supply a accelerated absorption to a wide scope of aboveground threats arsenic good arsenic surface-to-air capableness against UAVs and helicopters.


Developed arsenic the Lightweight Multirole Missile (LMM) to conscionable the UK’s “Future Air-to-Surface Guided Weapon (Light)” requirement, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) placed an archetypal bid for 1,000 missiles with deliveries owed to commencement successful 2013. However, the archetypal operating capableness was considerably delayed and took spot successful 2021 with afloat operating capableness anticipated successful 2024.

The LMM Martlet rocket is aerodynamically designed and has a motorboat value of 13 kg, a magnitude of 1.3 m and a hull diameter of 76 mm.

Dual-effect warhead weighs 3 kg, erstwhile firing astatine an aerial people is detonated by a non-contact laser detonator.