Ukraine sent newly received T-72M1R tanks to front

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces person reportedly deployed its precocious received T-72M1R main conflict tanks with Kontakt-1 explosive reactive armor to the beforehand line, successful Ukraine’s eastbound Donetsk region.

Ex-Polish T-72M1R tanks person been photographed driving done Bakhmut successful the Donetsk region.

According to Defence24, the T-72M1R is 1 of the latest upgraded versions of Soviet-era T-72 tanks. The upgrade included installing the KLW-1 Asteria thermal imaging system, on with a passive reflection suite for the commander, and the gunner. The MBTs received by the Polish Armed Forces besides featured a integer intercom/external communications suite by WB Group, a caller navigation system, and other, insignificant upgrades.


Ukrainian engineers besides equipped ex-Polish T-72 with Kontakt-1 explosive reactive armor designed to usage C4 explosives sandwiched successful betwixt 2 plates to respond to the interaction of an anti-tank limb and trim the harm sustained.

#Ukraine: Polish 🇵🇱 T-72M1R tanks operated by the Ukrainian service driving done Bakhmut, #Donetsk Oblast – announcement 1 had its fume launchers removed earlier installing Kontakt-1 ERA blocks.

These are decent tanks with bully thermal scopes, communications and different caller systems.

— 🇺🇦 Ukraine Weapons Tracker (@UAWeapons) May 31, 2022

New explosive reactive armor packages person been fitted astatine the beforehand and the sides of the hull and astatine the beforehand of the turret of the T-72M1R.

In mid-April, Poland’s premier curate confirmed the state supplied its Soviet-designed T-72 tanks to Ukraine to enactment the combat against Russia, which invaded Ukraine connected Feb. 24.