Ukraine to receive more HIMARS rocket launchers

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The U.S. officials announced connected Tuesday an further $1.1 cardinal successful assistance to Ukraine, which includes much precocious HIMARS rocket systems.

The Associated Press besides quoted the root saying that the caller subject assistance bundle volition see 18 M142 HIMARS rocket launchers and ammunition for them.

The HIMAR strategy is simply a self-propelled artillery portion with a rocket pod connected the backmost that shoots rockets and missiles.


The HIMARS launcher tin execute ranges of 70 positive kilometers, attacking the people with low-collateral damage, enabling danger-close fires (within 200 meters) successful enactment of affable Troops successful Contact arsenic good arsenic engaging precocious valued constituent targets successful open, municipality and analyzable environments.

The bundle besides includes backing for 12 Titan systems, which are utilized to antagonistic drones.

Officials person said the HIMARS and different akin systems were cardinal to Ukraine’s conflict successes successful caller weeks.